The Brilliant Fighting Master
177 Travelling Thousands of Miles Alone I
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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177 Travelling Thousands of Miles Alone I

Jiang Chen felt kind of absurd when he saw the City of Bear had been completely ruined, as if he was the only one who had survived doomsday.

There were still some monsters wandering in the city, but they weren't threatening at all.

He stayed in the City of Bear for the next three days, expecting rescuers sent by the school, although he didn't know whether they would come or not.

He didn't dare act on impulse. He had flown out of the City of Bear once and a vulture had chased him for a good couple of miles before he found a basement in the City of Bear to hide in.

Looks like no one will come.

Jiang Chen knew the rules made by the big groups. Those in the Reaching Heaven State weren't allowed to go into the Realm of Beasts, but he didn't give up hope.

"They must think I'm dead," Jiang Chen bitterly thought.

Although he hated the Third Prince to the core, besides the hatred, he also felt helplessness.

Holy-level monsters could be seen everywhere. Ghost-level monsters were great in number. King-level monsters constantly came trooping in.

This was the current situation in the Realm of Beasts.

He could die if he was careless.

Suddenly, Jiang Chen saw the white tiger fighting with a king-level monster. It killed the latter with its sharp paws and sharp teeth.

"It's not panicked," Jiang Chen thought to himself. As if encouraged by the white tiger, he somehow rekindled his lost hope.

Since everyone thinks I'm dead, I'll give them a scare when I get out!

Jiang Chen was cheered up by the thought.

After the mass attack of the monsters, there were corpses everywhere, including those of holy-level monsters, so it wasn't difficult for him to find food.

Yeah, right. Even if I get out, I'll be preparing for the competition of the Sacred Institute. Why don't I just go on adventures here? Anyway, I can take in the spirit of universe here.

It's much more dangerous here, but if it's not dangerous, why call it an adventure?

When the big groups opened the Realm of Beasts, they had switched on the tactical formation to make it easier for disciples in the Mental Wander State. Only those who had to fight for seeds were pressured.

At that moment, Jiang Chen was going to challenge himself. He was going to leave the Realm of Beasts on foot, without the help of portals. He would have to travel hundreds of miles alone.

Now that he had set up a goal, he started to make plans. He took inventory of the things he kept in the mustardseed ring and prepared things that might be useful.

"White tiger, come here." Jiang Chen called the white tiger that was playing over and said seriously, "I haven't given you a name yet, because once I do that, you'll officially be my mount. Do you want to be my mount?"

The white tiger nodded without hesitation.

"Good. You're more intelligent than the average ghost-level monster. I'll call you Whitty," Jiang Chen said.

The white tiger liked this name a lot. It walked around Jiang Chen wagging its tail and nuzzling his lap.

"Stay with me and I won't disappoint you. I told you I would make you a black-level monster, and I mean it," Jiang Chen said.

"Black-level monster" was a general name for monsters that were as intelligent as men and able to practice like them.

It was widely known that monsters had strong bodies. If they could practice like human beings, it would be difficult to say who would dominate the earth.

It was just that black-level monsters were very rare, especially natural born ones. They were almost extinct 500 years ago, but some monsters became black-level monsters due to an unknown variation when the fierce prehistoric beast blood in their bodies was awoken.

Jiang Chen had two ways to turn Whitty into a black-level monster. First, he could send his holy soul into Whitty's brain and enlighten its spiritual intelligence.

The second way was to awake the fierce prehistoric beast blood in Whitty's body.

Not just any monster had the fierce prehistoric beast blood, but the white tiger definitely had it, since one of the four great fierce prehistoric beasts was a fierce white tiger.

Either way could fail, so Jiang Chen decided to try both of them. This would enhance the success rate and would do good to Whitty, but the first way required a super quiet place, which didn't exist in the Realm of Beasts.

So, Jiang Chen was going to try the second way first. He would require a lot of monster blood as a result.

The blood had at least to be ghost-level, and one or two monsters wouldn't be enough. He would need dozens of gallons of monster blood to refine Blood Elixirs, and the way to refine Blood Elixirs was also a secret.

However, Jiang Chen happened to know it.

"Let's go."

In this way, the man and the monster started a killing game, killing the remaining monsters in the City of Bear.

The young white tiger's strength was equivalent to a king-level monster. If it worked with Jiang Chen, it could easily kill king-level monsters.

Some days later, the City of Bear became the territory of Jiang Chen and Whitty.

Since there wouldn't be another mass attack of monsters, Jiang Chen deployed a defensive formation there, then they left the city to hunt.

They only aimed at king-level monsters. Whitty pretended to attack them first, then Jiang Chen gave the fatal attack at the right time.

There were no martial arts techniques involved in their fights with monsters. Jiang Chen didn't have to use any sword movements. The most important thing was to make the attack simple and fatal, but to his surprise, Jiang Chen found his swordsmanship had improved a lot after continuously attacking with his sword.

Although there were no exchanges of blows, he was enlightened every time after focusing his mind and waiting for the moment to attack.

It was a wonderful feeling, as if he caught something in his hand but he couldn't open his palm to see what it was, since once he opened his palm, the thing inside would flee.

Break the Rule with a Single Sword Attack?

How to break it?

What's the rule?

As he recalled his previous fights, his doubts accumulated, but he knew once he was enlightened, his swordsmanship would reach a brand new level, yet he hadn't succeeded in the past month.

However, his state was getting closer and closer to the peak of the preliminary stage. After taking many panaceas, he finally reached it.

This is the result of a real adventure.

He didn't only fight everyday until the darkness fell, but also fed on great amounts of monster blood and meat, and he had five holy pulses and a sky-level method.

Along with the mix of energy of the spirit of universe and primordial yuan in the Realm of Beasts, he was guaranteed to make a breakthrough successfully, but he also paid a price. After a month, both he and Whitty were wounded.

It was extremely dangerous when they were chased by a ghost-level monster. They kept running and running, finally making it to the defensive formation deployed in the City of Bear when the ghost-level monster was about to bite Whitty to death.

That ghost-monster lingered outside the formation, reluctant to leave. It fixed its bloody-red eyes on Jiang Chen and Whitty until Jiang Chen manipulated the formation to drive it away.

To their surprise, that very night, the ghost-level monster came back to the City of Bear with ten-odd companions.

Fortunately, Jiang Chen was smart enough. He hid in the basement where the hiding formation had been deployed with Whitty.

Such dangers occurred every few days.

Now that his state had enhanced and he had formed three more holy points, making the number of his holy points ten, he was stronger and the situation wouldn't be as difficult as before.

"Whitty, let's hunt the ghost-level monster that chased us."

Jiang Chen wasn't afraid of the Realm of Beasts anymore. Instead, it became his hunting grounds. Hunting king-level monsters couldn't satisfy him anymore. He wanted more. He started to aim at ghost-level monsters.


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