The Brilliant Fighting Master
163 An Immortal Though
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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163 An Immortal Though

"Aren't you afraid he'll rob it from you?" Jiang Chen said in a low, muffled voice.

The red-haired guy grinned and said, "The seventh on the Prince List can kill at will, but he can't rob at liberty."

He sounded extremely sarcastic.

The vendors around paled, pretending they hadn't heard him.


Jiang Chen burst into laughter. His laugh was resonated. He took a few more steps closer to the stall and said, "Could you show me the fierce black metal?"

"Do you have what I want?" The red-haired man sized him up and frowned.

"Why? Are you looking down on me?"

Jiang Chen knew he looked ugly at that moment. He pretended he was irritated.

The red-haired man hesitated and took a piece of iron out of his pocket. It looked like it had been torn off of iron ware, incomplete and only a little bigger than a palm.

The metal only had a dim luster, and it was a bit rusted.

"What's this? Only a fragment," Jiang Chen said discontentedly.

"I got it from a golden seed. If you really have what I want, it should be from a golden seed too, which means they're equivalent in value. Those big groups aren't fools," the red-haired man said.

It made sense. What Jiang Chen had was only a small pile of fire. It was hard to say whether he would make a good or bad deal by exchanging it for this fierce black metal.

"Here you are."

Jiang Chen threw the genuine fire onto the counter.

The red-haired man's doubt didn't clear until then. He was pleasantly surprised. He hadn't expected Jiang Chen to really have it.

He wasn't a businessman. After confirming the genuine fire was genuine, he took it directly and left the fierce black metal behind, but he gave Jiang Chen another glance and said embarrassedly, "Mo Li isn't very happy since I was unwilling to give the fierce black metal to him. He's been pressuring me behind the scenes. No one has the nerve to exchange with me, because that way they'll offend him. Take care."

"Ha. What does it matter even if I offend him? He's decisive when it comes to killing, but he also needs an excuse to kill. If he kills just because he wants what I have, he shouldn't have been ranked on the list." Jiang Chen didn't take it seriously at all. He didn't care.

The red-haired man wanted to say something, but in the end, he stopped himself. He wanted to tell Jiang Chen that Mo Li might not do it in an obvious way, but if he schemed against Jiang Chen, as a guy in the completed preliminary stage, he wouldn't be able to survive.

"If you say so, I'll see you when I see you."

He didn't warn him, since Jiang Chen looked totally unconcerned. He packed his stuff and left.

Jiang Chen also put the fierce black metal into his clothes and swaggered off.

At the same time, the vendors and the pedestrians on this street saw a group of suspicious people. Some of them followed Jiang Chen, and others moved in another direction rapidly.

"Alas, somebody is in trouble."

They all knew those people were from the Mos. They had followed Jiang Chen to keep track of his whereabouts so that they could inform Mo Li later.

Those who were following Jiang Chen saw him walk into an alley. They followed up secretly, but they found it was a dead end, and Jiang Chen had disappeared.

They were startled. They jumped onto the roofs around the wall at the end of the alley, but still couldn't see Jiang Chen.

It was as if Jiang Chen had flown away.

First, Jiang Chen confirmed whether he was being followed, then found another abandoned house and started to deploy a tactical formation for practice.

It was called An Immortal Thought.

It was a powerful tactical formation for learning martial arts techniques. It could save him a lot of time.

By then, Jiang Chen didn't have enough materials or strength to deploy a tactical formation to distort time, but this tactical formation could make the holy soul ignorant of the passing of time.

It might take an hour to think about a thing, but in An Immortal Thought, it would only take a second or shorter.

Its only drawback was that the holy soul could be torn. If any careless moves were made, one could make themselves braindead. Only those whose holy soul was strong enough could use it.

Jiang Chen's holy awareness hadn't been any worse than a Mental Wander State's when he was in the Gathering Yuan State, which was proof that his holy soul was far better than the average person's, but there was always a risk. Besides, wit was very important for attaining martial arts techniques. More haste, less speed.

To learn via An Immortal Thought meant the practitioner was in a hurry.

It took much effort to deploy this tactical formation, and it could only be used once in a while. The effect varied for each individual.

Geniuses could realize a miracle through An Immortal Thought, but mediocre people would only waste their time and bring damage to their holy soul.

Jiang Chen didn't bother to consider whether he was a genius or average. He just wanted to do whatever he could to rescue Shui Sheng, no matter what the result was.

After deploying the tactical formation, he put the fierce black metal in front of him and released his holy soul.

His holy soul was like fresh water, rinsing the fragment continually. When the rust was cleaned off, its inner power was revealed.

The black metal was a special kind of steel. It had a lighter but more tenacious texture than darksteel. The most special thing about it was that wherever it appeared, there would be carnage.

The carnage was usually large scale, like on a battlefield, so the black metal was also called fierce black metal.

No one knew which had appeared first, the carnage or the black metal.

It was impossible to investigate it, and nobody cared.

In this era, black metal was a rare resource. Spiritual weapons made from it had a fearsome reputation.

The Bloodyrain Sword, ranked seventh in the Sword Pond of the Sacred Zone, was one example. It was called this because it would rain blood for a whole day and a whole night after the sword killed.

Activated by Jiang Chen's holy soul, the fierce black metal flew into the air automatically. The shapeless energy cracked the ground and the walls.

Some energy went toward Jiang Chen, but he didn't try to dodge it. His purpose was to take in the energy.

It would greatly help him enhance his creation of metal, but the power of the fierce black metal was also its drawback. The potential killing power could harm one's mentality.

That being said, the creation of metal dealt heavily with killing, so this was a double-edged sword. Practitioners could only depend on themselves to control the situation.

An hour passed. Since Jiang Chen had put up the tactical formation, it had actually been almost half a day.

The luster of the fierce black metal gradually extinguished and soon fell onto the ground.

Jiang Chen opened his eyes and put it aside. This fragment was already useless to him, but for others who hadn't comprehended the creation of metal, it was still valuable.

I still haven't achieved the minor doctrine of metal. Jiang Chen felt it a pity.

The martial arts techniques of creation were classified in a different way compared to physical martial arts techniques.

Like with swords, for martial arts techniques, such a sequence developed: the sword point, the early form of the spirit of sword, the mature spirit of sword, the successor to the doctrine of sword, then the inventor of the doctrine of sword.

The martial arts techniques of creation also had the previous three phases, from the sword point to the mature spirit of sword, but they were called different names, beginning, great achievement, and completeness.

After the three basic phases, there were half minor doctrine, minor doctrine, half great doctrine, and great doctrine. Martial arts techniques of creation didn't require any inheritance, since they was inherited from the universe.

Thanks to the holy bone, Li Qin had completed the three basic phases and achieved the half minor doctrine.

Jiang Chen had used to practice with swords. Thanks to the energy of sword, he had achieved some attainments in the creation of metal.

Now that he had the fierce black metal, he had achieved completeness.

Shui Sheng, I'll come to rescue you when I finish forming the holy points!


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