The Brilliant Fighting Master
175 An Assassination Team
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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175 An Assassination Team

"Looks like you're fully prepared." Jiang Chen looked at the chessboards on which the killers were standing. Flying tools like these certainly weren't a match for his holy wings.

"An assassination team?" Jiang Chen thought to himself.

He had gathered some information about the Black White School after his last encounter with one of its killers.

Their killers would form an assassination team to deal with tricky targets.

Different from a solo fight, they would cooperate with each other and make a strategy together. They would disguise themselves into different people to kill if it was necessary.

Before the Realm of Beasts had opened, the assassination team had already been watching Jiang Chen. They had planned to infiltrate the Natural Law School and kill their target with poison, but after investigation, they found it too difficult. They couldn't even deal with the grand formation deployed at the Redcloud Peak, not to mention the Natural Law School.

Fortunately, the opening of the Realm of Beasts gave them this chance.

They had wormed their way into all those schools and come to the Realm of Beasts, looking for Jiang Chen, but since the portals transported people to random areas, they had had no way to locate Jiang Chen.

So, they had decided to wait for a godsend. When the adventure was about to be over, they stayed in the city to expect Jiang Chen.

The portals appeared in different cities in a fixed order, which allowed them enough time to travel from one city to another.

They had calculated perfectly, while Jiang Chen was ignorant of all of this. He would be way too arrogant if he was still sure of himself in these circumstances, so he immediately decided to fly out of the city.

But as soon as he had turned around, poisonous thin needles shot him on the back.

The poison went into his system rapidly and extended to every single part of his body. He lost his control, as if he was drunk in the air.

"We're here to kill you, not to compete with you. Compared to the Third Prince, our killing method works better."

Jiang Chen heard a cold voice and then a sharp whoosh sound.

Jiang Chen felt dizzy, too weak to fight back. Thanks to his quick reflexes, he took off his holy wings in time and started to fall. By doing this, he dodged what could have been a fatal attack, then stopped in the air and took an antidote that he had prepared out of the mustardseed ring.

While he was taking the antidote, more poisonous needles were aimed at him, so he had to repeat the previous process and let himself fall.

"It's a last-ditch struggle!"

The killers couldn't behave as freely as Jiang Chen in the air, too nervous and angry. The two earth-level killers, one on the left and the other on the right, flew across the sky like hunting eagles.

The antidote Jiang Chen had taken didn't seem to work. He was still unable to open his wings when he was only 300 feet over the ground.

He was close to falling to his death when he suddenly opened his eyes. He fluttered his holy wings and a gale blew everything off the ground. He was flying extremely close to the street, towards the city gates.

The killers were chasing after him with blowguns that looked like bamboo in their hands. Poisonous needles were shot from them infinitely, but this time, Jiang Chen had learned to be smart. He kept changing his altitude and direction so that they couldn't aim at him precisely.

The poison is strong. I'm only holding on for the moment.

Suddenly, Jiang Chen frowned painfully. He covered his chest with one hand and felt like someone had grasped his heart.

I have to meet the white tiger as soon as possible.

Jiang Chen took out some more different antidotes and took them decisively.

"It's not gonna work, Jiang Chen. You won't be able to detoxify the Black White School's poison. The faster you fly, the more pain you'll feel when the poison begins to show its effects later," an earth-level killer said loudly.

The gap between Jiang Chen and the killers was widening. In the end, the killers could do nothing but watch Jiang Chen's retreating figure become smaller and smaller.

However, they weren't in a hurry, since they knew Jiang Chen had been shot by the poisonous needles. They were just tagging along like a tail that Jiang Chen could never really be rid of.

By then, the white tiger was becoming more anxious by the minute in the forest. Jiang Chen had been away for almost a whole day.

It kept looking up, hoping it would see that familiar figure, but it kept getting disappointed. Abandoned twice by human beings, it had stopped trusting them completely.

When the white tiger was about to go deeper into the forest, it suddenly raised its head and moved its ears, then ran two miles at high speed and finally saw Jiang Chen on the ground.

He had fallen from the air. If he hadn't glided, he would have died.

There was a skidmark about 300-feet long behind him, because he had been rolling on the ground due to the force he landed with.

"Take me to where we were," Jiang Chen said, exhausted. He felt like his body was falling apart.

The white tiger could understand human beings well, so it went back to where they had bid farewell, carrying him on its back.

Suddenly, the white tiger showed its teeth and looked up angrily. The twelve killers of the Black White School landed slowly.

The killers were not surprised to see Jiang Chen under the influence of the poison.

"Anyone who looks down on the Black White School will pay the price," an earth-level killer said.


The white tiger sensed their killing intent. It jumped on them desperately.

"If you expect a ghost-level cub to save you, I say you're foolish."

The white tiger was a ghost-level monster. The earth-level killers were strong practitioners in the middle stage. It should have been impossible for them to ignore the white tiger, but it was a pity that the white tiger wasn't fully grown yet. Besides, they had many in their group.

The white tiger's attack didn't stop the killers from advancing.

"White tiger, go!" Jiang Chen said.

The white tiger was at a loss. It glanced back and as asked of it, ran away, leaving him there alone.

"Looks like your mount isn't loyal enough," one of the earth-level killers said sarcastically.

"I've never looked down on the Black White School," Jiang Chen said.


Jiang Chen's last remark didn't make sense, so the killers were confused. They didn't understand what he meant.

"In fact, I would have left from the City of Wolf if I didn't fear the killers of the Black White School," Jiang Chen said again.

"Are you flattering us?" one of the earth-level killers sneered.


Jiang Chen shook his head and grinned. He said, "I was paying tribute to my dying enemies."

His words somehow made the twelve killers nervous.

They started to recall every little thing that had happened since they met, trying to figure out why Jiang Chen was so confident.

Suddenly, the two earth-level killers shouted, "Go! Quick!"

They had followed Jiang Chen here. That was the only suspicious thing.

"Too late! I set this trap to kill holy-level monsters. It'll be a good enough death for you," Jiang Chen said.

Then immediately, heat rose and expanded within a radius of three miles. The trees and grass all started to burn, turning into a sea of fire in only a few seconds.

The twelve killers flew into the air, but they had already caught on fire and turned into twelve columns of flame.

Jiang Chen was inside the fire, but nothing happened to him, since he had deployed a tactical formation.

It was called Heaven Anger, a very formidable trap formation.

The day before, Jiang Chen had deployed it there just in case. At that moment, it had helped him greatly.

The twelve killers all burned into ash, no matter what state they were in. They didn't even have the time to scream.

After the killers died, the sea of fire disappeared immediately. The ground had turned black and the place smelled of smoke.


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