The Brilliant Fighting Master
167 Pierced by Bolts
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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167 Pierced by Bolts

In less than fifteen minutes, one of Mo Li's double swords was struck away. The situation was unfavorable for him.

"Come on! Help Young Master Mo Li!"

The Mos were so nervous that they decided to do something to help. The bolt throwers were still at the edge of the square. At that moment, they were all turned to aim at Jiang Chen.

The other people had puzzled expressions when they saw the scene.

They weren't focused on the Mos, but instead amazed by Jiang Chen's strength.


Dozens of the bolt throwers aimed at Jiang Chen and shot bolts. Since their aim was automatic, the bolts would avoid Mo Li, but they didn't take Jiang Chen's ability to fly into consideration.

He fluttered his wings and rose into the air. The bolts didn't hit him, but struck Mo Li.

Mo Li didn't even have the time to understand what had happened. He hurried to shield himself from some of the bolts, but others hit him.

Some bolts even flew towards the onlookers. Fortunately, they were far enough away that they could dodge the bolts in time. The spear-like bolts even hit some of the houses.

"Young master!"

The Mos were panicked when they saw there was no chance for Mo Li to survive. They were at a loss.

Four bolts had pierced through Mo Li's upper body. It was like he was nailed in place, unable to fall even after his death.

Jiang Chen flew down. He didn't land, but kept gliding close to the ground. He went up to the Mos as fast as lightning and killed the guy who had controlled the bolt throwers.

"How dare you ruin my battle?" Jiang Chen said coldly, looking at the group, who seemed confused.

It was a pity that he couldn't have killed Mo Li with his own hands, but his hatred for Mo Li had vanished when he saw the latter end up this way.

Just then, it occurred to him that Shui Sheng was still on the isolated peak. He flew away directly, regardless of others' strange looks.

Tan Yun, Li Xin, and the others became relieved. They had been afraid that Jiang Chen would question them, but they hadn't rejoiced for too long when they saw Jiang Chen return to the square again, this time carrying Shui Sheng in his arms.

When they saw her, it dawned on the onlookers the conflict that had started between Mo Li and Jiang Chen because of Shui Sheng.

No one cared about who was right and who was wrong.

On this day, they only knew that Jiang Chen had killed Mo Li, who was ranked seventh on the Prince List, and in this way, his rank on the Eternal Flame List had greatly improved once again.

The sword in his hand was sharp and fatal. His movements were fluid and wonderful. None of the thousands of onlookers could think of a way to block them.

"Shui Sheng, after you were caught, did these people bully you?"

Tan Yun, Li Xin, and the other two were super nervous when they heard Jiang Chen asking her this question. They felt uneasy when they thought of their behavior in the previous days.

"Apprentice Brother Jiang Chen, it's my fault. I shouldn't have looked down on you. If we knew you were so great, we wouldn't have criticized you that way just because we feared Mo Li," Li Xin said before Shui Sheng could respond.

"Were you frightened? As I recall, you fawned over Mo Li actively, didn't you?" Jiang Chen sneered.

Li Xin was struck dumb, extremely nervous.

If she was facing Mo Li in the same situation, she knew she would have no chance of survival, but judging from Jiang Chen's behavior, although he wasn't a kind guy either, at least he wouldn't kill innocents.

"Jiang Chen, don't kill them," Shui Sheng said.

The four relaxed, but to their surprise, Jiang Chen said, "You four, release your Qihai."

Release their Qihai?

That meant expunge their achievements!

Tan Yun and her two companions were rescued by Jiang Chen once, but they had spoken badly of him to Mo Li. So had Li Xin.

They needed to be punished.

"Or let me wipe out your meridians," Jiang Chen said in a calm tone when he saw they were hesitating.

If they released their Qihai, they would lose their genuine yuan, but they could still start from scratch. If their meridians were broken, they would be useless people.

The four had a lot of regrets, but they had to accept the reality. They released their Qihai. Their bodies leaked qi like punctured balloons.

In the end, there was nothing left in their meridians. Their states were even lower than the Condensing Qi State.

They didn't dare complain. They looked at Jiang Chen with fear, afraid there would be more punishments, but they still thought too highly of themselves. Jiang Chen didn't even want to take an extra look at them. He left with Shui Sheng.

After he left, the crowd in the square also dispersed gradually. As for Mo Li's dead body, the Mos took it away with great effort.

"Shui Sheng, I've got a silver seed here. It'll be your compensation."

Jiang Chen found a room and took Shui Sheng there, then gave the silver seed to her.

"No, no, no."

Shui Sheng was greatly surprised. Although attracted by the silver seed, she waved her hands in refusal. "Apprentice Brother Jiang Chen, it's too much. You don't own me anything."

"You were suffering in the cage because of me. During this whole time, you couldn't practice either. If you don't take it, what you've been through will eat away at my conscience. Is that what you want?" Jiang Chen said.

"No. Of course not, but this is a seed. If I take it, what about you?" Shui Sheng hurried to say.

"I have a golden seed too, so I won't need this one. Take it," Jiang Chen said.

Since he had put it that way, Shui Sheng had to accept the silver seed. This was beyond her expectations. She looked excited.

But Shui Sheng killed her greed. "Apprentice Brother Jiang Chen, I still feel I don't deserve it… What about giving me something else?"

"There's only a few days to go until the close of the Realm of Beasts. I will have to comprehend the doctrine of sword during these days. What if you protect me? How does that sound?" Jiang Chen said.

Shui Sheng was dumbstruck. Jiang Chen had killed Mo Li. Who would have the nerve to challenge him? He made this request only to make her relax.

She was afraid Jiang Chen would be unhappy if she refused him again, so she took the silver seed, but Jiang Chen was suddenly reminded of something by his own words.

When he became famous in the Vermilion Bird City, a killer of the Black White School went after him.

By then, he had killed Mo Li in the City of Wolf; if killers of the Black White School were also in the Realm of Beasts, they would come after him for sure.

So the question was, were there killers of the Black White School that intended to kill him in the Realm of Beasts?

This would depend on whether the Black Dragon City still wanted to kill him or not.

Ning Haotian had lost his vice leader's position due to him, and he had exposed that his holy pulses were recovering. He was almost sure the Black Dragon City would kill him at any cost.

"Shui Sheng, we're not going to stay in the city. Let's leave here."


Shui Sheng didn't have her own opinions. She flushed when she saw Jiang Chen was going to fly again, but she turned around obediently.

Soon, Jiang Chen hugged her into his arms, then she felt them rising.

When she looked down, although being tens of thousands of feet over the ground was pretty terrifying, especially when her life was actually in another's hands, she didn't feel scared. Instead, she felt safe.

Jiang Chen found a stone mountain where he was going to learn the immortal will.

He had achieved some enlightenment during the fight that had just ended. He was already not far away from the initial success of the doctrine of sword. At that time, if he could focus his mind and review, he believed he could succeed.

It was true. Jiang Chen's Immortal Doctrine of Sword had achieved the initial success that very night.

The doctrine of sword didn't teach people how to use a sword or any sword movements.

The doctrine of sword would drive the sword methods one had learned and turn bad into good. Average sword methods would be endowed with great power. Naturally, the already powerful ones would be made more formidable.

Jiang Chen was going to practice another sword method good enough for his level of the doctrine of sword after The Rainbow Sword Method.


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