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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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169 The Bailis

The woman was tall and slim, even taller than the average man. She had fine features, her eyebrows willow-shaped and her eyes lustful. She had a high nose and cherry-like red lips.

She was in close-fitting black clothes that revealed the attractive curve of her body, and she was wearing protective armor in vulnerable places.

The whip in her hand was suggestive.

As she walked over, pedestrians kept making way for her.

"Get off my mount!"

She was very unhappy with Shui Sheng, who was startled. She whipped the ground again.


As soon as the whip hit against the ground, the white tiger's hair stood on end. It became nervous. There was fear in its eyes.

The tiger must have been whipped a lot.

Jiang Chen frowned. He knew a lot about taming methods. He could tell what kind of training the white tiger had been through.

"Are you deaf?"

The woman in black didn't have too much patience. She raised her slim arms overhead and cracked the whip ruthlessly.

Both the white tiger and Shui Sheng were panicked, not sure whether the whip was aimed at them.

Then, a radiance of the sword flashed and the long whip was cut into two, falling to the ground softly.

"Hmm?" The woman in black raised her eyebrows. She looked to Jiang Chen, who had thrown the sword over. There was anger in her pretty eyes.

"How dare you!" she shouted.

"I do dare, obviously. You know your whip startled my friend?" Jiang Chen said.

The woman curled her lips and said, "Your friend is sitting on a mount of the Bailis. What is she doing?"

"You abandoned the white tiger and yet still claim it as yours?" Jiang Chen said.

"That's ridiculous! When did I abandon it?" the woman in black sneered and made a teasing face.

"Oh yeah? So why was it emaciated and dying, full of wounds, when I found it?

"At first I thought the white tiger's master was dead, but it looks like you're living a very good life. If you didn't abandon the wounded white tiger, what happened?"

Some onlookers had gathered around them. They realized what had happened through Jiang Chen's words.

Jiang Chen had found and saved the mount of the Bailis, and therefore, thought it was his, but the Bailis apparently didn't agree.

"How interesting. Why did you feel like you needed to save the Bailis' property? Who do you think you are to meddle in others' business?" the woman in black answered with disdain.


Jiang Chen glanced at the white tiger. As far as he could recall, the wounds on its body had been caused by three monsters of the same level.

The white tiger had confronted three enemies at the same time to protect the woman, but it was only regarded as property.

"Little White, come here!" The woman in black ignored him, trying to recover the property of the Bailis.

The white tiger was nervous and irritable. It kept pacing back and forth, sometimes howling lowly. Shui Sheng was still sitting on its back. She became worried and jumped off.

The woman in black was irritated when she saw the white tiger was hesitant.

"Little White, do you want me to whip you?!" she said, stressing the words.

The white tiger snarled out of anger, but it soon stopped and lowered its head in fear.


The woman in black was about to crack the broken whip at the tiger, but the same thing happened as before. A flash of the sword and the whip was split again.

"Are you pitting yourself against the Bailis?"

The woman in black became extremely irritated. She gnashed her teeth and said, "All right. You think you saved the white tiger, so it's yours? No one can take the Bailis' mount away from us!"

As she spoke, she drew out the long sword on her back. She looked cruel and resentful. She was clearly going to kill the white tiger.

"I would rather my mount die than belong to someone else!"

As she spoke, she pierced the sword towards the white tiger.

The tiger was both scared and angry, but it didn't know it could fight back, since it was obedient to its master from the bottom of its heart.


The woman's long sword was deflected. Her whole right arm was numb.

This time, she was looking at Jiang Chen not only with anger, but also with fear.

She didn't understand how Jiang Chen had thrown his sword out in time.

"I don't want to argue with you. Even the white tiger doesn't want to stay with you. Just get as far away from me as you can!" Jiang Chen lost his patience. He had accidentally revealed his strength as a swordsman, and those around him were obliged to take a step back.

The woman in black was reluctant, standing there, still.

As he was leaving, Jiang Chen heard an annoying voice.

"That white tiger is so pretty. I want it."

People looked over and saw a handsome, elegant youngster in exquisite crimson spiritual armor, followed by two Mental Wander States.

"It's Mu Ping," someone recognized him and said in a low voice.

The name made the crowd realize who he was. At the same time, they were afraid of him.

"Great, great."

Mu Ping completely ignored Jiang Chen and the woman in black. He kept checking out the white tiger, seemingly very fond of it.

He suddenly raised his head, looked over to the woman in black, and asked her, "Miss Baili, would you sell me the white tiger?"

People looked at Jiang Chen differently, some with sympathy, some with helplessness, and some with smug faces.

They'd heard the quarrel between Jiang Chen and the woman in black. They had both claimed to be in the right, and both of their arguments made sense, so the only way to sort out the problem was to have a fight.

But then, Mu Ping had suddenly butted in and stated that he wanted to buy the white tiger, and he spoke only to the woman in black.

That meant that in his opinion, the white tiger still belonged to the Bailis.

"Young Master Mu, call me Baili Li."

Baili Li saw the smile on Mu Ping's face and understood he was trying to befriend her, which she enjoyed.

"It's just a young white tiger, not worth much. I'll gift it to Young Master Mu." Baili Li said.

She didn't notice how when she said this, the dim light in the white tiger's eyes vanished completely.

With these words, she gave the white tiger to Mu Ping.

If Jiang Chen still wanted it, he would have to challenge Mu Ping.

Mu Ping walked over to Jiang Chen. He smiled and said, "Step aside."

These two words sounded extremely arrogant considering the circumstances, but Jiang Chen was even more arrogant.

"Who are you? Just a wimpy kid in the Gathering Yuan State. Get out of my way!" Jiang Chen didn't give him any respect, but swore at him.

It caused an uproar in the crowd.

The woman in black couldn't believe what Jiang Chen had said. She just stared at him, as if she was trying to figure out how he had the nerve to say that.

Didn't he know who Mu Ping was?

"How dare you!"

The two Mental Wander States behind Mu Ling came forward and intended to teach Jiang Chen a lesson.

"You'll die if you attack me. Think about it," Jiang Chen glanced at them and said calmly.

The two Mental Wander States were almost frozen by the glance. They felt their feet numbing. They didn't dare take even one more step forward.

"I don't want to repeat myself. I saved the white tiger, and it also wants to stay with me…" Jiang Chen said.

"You're going too far!" Mu Ping came to himself and shouted to interrupt him.


Jiang Chen slapped him across the face. It was such a mighty slap that Mu Ping fell to the ground.

When he got to his feet, his cheek was red and swollen.

"Isn't this even farther?"


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