The Brilliant Fighting Master
181 Travelling Thousands of Miles Alone V
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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181 Travelling Thousands of Miles Alone V

Thanks to the fire yuan fruit, Jiang Chen was more confident about leaving the Realm of Beasts.

It suddenly dawned on him why others thought people in the Mental Wander State couldn't leave here. There were two reasons.

First, people in the Mental Wander State couldn't fly, so they wouldn't be able to continue the journey when they encountered a natural barrier.

Second, they couldn't take in the spirit of universe, which would ultimately be fatal, but these two things weren't problems for Jiang Chen. Especially since by then, even Whitty could fly. They had a much greater chance to walk out of there than others.

He kept his optimism until they ran into a natural, deep chasm.

It was a river, shrouded in mist.

Jiang Chen didn't think it a big deal in the beginning. He was going to fly over it, but as soon as he went into the mist, he sensed a great danger. He and Whitty hurried to land on the ground out of fear.

He looked up and vaguely saw a giant thing tumbling in the mist. He couldn't get a view of the whole thing, but he had sensed the dangerous energy that undoubtedly belonged to a holy-level monster.

He had run into such danger before. Since he couldn't travel by air, he had to figure out a way to travel by foot.

Although there weren't any bridges in the Realm of Beasts, with Whitty's speed, they could run over the water to cross the river.

What Jiang Chen had experienced in the Realm of Beasts had made him a more cautious person.

He stopped Whitty, who was eager to try running over the river, and took a dead monster out of the mustardseed ring to throw into the water.

The monster weighed hundreds of pounds. It made a big splash and sank quickly, but before it reached the bottom, Jiang Chen and Whitty saw a black shadow appear in the water for just a moment and eat it in one swallow.

Then, the water recovered its peace, as if nothing had happened.

Jiang Chen and Whitty were dumbstruck.

Jiang Chen released his holy awareness, but due to the mist and the river, he could only sense energy, not see the monster's face.

There was more than one such horrifying weird fish in the water, and there was a bird as big as a mountain in the mist.

"Let's take a detour."

Jiang Chen hadn't realized how serious the situation was. He was going to take an alternate route with Whitty.

Soon, he found there was no alternate route at all. The river seemed infinitely long. Whether they walked upstream or downstream, the mist was so thick that they could see nothing ahead.

He went back to where they had started. It was a little better than other places.

"Everyone says the Realm of Beasts is extremely dangerous. This is why. We're desperate."

Even Jiang Chen couldn't cross the river, let alone other Mental Wander States.

If he couldn't figure a way out, he would have to turn back and go another direction, but he had been walking for some time and didn't want to give up so easily. Most importantly, there could be such places in other directions too.

"Can I fly across it?" Jiang Chen thought.

There could be an infinite number of weird fishes in the water, but there was only one giant bird in the air.

It was still very misty on the opposite bank, so misty he couldn't see the end of it. He was hesitant.

Whitty made a decision. It wagged its head toward Jiang Chen.

"You stall it and I fly over?" Jiang Chen asked.

Whitty nodded.

"No. You can fly, but it's the real keeper of the sky. It could be the descendant of ancient birds," Jiang Chen said.

Whitty pawed the ground with effort, seemingly unconvinced. It dashed into the mist by itself.

Jiang Chen's heart sank. He followed it immediately, afraid it would run into danger.

In the mist, he couldn't even see his own hands. He looked around, but couldn't find Whitty.

Suddenly, he saw something streaking over him. When he got closer, he saw it was a part of the bird, only a single part, but it filled his whole view. Each feather was the size of a head, more like a scale.

Then he heard Whitty growl with anger and reluctance.

Without thinking too much, Jiang Chen pierced the Redcloud Sword towards the source of the feathers.

It was an all-out attack, but he only managed to tear a feather off of it. At the same time, he rebounded from it with great force. He fell onto the ground and created a great pit.

Whitty also fell soon, similarly wounded, its eyes scarlet.

"I told you not to," Jiang Chen blamed it.

Whitty whined since it felt wronged. It asked Jiang Chen why he hadn't seized the chance to cross.

"The bird is so big that the way is totally blocked. It's impossible to go across," Jiang Chen said.

The good news was that Jiang Chen knew what the monster was.

It was a bird with ancient birds' blood. It was called sky-swallow bird, evolved from the weird fish in the river.

This area, both the land and the sky, was forbidden. It was impossible to get through simply by force, but Jiang Chen had figured out a way. As he knew, sky-swallow birds were very gentle, thanks to which he and Whitty were still alive.

And they liked fruits.

He had a large amount of fire yuan fruits in the mustardseed ring.

He thought for a while then entered the mist again with Whitty. Before the bird could attack, he took out the fire yuan fruits.

The sky-swallow bird quieted down immediately.

"We aren't bad people. We only want to get to the opposite bank." Jiang Chen took out more fruits when he saw it was working.


With a crunch, the sky-swallow bird's body changed. It seemed that it had disappeared.

Jiang Chen knew it was shapeshifting.

Since it had ancient blood, it could shapeshift between the form of a bird and the form of a fish. What Jiang Chen and Whitty had been confronting was a half-fish half-bird hybrid.

Just then, it morphed into a holy bird with wide and long wings and a slim body. It was emitting a blue radiance, looking noble and elegant.

The sky-swallow flew over. It stared at the fire yuan fruits in Jiang Chen's hand and was hostile towards Whitty.

Grrr! Whitty didn't want to be outdone, so it showed the holy bird its teeth and howled to scare it.

"Don't you want to live?"

Jiang Chen hurried to give Whitty a pat on its head when he saw the sky-swallow was going to change back.

Purr! Whitty thought it was unfair. It hadn't had any advantages when it was confronting the bird, instead driven away helter-skelter.

Jiang Chen threw the fire yuan fruits over. The sky-swallow caught them in its mouth. The fruits melted quickly, the juice flowing down its throat like water, then it warbled joyfully and whirled around Jiang Chen asking for more.

Jiang Chen gave it more. At the same time, he entered the mist. The bird didn't stop him.

When he had almost arrived at the opposite bank, the sky-swallow suddenly shrieked and stopped Jiang Chen and Whitty.

Jiang Chen was shocked. He had given it half of the fire yuan fruits he had. Was the bird going back on their implicit agreement?

But to his surprise, the bird cut its own skin with its sharp beak and threw its golden blood to Jiang Chen.

The blood essence?!

Jiang Chen was pleasantly surprised. He hadn't expected the sky-swallow bird to be so chivalrous that it even paid him back.

A holy-level monster's blood essence was worth far more than all of Jiang Chen's fire yuan fruits, and he had only given it half of them.

The sky-swallow left and returned to the mist when it saw Jiang Chen catch the blood.

"See? Violence can't resolve every problem."

The crisis was averted and he had received an unexpected gift. Jiang Chen felt great.

Whitty rolled its eyes, as if saying, "If you had done this earlier, we wouldn't have been wounded."
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》