The Brilliant Fighting Master
159 Killing a Sibling Disciple
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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159 Killing a Sibling Disciple

Two lights were fighting each other like dragons. They created such a disturbance that even the nearby trees were affected, and the rocks there were cut open.

"The Rainbow Sword Method: Three Movements in One!"

"The Sky Hibernating Sword Method: The Sky is Where You Look Back!"

The lights hit each other with all of their strength, but they didn't linger. After a brief encounter, the two lights, both different colors, changed their positions and stopped.

Jiang Chen and Tang Ke turned around at the same time, looking at each other.

Jiang Chen was close to his limit, panting and looking pale.

He took the chance to take a handful of Revival Elixirs.

Tang Ke didn't stop him, since he had Revival Elixirs too, and he wouldn't suffer losses just because of that. Maybe he didn't have as many, but he was confident he could kill Jiang Chen before the gap in their number of panaceas could cause any trouble.

However, Tang Ke recalled the exchange of blows just before and felt frightened.

Some of his attacks almost hit me. If he weren't so weak, I wouldn't be a match for him.

At the same time, his killing intent became stronger.

He progressed too fast! Way too fast!

Tang Ke thought Jiang Chen's strength was still the same as when he had fought with Li Qin. He hadn't expected him to have made so much progress in such a short time.

Oh yeah, he has holy pulses. Of course it's fast for him to improve. I have to kill him!

Tang Ke looked at the sweat on Jiang Chen's body and sneered, "You have Revival Elixirs. So do I. We've consumed the same amount of energy, but you've almost used yours up. I'm interested to see how you'll end up."

"You're the most lazy person among those I've killed," Jiang Chen said.


Tang Ke threw his sword out again. His sword moved on a large scale, overwhelming and aggressive. The blue radiance of the sword had the form of a crescent moon. It moved toward Jiang Chen.

"The Rainbow Sword Method: Red Dragon Out of the Cage!"

Jiang Chen knew it would be unfavorable for him if the fight dragged on, so he exerted one of the last movements of The Rainbow Sword Method.

However, he felt powerless and cramped when the momentum of the sword was only half exerted.

"I've already hit my limit? No! Attack!"

Jiang Chen shouted out loud to push the limits of his body. He was manipulating something like the energy of the original yuan.

No one was able to make use of the energy of original yuan. To use it, one had to be able to attack at will, and their spirit and flesh had to be unified, like Li Xue'er.

It was a state of practice. If one achieved it, a yellow-level method could be endowed with the force of a black-level method and one would be able to comprehend martial arts techniques better.

Jiang Chen hadn't achieved it yet. He was pushing his limits simply with his unflinching courage.

Immediately, his attack wasn't as weak as before. His body seemed to have infinite strength. He exerted his secret method to endow the Redcloud Sword with the elevation of the sword.

Hm? This attack of his is like the last radiance of the setting sun. If I dodge it, he'll have no more power.

Tang Ke made up his mind. He took back his sword and started to retreat.


Jiang Chen burst into laughter when he saw Tang Ke pulling his sword back.

Tang Ke sensed danger and frowned.

"If you make an all-out attack, in my current state, I won't be able to kill you with this attack of mine. We'll both be hurt, but you're so foolish. Why do you even want to dodge it? Do you think you'll be able to?"

In a fight, it sometimes took time for movements to gain strength. For people who could move at a high speed, theoretically they would be able to dodge such movements.

But in fact, this wasn't always true. When one sensed danger, it wouldn't work to simply stay far away from a rival's movement.

He would have to gain insight into the secret of the movement. If one could see more than half of it, they would have the chance to dodge it. If they saw more than eighty percent, their chances would be greater.

Certainly, some people's speed was so fast that this law of martial arts techniques didn't apply any more, but such people were few and far between.

This is bad!

By then, the momentum of Jiang Chen's sword had been fully exerted. The formidable power of the sword terrified Tang Ke.

He had intended to shatter Jiang Chen's confidence with talk.

