The Brilliant Fighting Master
178 Travelling Thousands of Miles Alone II
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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178 Travelling Thousands of Miles Alone II

The ghost-level monster that had chased Jiang Chen and Whitty to their door was a fire cloud bull, as big as a fully grown elephant and stubborn as a mule, always emitting flames.

Due to the flames, Whitty couldn't even approach the fire cloud bull.

Besides that, the fire cloud bull's skin was so rough that Jiang Chen couldn't pierce through it, even if he made an all-out attack, so when Whitty heard Jiang Chen was going to take revenge, it didn't feel excited at all. Instead, it was confused and worried.

That night when they were running away, the fire cloud bull took its companions to the City of Bear. Although they were staying in the basement, they felt like they were on fire.

"Trust me."

However, Jiang Chen was full of confidence. He insisted on trying.

Classification of monsters was different from classifying human beings, since it was difficult to compare the strength of a monster and a human in the same state.

For example, ghost-level monsters could match people in the late stage of the Mental Wander State in speed and physical strength, but in fact, even those in the middle stage of the Mental Wander State could kill them.

It was due to the gap in intelligence that allowed human beings to dominate the earth.

The biggest weakness of fire cloud bulls was that they were afraid of water, but they had to drink it to survive.

When they were by the river, they would stop emitting flames. That was the best time to attack them.

Since Jiang Chen was so persistent, Whitty had to follow him.

They came to where they had been chased by the fire cloud bull. There were burn marks on the grass, trees, and rocks.

They held their breath and went to the nearby river, waiting there quietly.

Half a day later, when Jiang Chen had almost run out of patience, he suddenly felt the temperature increase rapidly, as if a furnace were approaching.

Then, Jiang Chen saw a few trees nearby start to burn. The muscular fire cloud bull was walking towards the river slowly.

When the fire cloud bull was far enough, the burning trees automatically stopped burning.

"That's it."

Jiang Chen had recognized it immediately. Its arrogant expression and gaze were the same as when it was chasing them.

It was very vigilant, looking around cautiously as it walked, but Jiang Chen had deployed a hiding formation. Even if it was ten yards closer to them, it wouldn't know they were there.

After confirming there were no other creatures around, the fire cloud bull went to the riverbank. The flames surrounding it extinguished gradually.

It stayed there for a few seconds to make sure it was safe, then lowered its head to drink.


Jiang Chen made a sudden attack. He had manipulated large amounts of machine-operated beasts using the spiritual spells he had taken from Mo Qing. They all dashed towards the river.

The fire cloud bull was shocked as the machine-operated beasts forced it into the water.

The fire cloud bull screeched like crazy in the water, as if it had fallen in hot oil. It was struggling to get onto the bank.

"Whitty, let's go!"

But, Jiang Chen wouldn't allow it. He jumped into the water with Whitty and pierced the Redcloud Sword into it in rapidly and precisely.

Whitty wasn't as agile in the water as on the ground, but it was still better than the fire cloud bull. It kept scratching and biting the bull until the water turned scarlet.

Jiang Chen pierced the sword into the bull's head and finished the fight, but he didn't dare relax. He put the dead body of the fire cloud bull into the mustardseed ring and ran away with Whitty.

Not far away, other powerful creatures were attracted by the noise they had made and approached the bank, including a giant snake from the upper reaches of the river.

Jiang Chen didn't even have the time to call the machine-operated beasts back. He hurried to fly away at low altitude with Whitty in his arms.

Like this, they went back to the City of Bear. Jiang Chen took the dead body of the Fire Cloud Bull out, collected its blood, and cooked an herbal meal with its meat.

Whitty had a great meal. The uneasy feeling from before the fight had completely disappeared.

"If you can mature quicker, I won't have to do so much," Jiang Chen smiled.

Whitty pretended it didn't hear him, walking away to lick its body.

If we kill all of those fire cloud bulls, we'll have enough monster blood.

Encouraged by their success, Jiang Chen started to think of a future plan.

Of course, no matter what kind of plan he made, it had to involve water.

Without water, Jiang Chen and Whitty wouldn't be a match for a fire cloud bull, even if they fought together.

For the second time, Jiang Chen took everything in the mustardseed ring out and left his belongings in the City of bear, then he filled the ring with water.

Once again, he went to the territory of the fire cloud bulls, flying low. Once he found a fire cloud bull alone, he would pour water down on it.

Then it was showtime for Whitty when the fire cloud bull started to run around desperately.

It was Jiang Chen's job to end the fight with a fatal attack, then the two would go back to the City of Bear with the dead body.

After a few such attacks, the fire cloud bulls also learned to be smart. They didn't show their heads so easily anymore, always hiding under something that could protect them.

Since he couldn't attack from the air anymore, Jiang Chen changed his plan. He reconstructed the machine-operated beasts of the Mos. No matter what they had been created for, at that point their sole purpose was to spray water.

He had a mustardseed ring, so as long as he dove into water and opened the ring, he could fill it with hundreds of gallons of water rapidly.

He succeeded this way a few times, but the fire cloud bulls in this area were all irritated by him.

One day, Jiang Chen ordered ten-odd machine-operated beasts to spray water to extinguish the flames of a fire cloud bull, then he and Whitty went to chase it.

He hadn't expected it to be a trap that the fire cloud bulls had set. It didn't take him long to see a dozen fire cloud bulls staring at him.

Jiang Chen was panicking. He knew he and Whitty weren't powerful enough to have a head-on fight with them, so he retreated immediately, flying into the air with Whitty in his arms.

However, those fire cloud bulls were much more cunning than he thought.

They had lured him to the territory of lightning eagles. As soon as he flew into the air, a black figure flew at him, fast.

"This is bad!"

Jiang Chen hurried to fly lower, but was immediately pushed back by a wave of flames.

In the end, Whitty jumped onto the ground by itself. It ran at full speed and managed to shake the fire cloud bulls off while Jiang Chen was being chased by the lightning eagle in the air.

Ever since things in the Realm of Beasts had gone back to normal, Jiang Chen hadn't had the nerve to fly at will, because the sky was the territory of countless birds of prey.

He would never have imagined he would one day be framed by the monsters, but thanks to the breakthrough of this state and the beef he was eating those days, he was physically strong and energetic. He could flying at ease without letting up, which allowed him to escape from the eagle.

When he flew back to the City of Bear, he saw the ten fire cloud bulls also come into the city. They were charging like crazy, disregarding the tactical formation deployed in the square.

Whitty was growling inside the formation, but it didn't work.

Jiang Chen made a quick decision. He destroyed the fountain with his sword. Water shot up immediately like a white dragon, up to ten-odd yards high.

Then, he pressed an unhinged door onto the water so that the water dragon changed its direction, shooting outwards to the fire cloud bulls. Finally, they were pushed back.

When the crisis was over, Jiang Chen laid on the ground, gasping for air, but Whitty was pretty optimistic, playing in the water.

"Looks like we should stop attacking those fire cloud bulls, but it's all right. We've collected enough monster blood."

Jiang Chen glanced at Whitty. He was going to refine a Blood Elixir to awaken Whitty's blood from the fierce prehistoric beasts.

If he succeeded, maybe he would be able to leave the Realm of Beasts with the help of Whitty.

Besides, after his days of fighting, it had occurred to him suddenly which sword method suited him best.


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