The Brilliant Fighting Master
180 Travelling Thousands of Miles Alone IV
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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180 Travelling Thousands of Miles Alone IV

Whitty eyes' turned blue as it darted towards Jiang Chen warmly.

Jiang Chen was relieved, but he suddenly turned pale, waving his hands and trying to stop it.

But it was too late. In only in a flash, Whitty hit Jiang Chen like a cannonball. He flew off the ground, crashed through a wall, and was buried in the ruins.

Whitty was shocked. It ran to him nervously, digging through the ruins with its paws until it got Jiang Chen out.

"You're much more powerful now. Adapt to your new strength first!" Jiang Chen grumbled.

What Whitty had done was like their daily routine. It liked to jump into Jiang Chen's arms to be pet, but it had almost killed him in that moment.

To punish Whitty, Jiang Chen made it challenge the ten fire cloud bulls itself.

Whitty didn't argue and flew away immediately.

In about fifteen minutes, the dead bodies of the fire cloud bulls fell from the air, one by one.

Whitty landed, safe and sound, and still pretty energetic. It walked around Jiang Chen to take credit for its success.

By then, Jiang Chen had recovered with the aid of panaceas. He checked the dead bodies on the ground and found all of them were killed in one attack, a fact that was shocking to him.

Whitty was still a cub, but it was already as powerful as a ghost-level monster.

Sometime later, Whitty's intelligence would develop to the equivalent of a thirteen or fourteen-year-old human teenager.

At that point, he would teach it how to take in the spirit of universe to make it a real black-level monster.

Jiang Chen glanced at the totally ruined City of Bear. He mused for a while and said, "It's time to leave here."

With these fire cloud bulls, they would have enough food for the journey. He rode on Whitty's back and they travelled south, where the Fire Field was.

Whitty made the Realm of Beasts less dangerous for them.

As long as they avoided holy-level monsters, everything would be smooth sailing for them.

Jiang Chen observed how Whitty fought and confirmed that the fierce beast blood in it could be attributed to the flying tiger of golden flames, a bit different from what he had imagined.

He had assumed Whitty's ancestor must have something to do with white tigers, but he was wrong, and Whitty's performance was far better than he had expected. He was confused about it.

A double variation?

It was possible. Fierce beasts could breed with other species. As they mixed with more species, their mixed-breed descendants would have less strength than the purebred ones, but variation could happen sometimes. Due to this, their mixed-breed descendants could become even more formidable creatures.

Whitty's fur pattern was sometimes red, sometimes golden, and sometimes red and golden. This made Jiang Chen think.

Whitty suddenly stopped for no reason. Without waiting for Jiang Chen to speak, it raised its head, as if listening to something.


Whitty dashed to a canyon nearby when Jiang Chen had just opened his mouth. It ran down, regardless of the steep walls.

A long river flew through the canyon. After landing, Whitty kept running along the riverbank.

"What on earth are you going to…"

Jiang Chen was unhappy. He was going to scold it a little, but to his surprise, he smelled a pleasant fragrance. He felt refreshed and hot.

Although he didn't know what it was, anything that could bring so much vitality to him simply through its fragrance must be a rare treasure.

Deep in the canyon, Jiang Chen saw a lush fruit tree. The fruits looked like fireballs.

Fire yuan fruit?

Jiang Chen was pleasantly surprised, then it occurred to him that it was understandable that there was a fire yuan fruit tree here, since the Realm of Beasts had a strain of yuan stones underground.

The effects of fire yuan fruit were equivalent to class-four breakthrough panaceas.

Even better than the breakthrough panaceas, its effects could add up if more than one was ingested!

There were more than 100 fruits on the tree. They looked so yummy that Jiang Chen couldn't help licking his lips. It wouldn't be a problem for him to break through to the middle stage of the Mental Wander State quickly.

"This is a blessing in disguise! In a place like the Realm of Beasts, there must be more treasures. I can look for them throughout our journey. I'm sure they'll help me a lot!"

When Jiang Chen was going to pick the fruits, agile figures climbed down the canyon's walls. They were screaming threateningly.

He looked at them and saw they were monkeys, red and agile, standing in front of the fire yuan tree to protect it.

Monkeys were social monsters. They weren't individually powerful, and there were mere dozens of them there. They shouldn't have had the nerve to show up before Jiang Chen and Whitty.

Jiang Chen understood why when their leader showed up. It was many times bigger than the other monkeys.

It also had red hair, like a burning flame. Most surprisingly, it was in broken armor. It could've been a trophy that it grabbed from an unlucky guy.

Jiang Chen could see its eyes were golden, and they emitted a radiance as if they were made of fire.

It was a ghost-level monster!

The monkey leader looked at Jiang Chen and Whitty. It looked pretty wild, throwing an iron stick over decisively.

Whitty growled, gesturing that it would deal with the monkey king and Jiang Chen could go pick the fruits.

"Be careful," Jiang Chen said to it and flew over the monkey king's head.

The monkey king didn't stop him, since there were other monkeys waiting for him beside the fire yuan tree.

Without Whitty's help, these monkeys weren't less threatening than the fire cloud bulls at all.

Individually, they weren't as strong as a king-level monster, but as a group, they were powerful enough to deal with ghost-level monsters.

As for what kind of people could deal with them, it would depend on their skill level.

A person who didn't have any skills and simply relied on the strength of the late stage might not be killed by the monkeys, but wouldn't be able to defeat them, either.

However, as powerful as Jiang Chen was, he could kill them all even though he was only in the preliminary stage.

It was a rare chance for a fair fight; Jiang Chen didn't want to rush it.

He went into the group of monkeys and waved his Redcloud Sword. The experience of his days in the Realm of Beasts had helped him a lot. Whether he was facing humans or monsters, he was able to exert his sword method to the fullest.

"The Rainbow Sword Method: Three Movements in One."

Three monkeys had been killed, but as he attacked, he was scratched on the back and arms by the monkeys. The wounds hurt and itched.

"The Sword Method of Ksana: The First Movement!"

As a countermeasure, Jiang Chen exerted his new movement. Even he himself didn't know where he was when he attacked. Those monkeys would be unable to catch him for sure.

When he showed up again, ten monkeys had been killed.

However, if he had exerted fifty percent of this movement's power, only half, he would have been able to kill them all.

The remaining monkeys were more ferocious. Jiang Chen took a while to rest, and they took the chance to jump on him.

"The Lost Soul!"

Jiang Chen exerted his knife movement immediately. It could cover a wide range, so the attacking monkeys died under his knife.

The remaining ones were too weak to assault him. They let Jiang Chen walk to the fire yuan tree without interfering.

At the same time, Whitty killed the monkey leader and wasn't injured at all. It had an air of complacency after winning the fight. Another growl, and the whole canyon was shaking.

The remaining monkeys gave up the fire yuan tree and ran like heck.

Jiang Chen picked all of the fruits and memorized the tree's location, since he thought he might want to go back there one day.

"You did very well this time. I'll roast some meat for you later," Jiang Chen praised Whitty.

Whitty growled excitedly. It wanted to hug Jiang Chen, but due to the lesson it had learned last time, it sat on its impulses and did nothing more than walk next to him.


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