The Brilliant Fighting Master
170 I Won“t Give it Back
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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170 I Won“t Give it Back

"Wait! Let's wait and see!" Mu Ping had been relying on the authority of his identity. But now that he had been ignored, not only did he feel embarrassed, he didn't know what to do.

So he trash-talked and ran away.

"You've gotten yourself into trouble. He's from Duke Mu's Palace. His brother is Mu Zhenchuan, the Young Duke. He's in town, too!" Baili Li didn't dare linger there longer, so she turned around to leave, but her parting glance showed that it wasn't over.

Jiang Chen and Shui Sheng looked at each other. She said, "Apprentice Brother Jiang Chen, let's get out of here."

"Then you won't be able to leave this place," Jiang Chen smiled casually and kept walking ahead.

In the last three days of their adventure in the Realm of Beasts, the portals of different groups in each city would open one by one.

The Exquisite Sect's portal in the City of Bear would be open from that morning to the next. Shui Sheng said the City of Bear was the last city where the portal was open. If she didn't make it there in time, she would be assumed to be dead, so Jiang Chen had accompanied her to the square in the city center.

Seeing that he kept walking ahead slowly instead of running away, the onlookers knew the show wasn't over yet, so they followed the two.

Surrounded by so many people, Shui Sheng felt very uncomfortable. She wished she could fly away with Jiang Chen and leave this place.

After walking across several streets, Shui Sheng saw someone in the crowd. She couldn't hide her joy and shouted loudly, "Apprentice Sister Zhiruo!"

There were a few disciples there from the Exquisite Sect. Their leader was a powerful female disciple in the middle stage of the Mental Wander State.

"Shui Sheng!"

Apprentice Sister Zhiruo was very surprised. She walked over with some other disciples of the Exquisite Sect.

"Shui Sheng, what happened?"

"Why are so many people following you?"

"Who is he?"

The disciples of the Exquisite Sect, all Shui Sheng's apprentice sisters and brothers, asked her one after another. They spoke directly.

"Apprentice sister, help us." Shui Sheng told them what had happened, expecting their assistance.

It wasn't that she didn't trust Jiang Chen, but she hoped she could be helpful to Jiang Chen for once.

Apprentice Sister Zhiruo stayed silent for a while. The other disciples looked at each other, as if she had asked for an excessive favor.

"The Bailis are not a problem, but Duke Mu's Palace is really difficult to deal with.

"Mu Ping's brother, Mu Zhenchuan, is in town. He's a key disciple of the Natural Law School. He'll come here soon."

Apprentice Sister Zhiruo hesitated for a while and looked towards Jiang Chen. She didn't take him very seriously. She told him, "Give the white tiger away. I'll put in a good word for you. You'll suffer a little, but the problem will be solved."

Shui Sheng was struck dumb. She hadn't expected to receive such an answer from her apprentice sister, who apparently had misunderstood her.

She had hoped her apprentice sister could work with Jiang Chen to fight against the Bailis and Duke Mu's Palace, but her apprentice sister didn't know how powerful Jiang Chen was. She just regarded him as an average practitioner in the completed preliminary stage of the Mental Wander State. Of course she wouldn't offend two big groups for his sake.

"That will be unnecessary."

Jiang Chen didn't expect anyone to help him. He glanced at Shui Sheng and said, "Stay with your apprentice sister."

Shui Sheng was unwilling to, but she recalled what Jiang Chen had told her before. She knew she wouldn't be of any help if she stayed with him. She had never hated her weakness as much as then.

Jiang Chen's response was obviously a surprise to Apprentice Sister Zhiruo. Some disciples of the Exquisite Sect behind her were unhappy about this.

"Hey kid, are you looking down on our Exquisite Sect?"

"You're so ungrateful. Our apprentice sister has offered to help. What else do you want? You never give up, do you?"

"The white tiger is another's property. You shouldn't be so greedy."

"Never mind."

Apprentice Sister Zhiruo didn't intend to stay near the trouble. She pulled Shui Sheng into the crowd. Only Jiang Chen and the tiger were left on the street.

"It seems… I don't have to stay here."

The portal of the Natural Law School in the City of Bear would be open at noon the next day. He didn't have to head for another place.

