The Brilliant Fighting Master
166 Your Time to Die
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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166 Your Time to Die

Mo Li touched his cheek. He couldn't believe it had truly happened until he saw blood stained on his fingers and felt a strong pain.

"Somebody's pretty face has a scar," Jiang Chen said.

Mo Li squinted. His killing intent was extremely strong. The Sword of Sun and Moon was shining in his hands.

"You'll regret irritating me." His voice was so cold that he sounded like a villain who would kill without batting an eyelid.

It was true. Killing intent could enhance his fighting ability.

"I'd like to see how powerful you'll be at high noon, whether you're able to kill," Jiang Chen said disdainfully.

"As you wish."

Then Mo Li's face looked hideous, which meant he was gaining strength. This expression of his was rarely seen since he was always deadpan when he was fighting, as if he was a machine.

By then, he was taking the fight seriously.

"Shine Forever like the Sun and the Moon!" Mo Li snarled. His energy soared. The son-and-mother double swords connected like a pair of giant scissors and flew over.

Where the blades clung to each other, the flame and holy yuan of the creation of metal merged into one luminescent spot, which was becoming bigger and bigger and more and more brilliant.

When it was close enough to Jiang Chen, it turned into a golden ball wrapped with flame that even overshadowed the sun overhead.


Mo Li's arm muscles bulged. He threw the two swords over, and the golden ball accelerated towards Jiang Chen. It was large and moved at a high speed.

"Young Master Mo Li has even been forced to exert this movement!"

The Mos were terrified by the scene. They couldn't help stepping back.

The golden ball of flame didn't seem to be a part of Mo Li's sword method, but in fact, it was on the verge of exploding. The radiance of the sword would turn into tiny swords that scattered. Enemies in a certain zone would be completely torn apart by them.

Some of the smarter people also moved when they saw the Mos stepping back. They had sensed the danger of the golden flame ball.

Suddenly, the square became less crowded.

"Break the Rule with a Single Sword Attack!"

Jiang Chen hadn't retreated. Instead, he actively attacked. The Redcloud Sword carried all of his strength.

The elevation of his sword was sharper than ever.

He attacked the very center of the golden flame ball. When the sword touched the ball, there was no explosion. Instead, he cut it open smoothly.

Like a pair of sharp scissors swept through a torn cloth, the process was extremely smooth. People could even hear a grating sound that human ears could hardly handle.


The broken golden flame ball gave out a cracking sound and petered out to nothing.

Shine Forever like the Sun and the Moon was a movement that required impact. It wouldn't take effect if the rival didn't touch the flames.

However, Jiang Chen had cracked it with a single attack. The Mos were dumbfounded.

"Your sword!"

Mo Li was also shocked. He was staring at the Redcloud Sword in Jiang Chen's hand. The elevation of the sword that wrapped around the blade was brilliant enough to hurt people's eyes.

He merged it with the creation of metal?

Mo Li became panicked.

He didn't care that Jiang Chen had enhanced his state and gained more holy points, but he could obviously sense Jiang Chen's great enhancement in the creation of metal. Just then, he recalled the latter had bought the fierce black metal only a few days ago. He had achieved so much in such a short time.

What a terribly talented man.

Ignorant of An Immortal Thought, he thought Jiang Chen had just comprehended the secret of the fierce black metal in a short time.

"But you're only defending against me. It's impossible for you to defeat me."

Mo Li was treating him like a well-matched rival at that point. His attack didn't reach Jiang Chen, but he was confident in warding off Jiang Chen's attack.

As for the scar on his face, it was only because he had been careless and looked down on Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen didn't comment. His sword moved as he moved, going up to Mo Li.


Mo Li waved his double swords in a defensive position. He was moving as he fought. This way, he blocked all of Jiang Chen's attacks.

The two kept fighting this way on the square. It was such a desperate fight that the onlookers were amazed.

"Jiang Chen is great. He forced Mo Li into a defensive position!"

"Mo Li would have been dead if he didn't have a higher state!"

"Genius. A true genius!"

Some people were amazed by Jiang Chen and his elegant figure, but there were still abundant supporters of Mo Li present.

"Jiang Chen's state is lower because he's been practicing at a slow speed."

"They're in a dead heat, but Jiang Chen's state is too low. He won't be able to hold out for too long."

"Exactly. Mo Li will be the one who has the last laugh."

Their comments did make sense. The fight on the square was desperate. Both of them had their advantages, but as the fight went on, Jiang Chen would have less advantages.

Since he was in a lower state, his holy points weren't as powerful as Mo Li's.

The fight had lasted for almost fifteen minutes. Mo Li gave a cold smile and said, "I told you, it would be impossible for you to defeat me."

"I know you're decisive in killing, but I didn't expect you to be a coward, too," Jiang Chen said.

Mo Li had two swords. His defense was perfect. In addition, Jiang Chen was inferior in state, so he wasn't able to break Mo Li's defense by force.

He would gain nothing if he exerted the last two movements of The Rainbow Sword Method when there was no winning chance, and it would consume lots of his energy. He would definitely lose that way.

Fighting was an art in which technique mattered a lot. Like a chess game, the players had to consider the situation, make the best use of their advantages, and bypass the disadvantages.

"I should thank you," Jiang Chen smiled mysteriously.


Mo Li looked toward him confusedly, but the answer he received was a sword attack.

Mo Li was good at observing. He soon found out why Jiang Chen had said this. Jiang Chen was taking advantage of him to practice sword methods!

After ten attacks, the tenth would be more powerful than the first.

"I almost forgot I'm a fighting genius," Jiang Chen said frankly when he found Mo Li understood. He had gradually learned the immortal will of the Immortal Doctrine of Sword as the fight went on.

Immortal and eternal life!

He would be able to achieve the great doctrine by continuing to learn these few words.

Jiang Chen hadn't had enough time to comprehend the immortal will; it was a surprise that he had made any achievements in this fight, and that reminded him of his fighting talent.

Another fifteen minutes had passed. The crowd found Mo Li's defense to be a little bit weaker. Jiang Chen was cracking it, little by little.

"Young Master Mo Li, hold on! His holy yuan will be exhausted soon!" some of the Mos were trying to cheer Mo Li up.

Indeed. Judging from the current situation, Jiang Chen would need fifteen more minutes to defeat Mo Li. The issue was how much holy yuan Jiang Chen still had.

Mo Li knew it too. He paid more attention to defense.


However, the problem everyone was worrying about didn't seem to be a concern for Jiang Chen. When he felt his holy yuan would be exhausted soon, he took a step back to take a handful of Revival Elixirs.

Since Mo Li had been defending, he couldn't change into attack position quickly enough.

Jiang Chen took hundreds of Revival Elixirs in a few seconds. He had refined them himself. They were holy-class Revival Elixirs that could be digested easily and took effect quickly.

"My doctrine of sword is already close to initial success. Thank you very much. And now, it's your time to die."

Jiang Chen looked at Mo Li, who seemed lost, and started attacking more fiercely. Each of his attacks could have been fatal.


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