The Brilliant Fighting Master
179 Travelling Thousands of Miles Alone III
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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179 Travelling Thousands of Miles Alone III

Refining Blood Elixirs was a complicated process. A normal furnace couldn't hold enough much monster blood, so it required a spacious place. Before refinement, ditches had to be dug in a crossing pattern on the ground, with the furnace put in the center.

The ditches were like veins, while the furnace was like the heart.

All of the monster blood would be poured into the ditches and flow to the furnace. This was how the elixirs were refined.

There was enough space in the square, and what Jiang Chen had most of at that moment was time.

He used the Redcloud Sword as a shovel and started to dig in the square.

After the ditches, he made some changes to the cooking vessel he had previously used to cook monster meat.

Although a specific type of furnace would have the best effect and the highest success rate, what else could he do since he was trapped there?

He could still smell meat in the cooking vessel. If he asked other alchemists to refine panaceas with this thing, they would be irritated for sure, but Jiang Chen was already skilled enough that he wouldn't have to limit himself with these unimportant details. A master is one who can adapt to a situation and take whatever they have at hand to serve their purpose.

In this way, Jiang Chen comforted himself, then buried the cooking vessel underneath the ground. After getting the herbs prepared, he started to refine Blood Elixirs.

There wasn't much to say about the process. When the elixirs were done, the whole city smelled of blood. Jiang Chen managed to get rid of the smell with time. Otherwise, monsters would be attracted there and another mass attack could occur.

Dozens of gallons of ghost-level monster blood had been transformed into the small Blood Elixirs in Jiang Chen's hand.

He called Whitty over and said, "Swallow them down. They'll make you stronger. The process could get out of control, so you have to stay in the basement."

Whitty understood him well. It knew Jiang Chen wouldn't harm it.

Jiang Chen looked into Whitty's eyes and found there was only one thing that mattered to it—whether the Blood Elixir tasted good or not!

"Whitty, you like to eat, don't you? All that beef, and now the Blood Elixirs," Jiang Chen was teasing it.

Whitty looked at him like a coquettish teenage girl. It was as if it were saying with its blue eyes, "I'm growing. I need food."

Jiang Chen couldn't help shaking his head. He emphasized that the Blood Elixir would have a strong effect and it would feel uncomfortable after taking it, as if its body was expanding.

Whitty frowned at his words, looking at the Blood Elixirs.

Jiang Chen didn't give it anymore time to hesitate and fed it the Blood Elixir.

Soon, Whitty sat there motionless, like a drunk.

Jiang Chen picked it up and took it to the basement. He blocked the door with a giant stone.

It wasn't easy to awaken the blood of fierce prehistoric beasts.

They were called fierce beasts because they were fond of killing. They could destroy whatever creatures they saw.

Waking up the blood would bring changes to Whitty, who would pick up the habits and characteristics of its ancestors.

If it rushed the process and started to run around in the current Realm of Beasts, it would die for sure.

Most importantly, Jiang Chen, who was the closest to Whitty, would suffer too.

Jiang Chen first confirmed the ventilation in the basement was working fine, then went back to the square to think about his sword method.

In the process of hunting fire cloud bulls, he had felt a kind of enlightenment.

Whenever he attacked monsters, he would think what the differences would be if he was facing human beings. After comparing so many times, he started to see martial arts techniques in a brand new way.

It also dawned on him which sword method suited him best.

The Sword Method of Ksana was a profound sword method. To practice it, one had to have inherited the doctrine of sword, because the practitioner exerted it by manipulating the power of the doctrine of sword.

The formula was, "Twenty moments equal one finger-snap; twenty thoughts equal one moment; ninety ksana equal one thought; in each ksana, nine million people die and are born."

According to the formula, this sword method had four movements.

They didn't have names; they were simply called the first movement, the second movement, the third movement, and the fourth movement.

The power of each movement corresponded to each part of the formula.

The second movement was 100 times more powerful than the first, the third was 100 times more powerful than the second, and so on.

It was worth mentioning that each successor to the Eternal Doctrine of Sword, one of the four doctrines of sword of the Sacred Zone, would practice this sword method, because by combining the secret of the Eternal Doctrine of Sword with The Sword Method of Ksana, they could achieve eternal ksana.

It was said that the sixth successor to the Eternal Doctrine of Sword was a rare genius who had mastered The Sword Method of Ksana to the fullest.

He had intruded into the monsters' territory to rescue the woman he was in love with.

With a single attack, all of the monsters were killed.

He was the most famous swordsman in the Era of the Hero.

Jiang Chen was the successor to the Immortal Doctrine of Sword. Although it wasn't as good as the four doctrines of sword, he knew he couldn't get that far in just one step.

Besides, in the fight with Mo Li, he realized that being a fighting genius and the successor to the Immortal Doctrine of Sword at the same time was very powerful.

As long as he was still breathing, no matter how weak his breath was, he always had a chance to save the day.

At that moment, Jiang Chen was recalling the content of The Sword Method of Ksana.

He had read it before. He knew the strong and weak points of this sword method, but when he recalled its contents after all the things he had been through as a swordsman, he truly realized how profound and powerful it was.

Twenty moments equal one finger-snap, twenty thoughts equal one moment, ninety ksana equal one thought, and in each ksana, nine million people die and are born.

Jiang Chen was reading the formula silently, pondering on the first sentence.

This was the essence of the sword movement. He had to understand it to the fullest in order to master the first movement.

Whitty was still in the basement, waiting for his prehistoric blood to be awakened. Jiang Chen was sitting in the square motionlessly.

He sat there for the whole night.

At dawn, Jiang Chen suddenly opened his eyes. The person and the sword became one. Under the brilliant radiance of sword, they turned into a one-yard long light, sparkling in the square like a star.

In a second, he went back to where he had been.

After a moment of silence, thread-like scratches appeared on the walls of the buildings around the square, then the buildings all collapsed at once.

Jiang Chen wasn't joyful. His wrist was aching. This attack was too powerful. Fortunately, his targets had only been motionless buildings. Otherwise, he could have hurt himself, because his sword moved too fast!

I haven't mastered even 1% of it.

This was why Jiang Chen felt frustrated. He had seen the successor to the Eternal Doctrine of Sword exert the first movement. Compared to him, Jiang Chen was way worse.


Suddenly, he heard the angry growl of the tiger coming from the basement.

It caused more disruption than Jiang Chen's sword had. The wind was blowing everywhere, the ground shaking. Many houses in the City of Bear were dangerous, but by then, they had collapsed.


He heard a boom come from where the basement was. It sounded like a powder keg had exploded. Everything within ten yards was destroyed.

Jiang Chen was worried, then he saw Whitty flying into the air.

Jiang Chen also flew up. He noticed the black pattern on Whitty's fur had changed to red. It also had a pair of wings on its back.

When it landed, the wings disappeared, but the color of its fur didn't change back.

At the same time, Whitty became smaller, although it was a cub before and hadn't been big. When it stood on its forelegs, it was about the same height as Jiang Chen, but he could see that Whitty was 100 times more muscular than previously.


Jiang Chen stood before Whitty, sensing the tension. Its blue eyes had turned red as it stared at him.

If Whitty couldn't recognize him and tried to jump him, the only way out was to run, and Whitty was now able to fly. Maybe he wouldn't be able to run after all.


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