The Brilliant Fighting Master
182 Travelling Thousands of Miles Alone VI
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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182 Travelling Thousands of Miles Alone VI

Time passes and heals all wounds.

Three months had passed since the end of the adventure to the Realm of Beasts. People had almost forgotten about Jiang Chen.

At that time, everyone in the Fire Field was busy preparing for the competition of the Sacred Institute.

Talented youngsters were practicing diligently.

The adventure in the Realm of Beasts had brought them many benefits. News kept coming from the big schools that their disciples had broken through their states.

Famous geniuses got more attention than anyone else. All of them were ranked among the top fifty on the Eternal Flame List.

For example, Yi Shuihan, a First Apprentice Brother of the Sword Sect of Returning to Oneness, had gone on a solo adventure in the Realm of Beasts and went deep into the most dangerous part. After the adventure, he focused on meditation to comprehend his sword method. Through this method, his Sword Doctrine of Returning to Oneness had greatly improved.

Besides him, Wind Mark and Gao Jianli, who were called the Three Young Swordsmen of the Fire Field together with Yi Shuihan, also made much progress. They were ranked among the top twenty on the Eternal Flame List.

However, the top ten of the Eternal Flame List certainly had the most attention.

Everyone knew that at least three of these ten would get the chance to study at the Sacred Institute.

But as the former top of the Eternal Flame List, Ning Haotian had withdrawn from the list of his own free will, since he had achieved the Reaching Heaven State and no one else on that list could compare to him. He started to work on his rank in the Master List.

No one had replaced him as number one yet, since the top five didn't care much about the rankings.

They were too proud to fight for the rank Ning Haotian had discarded. They aimed to achieve the Reaching Heaven State, too. It was said that they wouldn't show up at the competition of the Sacred Institution.

In this way, the five who were ranked from sixth to tenth in the Eternal Flame List became the center of attention.

The Third Prince, ranked eighth, was the emperor's favorite. He was awarded a Natural Creature Elixir after the adventure in the Realm of Beasts.

It was said he had taken the panacea and was working on his state in seclusion. He was going to show his resolve in the competition of the Sacred Institute.

However, it was puzzling that there wasn't any news about Li Xue'er, the famous top of the Beauty List.

While these people were working hard for the upcoming competition, no one could imagine Jiang Chen was progressing faster in the Realm of Beasts than anyone else.

With the fire yuan fruit and the blood essence of the sky-swallow bird, it was possible that he could enhance his state to the beginning of the middle stage of the Mental Wander State.

His holy points had increased from ten to sixteen.

It wasn't because his sixth holy pulse had recovered, but because based on the five holy pulses, every time he enhanced his state, he could form more holy points than others.

When he achieved the peak of the preliminary stage, he was able to form three. Then he had achieved the beginning of the middle stage and could form six. That number had doubled.

It was hard to imagine what it would be like when all of his holy pulses were recovered and the Holy Pulses of Nine Clouds functioned to its fullest extent.

At that moment, Jiang Chen felt no pressure at all when confronting king-level monsters, but whenever he looked at Whitty, his joy at his increase in strength would turn into helplessness.

Compared to Whitty, his progress was nothing worth mentioning.

Whitty was getting stronger every day. Although it was because it hadn't yet fully grown up, Jiang Chen couldn't help envying monsters' ingrained abilities.

Whitty's strength increase wouldn't slow down until it reached adulthood. It would be as strong as a holy-level monster.

It even wanted to go back to take revenge on the sky-swallow bird.

Of course, Jiang Chen wouldn't let it. After that event, they had run into many holy-level monsters that ruled over an area the way the sky-swallow bird did, and he didn't see Whitty kill many of them.

Fortunately, although these holy-level monsters were more ferocious than the sky-swallow, due to different terrains, they could always find a way to bypass them.

However, it was still dangerous. Once when Jiang Chen and Whitty were walking cautiously in the forest, avoiding bloody birds in the air, to their surprise, they smelled fatal miasma coming from all directions.

They had to fly into the air to fight with the birds and were chased miles by them.

After struggling for months in this dangerous place, Jiang Chen finally saw a gleam of hope.

He suddenly realized he wasn't seeing as many holy-level monsters as before. This meant he had walked out of the deepest part of the Realm of Beasts.

He believed it wouldn't take him long to reach the outskirts. It would get easier and easier.

I'm fed up with ghost-level monster meat. We have enough monster blood. After leaving here, I can focus on practicing. I believe my state will improve even more.

Jiang Chen was lying on the ground, laughing. He recalled what had happened in the past few months and exclaimed how difficult it had been for them to overcome all these obstacles.

Thanks to Whitty, he was still alive. Otherwise, he would have died many times.


Jiang Chen was in a good mood. He was going to roast some meat to award his tiger, but he didn't see Whitty around. He wasn't surprised. He thought it might have gone hunting and would come back soon.

It was true. Whitty swiftly ran back when Jiang Chen was deploying a hiding formation at their campsite.

He saw there was something unusual about the animal. Its cheeks were puffed out, and there were quite a few things in its mouth.

It was wagging its tail, taking credit for what it had done once again, then it spit out everything in its mouth.

They were eggs!

There were three bird eggs the size of a fist. Surprisingly, the shells were crimson. The patterns on them were glowing, giving off a slight radiance.

Jiang Chen's eyes lit up. These were the eggs of a holy-level monster, a real tonic, and far better than monster blood or meat.

"Great. Where did you get them?"

Whitty tilted its head. It laid down and showed its belly, inviting Jiang Chen to pet it.

"You brought the eggs here. Their parents…" Jiang Chen picked an egg up and frowned. He felt uneasy.


Before he could finish his words, a harsh chirping noise came from the air. It was so loud and high-pitched that it hurt Jiang Chen's ears.

What came next was an explosion of trees and rocks. Something was approaching them quickly.

"Another holy-level monster!"

Jiang Chen glanced at the bird egg in his hand and looked at Whitty with exasperation.

Whitty got to its feet and snorted. It shot back a disdainful look and ran towards where the sound had come from.

When Jiang Chen was about to follow, Whitty ran back.

It didn't stop when it ran by him, only gesturing for him to follow it.

Jiang Chen didn't understand what had happened until he saw two giant shadows on the ground. It turned out there were two holy-level monsters, a male and a female.

"What a troublemaker you are!"

Although Jiang Chen blamed it, he put the eggs into the mustardseed ring.

The two holy-level birds were the fastest among the monsters he had met. It didn't take him long to realize how bad the situation was.

He made a quick decision. He took two of the bird eggs out and threw them in the opposite direction.

With his current strength, the eggs flew like shooting stars.

The birds chirped again. They hurried to catch the eggs, leaving Jiang Chen and Whitty behind.

When they came back with an egg in each mouth, Jiang Chen and Whitty had disappeared, and they certainly wouldn't get the third egg back.

What the birds didn't know was that Jiang Chen and Whitty were hiding behind a rock not far away, motionless and holding their breath.


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