To his surprise, in the end he was defeated by Jiang Chen's words.

When the sword struck down, Tang Ke had nowhere to escape, like an ant facing a human being's foot, unable to even fight back.

With a bang, he was heavily injured. He fell onto the ground, unable to move at all.

He ignored the blood in his mouth and hurried to take a precious panacea.

With the panacea's protection, he wouldn't die, but it was a completely unnecessary thing to do after a fight since Jiang Chen could pierce him with his sword once again…

Yet Tang Ke cherished his life so much that he didn't have the time to think about these things. When the panacea went into his system, he finally relaxed.

"Looks like even the power of the sword is affected when I don't have enough holy yuan. You're still alive."

As he spoke, Jiang Chen approached him.

"You! You pushed your limits to exert that attack. You shouldn't have been able to even move right now. Why?"

Tang Ke was greatly surprised. He looked at Jiang Chen as if he were a ghost, then laid his eyes on Jiang Chen's sword.

"Jiang Chen, are you gonna kill me? I'm your apprentice brother. You won't be able to walk away from killing a sibling disciple!" Tang Ke shouted.

"Key Disciple Tang Ke was jealous of his sibling disciple and tried to kill him. He even intended to violate Apprentice Sister Li," Jiang Chen mocked.

He wasn't really accusing Tang Ke, but said this in a teasing tone.

Tang Ke realized what he meant. It was exactly what he himself had done.

Your words would only matter when you were alive to share them. There were no other people around. Right or wrong would be decided by the one who left alive.

Tang Ke saw the sneer on Jiang Chen's face. He was reluctant and frightened. He didn't think about asking for Jiang Chen's mercy until the latter came up to him, but when he made eye contact with Jiang Chen, he realized that even if he asked, the latter wouldn't let him go.

"Jiang Chen, what are you doing?"

Li Xue'er's voice suddenly appeared.

Both Tang Ke and Jiang Chen were surprised. Li Xue'er had just woken up. She tried to prop herself up.

"Apprentice sister!"

Tang Ke saw his chance. He shouted loudly, "Jiang Chen is evil. I came here by accident and saw him climbing off your body. Both your clothes and hair were a mess, so I tried to get rid of this b*stard on behalf of the school, but he got his strength back and launched a surprise attack on me. Now he wants to kill me!"

The most wonderful thing about Tang Ke was that he believed the lies he told.

Li Xue'er was dumbfounded, then felt the corset next to her skin was sliding down because the strings at the back of the corset weren't laced.

That meant it had been taken off!

As calm as Li Xue'er normally was, she was still shocked.

She stood up slowly. When she was about to ask something, she was surprised that her strength hadn't degraded and she wasn't feeling weak at all.

She noticed the primordial yuan nearby and thought of a possibility.

She looked to Jiang Chen emotionally.

"I was heavily injured. Jiang Chen helped me escape. It was natural that I was a mess," Li Xue'er said.

"But… but apprentice sister, you were in a coma. I couldn't tell whether he was lying or not, so I asked him to lock himself up and stay locked until you woke up. Look, the iron chain is still there, but he broke the lock!

"Besides, apprentice sister, you're so beautiful. No one can promise they won't do anything bad to you while you're in a coma," Tang Ke said emotionally.

"Cut it out. It's an unwarranted accusation. When we go back, I'll ask the leader to look through the Abacus of Good Fortune."

Li Xue'er didn't want to talk about it. When she saw Jiang Chen's sword was only a couple of feet from Tang Ke, she said, "Jiang Chen, don't kill a sibling disciple."

Tang Ke was pleasantly surprised. He looked at Jiang Chen with aggression.

What else could Jiang Chen do, since Li Xue'er had opened her mouth?

"Fine," Jiang Chen answered, but he struck the Redcloud Sword down and cut Tang Ke's throat open.

"You… you…"

The aggression was still on his face, while his throat was bleeding. He died with his eyes open, staring at Jiang Chen.

"Jiang Chen, you—!" Li Xue'er was also surprised. A gleam showed in her eyes.


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