The Brilliant Fighting Master
183 Travelling Thousands of Miles Alone VII
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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183 Travelling Thousands of Miles Alone VII

Jiang Chen and Whitty didn't leave their hiding spot until the two holy-level birds flew away.

Whitty was scratching itself as if nothing special had happened. It totally ignored Jiang Chen's accusatory look.

Fortunately, although it was risky, they hadn't suffered any losses. Besides, they had the egg of holy-level monsters. Jiang Chen couldn't really blame it.

Unlike average eggs, the shell of this egg contained powerful energy.

Jiang Chen smashed the egg and raised his head to let the yolk and the egg white run down his throat, then he licked the shell to make sure there wasn't anything left.

He put the shell aside. It could be used to refine panaceas.

Whitty saw what he had done and scraped up the courage to jump on him to ask for a reward.

Jiang Chen roasted it some meat, which made Whitty very happy.

In the next few days, Jiang Chen felt very warm. He didn't even have to eat or drink.

On the fourth day, he felt extremely hot. He eliminated some more toxins from his body. They looked sticky, more so than the last time, when he took class-four breakthrough panaceas.

Jiang Chen was given a good scare. He thought his body was exceptional because of the practice level he had achieved, but he realized it was far from it.

After the toxins were eliminated, his head felt extremely clear.

His average condition was even better than his previous peak form. He was seeing things in a more delicate way, with more colors.

It's amazing!

Jiang Chen was shocked. He took a deep breath and found himself able to tell the difference between the smell of the earth and the fragrance of flowers.

He looked at a tree and the information regarding the tree immediately emerged in his head. As long as he had read anything about a topic, no matter how long ago, no matter how carelessly he read it, he could recall the information as if it was knowledge he had consciously memorized.

Am I now an integral part of nature? This is how it feels to be an integral part of nature!

Jiang Chen recalled the possible explanations for his condition that he had read in books. Among them, being an integral part of nature was the most plausible.

It was a high-level status a practitioner could achieve that was difficult to put into words.

Its various benefits were alluring, but Jiang Chen knew he wasn't really an integral part of nature. It was actually the effect of the egg.

As for whether it was permanent or only temporary, Jiang Chen couldn't tell, but he intended to seize this chance to be an integral part of the nature for as long as he could.

"Whitty, protect me!" Jiang Chen said.

Whitty didn't dare snub his order since it sounded pretty serious. It patrolled around on high alert.

Jiang Chen was sitting on a rock with his eyes shut. Without releasing his holy awareness, he just stayed there, feeling everything around him.

Soon he saw the tracks of the wind and the shape of all kinds of fragrances.

The odorless and colorless air also became colorful.

He felt he had been blind all these years and was finally able to see the world on this day.

Soon, he gazed at his own body. He saw every pore on his skin. His flesh, his blood, and his skeleton were like an ingenious painting.

His meridians and qihai were also displayed before him in a way he had never seen.

He opened his eyes after a long while with a smile on his face.

"Whitty, were you going to scare me?" Jiang Chen suddenly said.

Whitty, who was approaching quietly, was dumbstruck. It didn't know how Jiang Chen had figured it out.

It knew Jiang Chen wasn't using his holy awareness. If he wasn't using it, with Whitty's hunting skills, Jiang Chen couldn't have heard it out no matter how sharp his ears were.

But he had realized it when Whitty was still ten yards away. Whitty was very surprised.

"This time it's true. I'm an integral part of nature," Jiang Chen intoned joyfully.

By then, he felt rather grateful to the Realm of Beasts. He wouldn't have gained so many improvements in only a few months if he had been outside.

"Full speed ahead. Let's surprise those who think I'm dead!"

Jiang Chen mounted Whitty and they ran at high speed. They had left the most dangerous part of the Realm of Beasts, only running into one holy-level monster in three days.

It became an even less frequent occurrence after that, from one every five days to one every eight days.

When they had only ran into one holy-level monster in ten-odd days, they had come to the outskirts of the Realm of Beasts.

The forest wasn't so spooky anymore. There weren't as many rare plants, either. It wasn't dangerous at all.

"Whitty, find out where any humans are," Jiang Chen said.

If he could find civilization, he would be able to learn their precise position and go back to the Xia Dynasty.

There was still a month to go until the competition of the Sacred Institute. Jiang Chen wasn't worried.

Whitty had a monster's instinct. Three days later, it took him to meet the first human being he had seen in almost half a year in a surprising way.

But, Jiang Chen was too embarrassed to greet that person, because they were peeing, and it was a woman. He saw her butt and heard her use the bathroom.

Jiang Chen was dumbfounded. He didn't know whether Whitty had done it intentionally or not.

That woman sensed his presence. She looked back with a confused expression on her pretty, young face.

As soon as she saw Jiang Chen on Whitty, she shrieked with her eyes wide open.

"Miss, I'm sorry. I didn't know you were here."

Jiang Chen hurried to run away with Whitty. Due to what had happened between him and Meng Qian, he didn't leave immediately, but waited somewhere nearby.

Soon, the girl found him, and she wasn't alone.

It was a six-person team. There were both men and women, all very young, around fifteen or sixteen years old.

They looked angry. Jiang Chen explained before they could say anything. He said, "Guys, I'm sorry. It wasn't intentional."

To his surprise, the explanation worked. They didn't look so angry anymore.

Jiang Chen found their anger had been replaced with fear while he was silently appreciating their open-mindedness.

He looked down and found Whitty's eyes had turned red. It was staring at them.

These youngsters were only in the Gathering Yuan State. They were scared out of their wits by Whitty.


Jiang Chen patted Whitty's head hard, as a form of warning.


Whitty growled, unhappy. Its eyes turned back to blue.

He saw the six people become relieved. They looked at each other and then sized Jiang Chen up.

Due to his months of hardship, Jiang Chen was wearing whatever clothes he could find in the mustardseed ring. At that moment, he looked even more terrible than a beggar, his hair unkempt and his clothes ragged.

He didn't look like a powerful person at all. The white tiger was so obedient that they imagined it couldn't be too powerful, either.

It was a big mistake for these inexperienced youngsters to judge Jiang Chen and Whitty's strength this way, but they thought they were being rational.

"An apology and you want to walk away? Can I take your clothes off and watch you?"

"Yang Jia!"

The one who had scolded Jiang Chen was also a young girl. The girl had accidentally seen was beside her. She pulled that girl's arm when she heard her speaking and came forward herself.

"My friend, it was my fault, too. Let's turn over a new leaf."
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》