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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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171 Unbeatable

Baili Tu's helmet was in the shape of a dragon, his head in the dragon's open mouth.

Jiang Chen estimated the helmet could weigh dozens of pounds.

"You'd better take your armor off," Jiang Chen said.

Because it wasn't only useless, but would affect Baili Tu's speed and agility…

But his words aroused much controversy among the crowd. The onlookers were puzzled.

"He doesn't know?" some people thought to themselves.

The specially-made spiritual armor was Baili Tu's signature weapon. It could be used together with martial arts techniques and secret methods.

He was always wearing it, whether it was a fight or just a practice round.

Jiang Chen had suggested he pull it off and it had sounded like he said it for Baili Tu's sake. The onlookers were speechless.

Baili Tu didn't say anything either. He just manipulated his holy yuan. The black armor instantly emitted a brilliant blue and yellow radiance. It soon formed a holy dragon that swam along his body.

The powerful energy intruded into every corner of the streets. The onlookers turned pale under this power. Some weak people even kneeled down.

"Baili Tu has become stronger. No wonder he claimed he'd challenge Mo Li," Zhiruo from the Exquisite Sect thought to herself. She had fought with Baili Tu once. He was stronger than he was before.


Zhiruo suddenly found Jiang Chen wasn't paying any attention to Baili Tu's majestic power. He was quite calm.

If she released her holy awareness, she would find Jiang Chen was tearing the majestic power apart like a sharp sword.

"The Holy Dragon Technique, no wonder you're wearing the armor. Bring it on."

Jiang Chen smiled calmly and swung the Redcloud Sword in his left hand. He looked quite casual.

Baili Tu frowned slightly at his words. He had some questions.

For example, how did Jiang Chen know his method's name? And why wasn't he frightened if he knew what it was?

However, he soon put these doubts out of his mind.

He only had one goal, which was to defeat Jiang Chen.

He took a step forward. His armor made a wonderful sound as though it was a working machine.

As soon as the holy dragon with the blue yellow radiance swam down to his feet, the blue flagstones under his feet cracked. With the spattered gravel, Baili Tu darted over, faster than anyone could anticipate.

The holy dragon's radiance became more and more brilliant, an uncontrollable light. It opened its mouth, intending to devour Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen didn't dodge this formidable attack. Instead, he also darted over with his sword.

If Baili Tu could be compared to an aggressive dragon, Jiang Chen could be compared to silver lightning, flashing across the street.

It happened too fast. No one saw it clearly. The only thing they knew was Jiang Chen was where Baili Tu had been, and Baili Tu had stopped at the place where Jiang Chen had started his attack.

"He dodged it?"

Since Baili Tu's attack was too powerful, the onlookers thought Jiang Chen had dodged it.


Soon, some people caught on to an odd thing.

Baili Tu's body was unnaturally stiff. The holy dragon had disappeared.

Did he…

Zhiruo opened her eyes wide. A possibility occurred to her, but she was unwilling to accept it, because it was only a single attack!

Even Mu Zhenchuan was nervous. He stared at Baili Tu, but the die was cast. Whatever they did, nothing could be changed.

"How boring," Jiang Chen put the Redcloud Sword into its sheath slowly.

At the same time, people saw three marks made by the sword on his armor. They were so crisscrossed that the whole suit of armor was disintegrated. It fell off of him.

Baili Tu was trembling, his eyes wide open. His close-fitting clothes were soaked with sweat.

What… what a powerful attack.

He hadn't taken it seriously when he saw Jiang Chen throwing his sword out. He had tried to crack the latter's technique with his power and deflect him, seeing him as an arrogant guy who was still wet behind the ears.

But, there were three movements contained in this one, single attack. All of them were precise, fast, and sharp. He was wholly defeated.

He was weaker than Mo Li, so it was fine for him to lose to Jiang Chen, but he had talked a big game before the fight, and in the end, was defeated by a single attack. It was imaginable how humiliated he was.

But fortunately, Jiang Chen didn't pay any more attention to him.

Jiang Chen looked at Mu Ping and Mu Zhenchuan. The two brothers were dumbfounded. Then, he laid his eyes on the elder brother and said, "Now it's your turn."

Mu Zhenchuan was in a daze. His rank was also lower than Mo Li's. He didn't want to be humiliated before so many people, like Baili Tu.

How could he become so strong in such a short time?

Mu Zhenchuan said, "Jiang Chen, are you going to fight your senior apprentice brother? How dare you? You took someone else's mount and fought back. You've brought dishonor on the Natural Law School."

"I'll become a senior apprentice brother by defeating you." Jiang Chen smiled coldly and walked towards him.

Before, he only fought back when others provoked him first, but at that point, Jiang Chen was going to provoke Mu Zhenchuan first.

"How dare you! Stop him!" Mu Zhenchuan shouted angrily. The two Mental Wander States who had been with Mu Ping came forward along with other three guys in the middle stage of the Mental Wander State.

"Trash is trash, no matter how much of it."

Jiang Chen glanced casually at the five people. The three guys in the middle stage of the Mental Wander State were all mediocre, so he didn't take them seriously.

He drew out his sword again, not too quickly or too slowly.

The steely clang of the blade grazing its sheath made the five extremely nervous, then Jiang Chen suddenly accelerated and thrust his sword.

Pah! Pah! Pah! Pah! Pah!

With the five cracking sounds, all of their spiritual weapons were broken. At the same time, Jiang Chen walked past them and came up to Mu Zhenchuan.


"Give up the fight! My strength was enhanced many times after I killed Mo Li. You're not a match for me."

Jiang Chen was telling the truth. After the fight with Mo Li, he had achieved the initial success of the Immortal Doctrine of Sword. Even if Mo Li could come back to life, it would be easy for Jiang Chen to kill him.

"What are you going to do?"

A bully was always a coward. Mu Zhenchuan kept stepping back and said, "It's alright if you don't want to give up the white tiger, but are you going to kill a sibling disciple?"

In others' opinions, if Mu Zhenchuan threw in the towel, Jiang Chen would have no excuse to attack him, unless they had unfinished business between them.

And they did.

"Don't you remember what happened in the Transdragon Pool?" Jiang Chen sneered.

"The Transdragon Pool? It was only a quarrel. Thanks to you, I don't have permission to go there for three years…"

As he spoke, Mu Zhenchuan suddenly recalled Jiang Chen had said he was disturbed while he was forming holy points.

"What are you going to do?" Mu Zhenchuan gnashed his teeth. He had accepted the reality.

In the Realm of Beasts, he couldn't get any backup from the Duke Mu's Palace. He couldn't behave in the arrogant way he was used to.

"Abolish ten of your holy points," Jiang Chen said.

"What?! Why? I impeded the form of at most one holy point of yours…" Although he had prepared himself mentally, Mu Zhenchuan still couldn't accept what Jiang Chen had requested, but he didn't get to accept it or otherwise, since Jiang Chen had already stuck his sword out. The freezing energy of the sword pierced into his meridians and abolished his holy points one by one, ten in all, no more and no less.

"Who am I? And who are you? How could you compete with me?" Jiang Chen said. That was what Mu Chenchuan had said to him at the Transdragon Pool. On this day, he said it to him in the same way.

"You—you!" Mu Zhenchuan hadn't expected him to be so cruel. He didn't even have the time to prepare for it.

Ten of his holy points had been abolished. His practice progress was delayed, which had a huge influence on him.


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