The Brilliant Fighting Master
176 Thousands of Monsters Attacking the City
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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176 Thousands of Monsters Attacking the City

Jiang Chen started to detoxify the poison after getting rid of the assassination team.

The killers of the Black White School had claimed how lethal their poison was, but Jiang Chen didn't take it seriously. He knew if the poison were really that fatal, the killers wouldn't have had to shoot such a great amount at him.

This kind of poison, which aimed to improve its lethality by amount, was the easiest one to detoxify.

It was true. He had taken a few antidotes to hold down the poison and learned its toxicity. At that moment, he used a silver needle to make the poison flow to his right index finger.

As the black, smelly poisoned blood flew out, the painful feeling also disappeared, then the white tiger dashed towards him like a gust of wind.

The white tiger was there when he was deploying the tactical formation the day before, so when it heard Jiang Chen's words, it immediately understood what he meant.

It was ridiculous that the killers thought the white tiger had given Jiang Chen up.

The white tiger was very excited to see Jiang Chen safe and sound. It wouldn't stop head-butting him in the chest.

Jiang Chen played with the white tiger for a while, then it occurred to him that he wasn't in a situation that he should feel happy about.

"Let's go back to the city."

Jiang Chen went back to the City of Bear on the white tiger's back. By then, he couldn't see a single man in the city. It was a ghost town.

"If that disciple of the Natural Law School told the truth the other day, tons of monsters will come soon."

It wasn't necessarily safe hiding in the City of Bear, but it was better than outside.

Jiang Chen took a look at the tactical formation the schools had used to keep the area safe, deciding whether he could fix it or not, but it turned out that the formation in the City of Bear was only one part of a grand formation, which included all of the cities.

He didn't have the time to travel to each city, because after going back to the city, he saw a dark flock of bird monsters over the far away mountains, covering the whole sky.

The white tiger snarled nervously, trying to alert Jiang Chen.

"I know."

Jiang Chen smiled helplessly. This would be the first difficulty he had to face.

It wouldn't take very long for all kinds of monster to occupy every single corner of the city. They would invade in waves.

He would have nowhere to escape, not even the air, since he could be attacked there, too, but Jiang Chen stayed calm. He found a single-story house without windows, located in the middle of the street.

He was going to deploy a tactical formation to hide in.

Even the great formation at the Redcloud Peak wouldn't be enough to resist the waves of monsters. For a temporary formation, it was even less plausible.

He was simply going to make the monsters believe there was nobody in the city so that he could avoid their attacks, but there were too many of them. He wasn't sure about it, either. The only thing he could do was to trust his luck.

This kind of formation wouldn't take a lot of time to deploy. Jiang Chen finished it in less than fifteen minutes and hid in it with the white tiger.

"Don't make any noise," Jiang Chen said.

The white tiger nodded like an obedient child.

Soon, they heard different kinds of chirps, high-pitched and loud. The flutter of their wings made a lot of noise. A storm was brewing over the city.

If Jiang Chen were hiding in the air, he would have suffered the attacks from the beasts in the sky.

Then the ground started to shake, as if a powerful army were attacking the city.

As the noises came closer and closer to the city walls, Jiang Chen was becoming more and more nervous.


Soon, he heard the city gates crash and then the boom of giant monsters hitting against the city wall.

The city wall crashed quickly.

There are at least ten-odd holy-level monsters out there.

Jiang Chen was nervous, but at the same time he felt an impulse to go out and watch the magnificent scene, with thousands of monsters attacking the city.

The white tiger's hair suddenly stood on its end. It was howling in a low voice and staring at the door.

"Stay still!" Jiang Chen told it.

The monsters were already very close. He could hear them fighting and killing out there. Some doors and windows crashed open. Some houses were even trampled to pieces by giant monsters.

The monsters soon approached the house where Jiang Chen was hiding and passed by.

Jiang Chen was sweating. The hiding formation could only prevent his energy from being exposed, but if he was found by accident or trampled to death by a giant monster, he could do nothing about it but accept it, if he was even still alive.

In comparison, the white tiger was quite calm at this moment, laying its head on Jiang Chen's lap.

At the same time, the big groups of the Fire Field were paying attention to the Realm of Beasts.

They hadn't found any powerful men in the Reaching Heaven State going into the Realm of Beasts, which meant the Natural Law School hadn't sent anyone to rescue Jiang Chen.

And the monsters were returning to their territory en masse.

So, Jiang Chen would be killed either by the assassins of the Black White School or the monsters.

The news spread rapidly by different means throughout the Fire Field.

The Natural Law School wasn't going to rescue a disciple with a holy pulse, which was a strange thing to hear.

Some people assumed Jiang Chen had already been killed by the assassins of the Black White School, so it was unnecessary for the Natural Law School to violate the rules and send Reaching Heaven States into the Realm of Beasts, but the Natural Law School hadn't yet declared Jiang Chen's death.

His school record showed he was still alive. The Redcloud Peak was still under his name. The outsiders were totally confused.

No one knew what the Natural Law School was up to.

Soon, people in the Fire Field stopped following the news of Jiang Chen and turned their attention to the competition held by the Sacred Institution.

According to the latest news, the date of the competition was set on the day Autumn Begins. It would be held in the capital of the Xia Dynasty.

Anyone under the age of thirty could take part in it, regardless of gender or background.

It was also said that although only the top three winners could get into the Sacred Institute, those who had outstanding performances, but a lower state at the time due to lack of resources or being too young, also had a chance to make it in.

Many people were cheered up by the news.

Everyone thought themselves the unique one, especially those poor kids who weren't as good as kids from big families due to a lack of resources.

All of them wanted to seize the opportunity to show their mettle.

Gradually, people seemed to have forgotten about Jiang Chen. He was like a shooting star that had once appeared in the Fire Field, then disappeared.

After some more time, no one would recall his name any more.

That was how the world worked.

The first death was the death of one's body, then there comes the real death—when one is completely forgotten by the world.

In the City of Bear in the Realm of Beasts…

The city turned into debris after the monsters tramped through it. Many houses collapsed, including the house where Jiang Chen was hiding.

Suddenly, a loud noise came from under the ruins, as if something was knocking. It became louder and louder, and a hole appeared in the ruins. Before it collapsed again, two figures crawled out of it rapidly.

"How dangerous."

Jiang Chen brushed the dust off his coat, but he soon found it was unnecessary, since he was dusty all over.

As the white tiger shook its body, the dust flew around.

Without a word, they came to the fountain in the square. The fountain was already run-down, but still jetting out water.

Jiang Chen washed himself and sat down, exhausted.

After a while, he thought about his current situation and opened his mouth.

"Third Prince, I'll kill you for sure."


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