The Brilliant Fighting Master
185 Law Protectors
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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185 Law Protectors

Cavalries ran through the open gate. They were aggressive, ignoring the people there. Most of them ran up and down the street on horseback, screaming. The pedestrians didn't even have the time to run away from them before they tied lit firecrackers onto two buffalos' tails, watching them dash around.

They burst into laughter when one of the buffalos knocked over a tea stall.

The protagonist showed up, surrounded by more cavalries, when they decided they had had enough fun.

He was a youngster in his twenties. He was in the Gathering Yuan State, average-looking, but he looked like a rascal. The armor he was in was supposed to make him look majestic, but actually, it didn't have the desired effect.

"Good work. You're exempt from making this year's tribute!"

The youngster was very satisfied when he saw Zhang Juan in her wedding dress.

His words made the chief and the higher-ups in the government pleasantly surprised. They hurried to thank him.

"Cut the crap. Today is a good day for me. Let's go!"

The youngster pulled on the reigns with force. His horse gave a loud neigh and reared. The people beside were frightened and hurried to step back.

Zhang Juan had accepted her fate. She said goodbye to her parents and five friends, then walked towards the gate herself.


One of the cavalry whispered something to the youngster and he raised his thick eyebrows. He trotted his horse to Yang Jia.

"You're a good friend of Zhang Juan's? It's your friend's big day. You have to come with us. Come! The celebration in the bride's chambers will be interesting." As he spoke, he sized up Yang Jia's curvy body with a perverted look.

The other men of the Flying Dragon Gang also burst into laughter.

The celebration in the bride's chambers?

Yang Jia took a deep breath. She was frightened just looking at the muscular men of the Flying Dragon Gang.

"I'm not going!" She turned around to run away immediately, but the cavalries stopped her.

"Are you looking down on the Flying Dragon Gang? You're only one of the Verdant Wood Tribe, what's wrong with you?!" The youngster was very angry. He looked towards the chief coldly.

The chief was shocked. He hurried to say, "Young Master Fang, she isn't from our tribe. We have nothing to do with this."

"Yeah?" That wasn't the answer the youngster had expected. He frowned slightly.

"Catch her!" the chief gnashed his teeth and ordered his men to catch Yang Jia.


Zhang Juan was disappointed. She had expected her tribe to protect her good friend. She ran towards Yang Jia and shouted loudly, "You can't do this!"

"Yeah? Why not?"

The youngster smirked, looking at her teasingly.

"Because you'll be dead soon."

To everyone's surprise, someone else answered him. They all turned pale when they heard what that man had said.

"Who is that?!"

The youngster was shocked and flew into a rage. He looked around, soon seeing a man on a roof.

It was a young man in a long robe that didn't fit him well. His black hair was blowing in the wind. Below his thin eyebrows was a pair of brooding eyes.

His mouth a thin line, with a vague smile on his face, he seemed cynical and cold.

The chief noticed the Flying Dragon Gang youngster's sullen expression of and panicked, sweating. He shouted, "Who are you? Keep your nose out of the Verdant Wood Tribe's business!"

"As chief of the tribe, you can't even protect your own people. You even kidnapped others to please these guys. Loser," Jiang Chen said.

"How dare you! Irony, take him down," the chief ordered angrily.

Irony was the bravest warrior of the Verdant Wood Tribe, a silent and muscular man. He was in the peak of the preliminary stage of the Mental Wander State and had been standing next to the chief.

He jumped up right away when he heard the order, dashing to the roof where Jiang Chen was, which was dozens of yards away.

To his surprise, when he landed on the roof, Jiang Chen wasn't there.

People looked around and saw him beside Zhang Juan and Yang Jia.

"If you don't want to get married, no one can force you. Trust me," Jiang Chen said.

The two girls recognized him. He was the guy they had brought to the tribe the day before.

The day before, he had been dirty and in shabby clothes. They hadn't expected him to clean up so well. They were momentarily dumbfounded.

Irony was irritated since Jiang Chen had ignored him. He dashed towards Jiang Chen again from the roof, but as soon as he landed before Jiang Chen, he was pushed away by the latter's palm.

Jiang Chen wasn't good at palm methods, but he was able to push the big guy away because Irony was only in the peak of the preliminary stage of the Mental Wander State, and Jiang Chen had more than twice the number of holy points he had.

Others were ignorant of this fact. They were just shocked by Jiang Chen's palm method.

The Verdant Wood Tribe didn't speak. They knew the Flying Dragon Gang would strike back.

"Not bad. No wonder you have the nerve to help these beauties, but do you think you can walk away so easily after offending the Flying Dragon Gang?!" the youngster shouted.

Jiang Chen didn't answer him. He looked at Zhang Juan.

"I don't want to get married," Zhang Juan said unexpectedly.

The youngster's expression darkened. The Verdant Wood Tribe was greatly shocked.

"What nonsense! B*tch, do you think he can confront the whole Flying Dragon Gang himself?" the fat woman swore angrily.

However, Zhang Juan was ready to risk everything. She said again, "I don't want to get married!"

"Great, great! The Verdant Wood Tribe is doomed, and you, I'll tear your body limb from limb!"

The youngster had a strong killing intent. Kids were scared to tears just by seeing his hideous expression.

The Verdant Wood Tribe was desperate. They felt a strong hatred towards Zhang Juan.

"Kill!" the youngster ordered.

Soon, all the cavalries surrounded Jiang Chen, holding bows in their hands.

At the same time, two men of the Flying Dragon Gang appeared in the circle out of thin air.

They provided a startling contrast to the other gangsters. They weren't in armor, but long, wide robes, and they also looked older.

"They're the law protectors of the Flying Dragon Gang!"

The hearts of the Verdant Wood Tribe sank when they saw them.

The youngster was only in the Gathering Yuan State. The cavalries were Mental Wander States, but not as powerful as Irony, so they didn't join the fight for the moment, just held the line.

The hierarchy in the Flying Dragon Gang was very strict. They were divided by personal abilities—law protectors were the third highest level in the gang, underneath the elders and the leader.

"You're young, but you're already in the middle stage of the Mental Wander State. You could have a bright future. It's a pity you've offended the wrong people."

"It would be great to kill a genius with my own hands."

In the eyes of the two law protectors, Jiang Chen was a dead man.

"I'm sorry for you."

Jiang Chen said seriously, "You're already getting old. I assume you've worked very hard to achieve what you have today. It's a pity that you'll die here."

"You're courting death!"

The two law protectors were irritated. They attacked together. There were two of them, but instead of launching in from the sides, they darted towards him directly.

"Alas." Jiang Chen let out a helpless sigh and slowly drew out the Redcloud Sword.


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