The Brilliant Fighting Master
158 A Sanctimonious Guy
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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158 A Sanctimonious Guy

Tang Ke was wearing the glorious key disciple robes of the Natural Law School, quite conspicuous in the forest, but he had managed to keep it stainless. Even his shoes were clean.

He strode over in a rage.

He had come here because he sensed the source of primordial yuan. When he arrived, he saw Jiang Chen sweating and Li Xue'er not properly dressed, her hair a mess.

Most people would think the same thing.

As the first on the Beauty List, Li Xue'er was the center of attention. Compared to her beauty, Jiang Chen was as ugly as a toad.

The hope in Tang Ke's heart had been tarnished by him.

How could he not be angry?!

At the same time, an evil idea occurred to him as he saw Li Xue'er lying there defenseless, an impulse.

"Jiang Chen! This time you're doomed even if the school leader comes forward for you!" Tang Ke shouted loudly.

"Why are you in a rush? You'll know what happened when apprentice sister wakes up." Jiang Chen didn't know this guy very well, so he was indifferent to him.

"Hum, you're just stalling for time since you're weak. When you recover, you'll just fly away. Nobody can do anything to you!" Tang Ke didn't listen to him. He was being quite aggressive.

Jiang Chen hadn't sized this fellow apprentice up carefully until then.

"What are you up to?" Jiang Chen asked.

"This is the Lock to Fix Immortals. Wear it on your feet. We can talk details when Apprentice Sister Li wakes up." As he spoke, Tang Ke took out an iron chain and threw it to Jiang Chen.

The average-looking iron chain was spiritual. It could attach itself to the stone underground automatically.

"What if you try to harm me?" Jiang Chen said.

"Ridiculous. We have no problems between us. Why would I harm you? As a disciple of the Natural Law School, of course I should seek justice when I see such a suspicious scene." Tang Ke sounded upright and honest.

If Jiang Chen took his viewpoint, it did make sense, but it seemed to Jiang Chen that he was too emotional, which was a little unusual.

He took another look at the iron chain on the ground and hesitated for two or three seconds, then walked over and put his feet into it.


The iron chain locked immediately. Jiang Chen would be trapped there until Tang Ke let him go. Otherwise, he would have to cut his own legs off to get out of it.

"You've made the right decision!"

Tang Ke smiled with satisfaction. This iron chain was a spiritual weapon used to restrict others. It couldn't be broken by force.

Since he had the only key, he had Jiang Chen's life in his hands.

He walked back towards the rock next to the crack eagerly. Li Xue'er was still unconscious.

He had seen her only a few times, and she had always been very cold to him. He could never tell whether she was happy or sad.

But at that moment, she was lying there, still as beautiful as ever. Her thin arms were so fair, and her features were flawless. He could see her long and thin eyelashes due to her closed eyes.

"Looks it's caused by her injury. She won't wake up very soon," Tang Ke thought to himself. As he approached Li Xue'er, his heart pounded faster and faster.

When he smelled a light aroma around her body, he couldn't hold it in anymore.

He squatted down and was about to hold her black hair up to smell it when he realized Jiang Chen was still present. He froze for a second.

Then he grinned, showing his killing intent.

"Are you going to have an intimate moment with her, make Jiang Chen the scapegoat, then kill him to do away with the witness?"

Tang Ke heard a voice and nodded without realizing it, then suddenly came to himself and stepped backwards. He was surprised to see Jiang Chen standing beside Li Xue'er.

Then he looked towards the iron chain, which had been unlocked.


With a guilty conscience, he was severely shocked.

"You tried to lock me up with such a lousy lock?" Jiang Chen sneered.

"You!" Tang Ke's turned dark, then pale.

"Apprentice Brother Tang, is this your way of seeking justice?" Jiang Chen said again.

By then, Tang Ke's mind finally started to work again. He shouted, "I'm just checking out Apprentice Sister Li's physical condition! You got rid of my lock. You must feel guilty."

"A thief trying to catch a thief. Let's wait and see whether Apprentice Sister Li believes you or me," Jiang Chen smiled coldly.

Tang Ke wasn't sure about this. He had no idea why Jiang Chen and Li Xue'er had been together or what their relationship was, but he knew that as long as he killed Jiang Chen, he could make up the story as he wished.

Besides, he had intended to kill Jiang Chen for a long time, since the latter threatened his ninth-place ranking on the Talent List, which was a big concern for him.

"Looks like you still want to kill me!"

Jiang Chen sensed Tang Ke's killing intent and moved in front of Li Xue'er.

"Jiang Chen, the whole world knows how arrogant you are. You caused a great disturbance at the school and many people died because of you. You killed Li Qin in the presence of outsiders and brought dishonor on the Natural Law School.

"Now Apprentice Sister Li is in coma. You've stayed with and tried to take advantage of her. Apprentice Sister Li will be defamed if it's spread out.

"Today I'll finally be rid of you, scum of the school!"

Tang Ke was very emotional, as if he believed he was telling the truth. As he spoke, he drew out a class-three spiritual sword.

"There are no other people here. Who are you telling these things to?" Jiang Chen sneered at him and drew the Redcloud Sword slowly.

"Listen, what nonsense is a scum like you saying? You can mess around when no one is here, can't you? What on earth have you done to Apprentice Sister Li? Why are her clothes so messy? You haven't even bothered to explain these things to me. Instead, you're talking back to your apprentice brother. Why does the Natural Law School even have such a rubbish disciple like you?"

Tang Ke shook his head, as if Jiang Chen had disappointed him and he was too good to be in the same school as the latter.

"I've never seen a person as shameless as you, but it'll be amusing if you recall your words when you're dying," Jiang Chen smiled coldly.

"Hum, do you think just because you defeated Li Qin, you're a match for me? Or let's put it this way, are you sure you can defeat me? It's impossible. Everyone has an arch enemy.

"Besides, you're almost exhausted. On the other hand, I just had a great meal. My body has absorbed the nutrition from the monster meat. I have endless energy right now. What do you have to fight me with?

"When I kill you, scum, I'll let the whole world know the evil things you did to Apprentice Sister Li!"

Tang Ke was very talkative and emotional.

Jiang Chen didn't answer. He had been exhausted by his full-speed flight, and he hadn't had the time to recover while he was at the source of the primordial yuan, since he had been wholeheartedly treating his apprentice sister.

He was very tired at that moment.

Tang Ke's state was higher than his, otherwise he wouldn't have been so unconfident.

"Go to heck!"

Tang Ke was sneering silently when he saw Jiang Chen's confidence had shattered. He had spoken so much not because he enjoyed the talking, but to frustrate his enemy.

That way, if they continued to the fight, he would be at an advantage, but he didn't know that some people could push their limits when there was no other way out.

Jiang Chen knew there was only a slim chance for him to win, but if he admitted defeat, his apprentice sister would be insulted by this preachy guy for sure.

He couldn't put up with this thought. Flames could be seen in his eyes.

"Well, let's fight!"

No matter what happened, Jiang Chen was ready to confront him, holding the Redcloud Sword.


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