If the white tiger could fly, he would have left with it.

He took a glance at the people around. If he turned around and left, they would think he was escaping, but Jiang Chen didn't mind what others thought, so he turned around.

"He is running away!"

It started an uproar in the crowd, but soon they found he was walking at a normal pace, not too fast or too slowly.

Since Shui Sheng wasn't with him, some people had more or less guessed what he was going to do.

"Is he escorting you to the portal?" Apprentice Sister Zhiruo asked.

"Yes," Shui Sheng said.

Apprentice Sister Zhiruo changed her opinion towards Jiang Chen when she learned this.

But at this moment, there was finally a disturbance at the end of the street. Two teams appeared aggressively. They pushed pedestrians to the side.

They were from the Bailis and Duke Mu's Palace, no doubt.

The team from Duke Mu's Palace was led by Mu Ping and Mu Zhenhuan. They had gone there on foot.

The Bailis were on their mounts, with Baili Li as their leader. Beside her was a youngster in armor who was giving off powerful energy. His black armor had very sharp edges, making him look as wild as a monster. He was even wearing a helmet.

The two teams came up to Jiang Chen. Mu Zhenchuan was the one who spoke first.

"Jiang Chen, it's you!"

Mu Zhenchuan recognized him immediately. It was a surprise that the guy who had bullied his brother was the same guy who had lost him access to the Transdragon Pool.

With their history and a new conflict, Mu Zhenchuan didn't look happy at all.

"Jiang Chen?!"

The onlookers finally knew his identity. They were all surprised.

The news that Mo Li, who was ranked seventh on the Prince List, had died in the City of Wolf spread rapidly in the Realm of Beasts.

The killer's name, Jiang Chen, was known to everyone.

Many claimed that Jiang Chen's swordsmanship was the best among youngsters, and even the First Apprentice Brother of the Sword Sect of Returning to Oneness wasn't a match for him.

Apprentice Sister Zhiruo was very surprised. She didn't know the "nobody" in her eyes actually had such prominence.

The disciples behind her, who had been impolite to Jiang Chen, were all dumbfounded. Although they were all in the Mental Wander State, theoretically, Jiang Chen would be able to kill them easily.

"We didn't say anything wrong. How would he be able to fight us by himself?"

They were still arguing, unwilling to admit their mistakes, because the situation wasn't in Jiang Chen's favor…

Baili Tu, Baili Li's elder brother, also the youngster in armor, was ranked sixtieth on the Eternal Flame List.

His rank was lower than Mo Li's. Of course he wasn't a match for Jiang Chen.

As for Mu Zhenchuan, he was ranked seventh on the Talent List and fifty-fifth on the Eternal Flame List, only one place lower than Mo Li.

If it came down to a one-on-one fight, Jiang Chen seemed more powerful, but what if the two fought together? The two families also had many Mental Wander States.

"Brother," Mu Ping called. He knew Jiang Chen and his brother were both disciples of the Natural Law School, afraid that his brother would let Jiang Chen go as a fellow disciple.

Mu Zhenchuan became very angry upon seeing his brother's swollen face. He shouted, "Jiang Chen! As a disciple of the Natural Law School, you tried to rob another's mount? You're a criminal from the mountains for sure. Shame on you! Give the white tiger back to the Bailis."

"The Bailis abandoned it… Alas, forget it. I don't even want to explain. I won't give it back. What will you do about it?!"

Jiang Chen didn't bother to waste his time explaining.

How arrogant!

The crowd was shocked when they saw him provoking the two teams fearlessly.

Jiang Chen drew out his sword first and pointed it at the two teams before him. He said, "Whoever joins the fight shall be responsible for his own life."

"How arrogant! As your apprentice brother, today I'll teach you the manners necessary to be a disciple of the Natural Law School!" Mu Zhenchuan said angrily.

"Young Duke Mu, let me handle it."

Baili Tu, who hadn't spoken a word until then, jumped off his mount. He was big, and in such heavy armor, he could bat people away with a single touch as he walked by.

"I was going to challenge Mo Li in the Realm of Beasts to improve my rank on the Eternal Flame List. Now, you'll take my challenge in place of him," he said.


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