The Brilliant Fighting Master
165 Yours Will Be the End
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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165 Yours Will Be the End

Thousands of people were gathered in the Center Square of the City of Wolf, but it was very quiet.

Most of them were standing along the edge of the square, circling the place. They were looking at the Mos and the machine-operated beasts and puppet bolt throwers.

In the past several hours, two shocking things had happened.

Mo Fei, Mo Li's cousin, had died tragically. The murderer was a mature man with a beard.

Mo Fei was of the direct line of descent of the Mos. People were expecting Mo Li's to respond.

Shui Sheng, who had been imprisoned there, had been rescued in the presence of many people. Neither the machine-operated beasts nor the bolt throwers that Mo Li had deployed prevented this.

At this moment, Mo Li was standing by the fountain. Although he still looked emotionless, people could sense the killing intent he gave out.

"Did you let Shui Sheng go intentionally?" Li Xin, standing beside Mo Li, questioned Tan Yun and her two companions loudly.

"Why would we?!" Tan Yun denied immediately.

"Young Master Mo Li's bolt throwers were precisely deployed. They attacked non-stop. As those in the front fell, those behind took up their positions. Even though Jiang Chen could fly, he should have failed. How was it possible for him to leave without any injury?!" Li Xin wouldn't waste any chance to give a blow to her rivals.

Tan Yun kept shaking her head. She told them what had happened and emphasized that Jiang Chen's speed had been many times faster.

The quarrel between the two women was the only sound in the square.

After a good while, Mo Li said, "I'll go to the Natural Law School to kill Jiang Chen in person."

His words were like a freezing wind that blew across the square; everyone on the spot got goosebumps.

No one questioned him, but they were curious as to how he would do it.

The only possibility was to go to the Natural Law School and ask for a duel.

"That won't be necessary."

While others were in heated discussion, Jiang Chen's voice suddenly sounded from the air.

It created an uproar in the crowd. Everyone looked up, but no one saw him, since he had landed.

"Jiang Chen!"

Tan Yun, Li Xin, and the others rubbed their eyes. They couldn't believe that Jiang Chen had come back, since he had rescued Shui Sheng already. Was he looking to die?

Even Mo Li was surprised.

"You've got the nerve to come back here?" Mo Li said coldly.

"Why wouldn't I? Didn't your brother's guys bring you my message?" Jiang Chen smiled slightly.


Mo Li and those of the Mos were confused.

"Oh!" Jiang Chen intoned. He smiled without another word.

"You were that guy? You killed Mo Fei?" It dawned on Mo Li. His killing intent soared to a terrifying extent, turning into a gale that blew over.

Tan Yun and Li Xin were close to him. They turned pale out of fear. They kept stepping back.

"It was him?"

The red-haired guy who had sold Jiang Chen the fierce black metal was also in the crowd. He had found Jiang Chen's voice familiar. At that moment, it finally dawned on him.

He was surprised that there were such good disguises in the world. At the same time, he was interested to see the following fight.

"I'll kill you today for sure."

Mo Li stopped speaking. He drew his Sword of Sun and Moon out directly, ready to display the highest level of fighting.

He had mastered the minor doctrine of metal. The stronger his killing intent was, the better he could fight. This was his belief in his quest for killing.

He threw his sword out. A frosty radiance travelled across the sky. It was a simple but formidable attack.

Jiang Chen didn't dodge it. He raised the Redcloud Sword to take it.


Jiang Chen was the successor to the doctrine of sword. Mo Li wasn't surprised he could take his attack. He drew out another sword with his left hand.

One sword was emitting a flame that burned the sky red. The other had a shapeless magnetic field that could tear the sky apart.

With two swords in hand, Mo Li was formidably powerful.

"They're going to fight. The show is on!"

The crowd became excited. They thought Jiang Chen had come back because he had backup or a gorgeous spiritual weapon, but to their surprise, the fight began in a different way.

In other words, Jiang Chen had come back to kill!

Where did he get the confidence? Where did he get the strength?

Everyone was confused. Mo Li was in the beginning of the middle stage, and he wasn't mediocre at all.

He was first-rate in many senses, including holy points, martial arts techniques, secret methods, and martial arts techniques of creation.

"Jiang Chen is asking for it! He's absolutely courting death!" Tan Yun said emotionally.

Tan Yun and her two companions were forced to stay in Mo Li's group. Theoretically speaking, they should have wanted Mo Li to lose. The reason was, they didn't want Jiang Chen to defeat Mo Li, because they had betrayed Jiang Chen.

"It'll be like last time. He'll run away after exchanging a few blows," Tan Yun said.

"No, he won't be able to run away."

The Mental Wander States on the spot were sure it would be impossible for Jiang Chen to escape.

Mo Li had learned from his past experiences. He was sticking close to Jiang Chen, attacking him fiercely. He wouldn't give Jiang Chen any chance to fly away.

In these people's eyes, the two had a huge gap in states. They didn't see what was really going on when the two were fighting.

Jiang Chen wasn't inferior, but even Mo Li hadn't realized it.

He was making an all-out effort, sometimes using the son-and-mother double swords in turn, while other times using them simultaneously. The blades were becoming more brilliant as he fought.

His sword method was so magnificent and neat, and he was so handsome. Many women on the spot were captivated by him.

"What a genius and ranked on the Prince List," someone said. Most people agreed.

Mo Li's performance was like the two swords in his hands, as brilliant as the stars.

"Almost ten minutes have passed," the red-haired guy suddenly said.


The people around him didn't understand what he meant.

"Jiang Chen has been confronting Mo Li's fierce attack for such a long time. Doesn't that mean anything?" the red-haired guy suddenly said.

Others tumbled to the realization. They had been neglecting this fact since Mo Li's performance was so brilliant.

With his reminder, others noticed that although Jiang Chen's performance didn't look as beautiful as Mo Li's, his elegant momentum of the sword made him look more like a swordsman.

Mo Li finally realized it too. In theory, Jiang Chen should have been unable to take his attack.

"Last time we were fighting, I told you that your only advantage was your higher state. I only had two holy points back then, but now, I have many times more. I can kill you without having to catch up with you in terms of state."

Jiang Chen smiled. His words shocked Mo Li, who knew Jiang Chen wouldn't flee this time, so he stopped attacking fiercely.

"Now it's my turn!

"The Rainbow Sword Method: Three Movements in One!"

Jiang Chen saw through it and thrust his sword ruthlessly.

With the complete creation of metal merged with the elevation of the sword, the radiance of the Redcloud Sword overshadowed the Sword of Sun and Moon.

Jiang Chen looked extremely powerful.

The seven holy points in his body all started to work. The astounding energy of the sword soared into the sky.

The Immortal Doctrine of Sword also empowered this attack.

The most formidable, this movement was the essence of The Rainbow Sword Method.

The basic sword formula said, "Three movements in one; one movement with nine changes; the holy dragon shows nine times; nine divided by nine is one." The first attack was the essence of sword movement.

As Jiang Chen moved, a crack appeared on the ground.

Mo Li sensed danger that he had never experienced. He took back both swords and waved them around him.

Clang! Clang! Puh!

Three rattles. Mo Li warded off the first two attacks, but the last one left a bloody scratch on his neck.


Only silence!

Although the bloody scratch wasn't deep enough, the fact that Jiang Chen had almost killed Mo Li made everyone feel like they were dreaming.

"I told you, your brother's death was only the beginning, and yours will be the end," Jiang Chen said coldly.

At this moment, people started to question which one of them was the genius who was known to be decisive in killing.

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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》