The Brilliant Fighting Master
157 The Last Resor
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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157 The Last Resor

"It's not important whether she believes him or not." Before Yi Ning could answer, Li Xue'er, who had been sitting there, suddenly interjected.

Her clothes were snowy white. She walked over to Jiang Chen and stared at Yi Ning and Meng Qian with overwhelming majesty, as pure and cold as snow.

Jiang Chen had spent so much time talking just to give her more time to recover, and it had worked. Li Xue'er's injury was no longer a problem.

Meng Qian was shocked. She hurried to step back and shouted at Yi Ning, "What're you waiting for? Attack!"

"So ugly." Li Xue'er shook her head slightly. She waved her right hand and freezing air moved forward, like an open mouth trying to devour everything.

"This is bad…"

Meng Qian tried to turn around and run away, but she stopped moving as soon as she turned. Before she could finish her words, the transparent, thick ice had frozen her.


The flying swords hit the icy surface and the ice broke and splattered. Covered with blood, the ice looked like blooming roses on the ground.

"Meng Qian, a young lady of the Intelligence Pavilion, bit the hand that fed her, and intended to steal my apprentice brother's treasure. I killed her. Does anyone have any objections?"

Li Xue'er looked to the dumbfounded crowd. There was a freezing gleam in her black eyes.

"She deserved it… She truly deserved it…"

Xuan, who had blamed Li Xue'er, was frightened to his core. In his mind, the top of the Beauty List was a cold woman, but not tough at all.

But at that moment, she had killed Meng Qian in such a decisive manner. He thought of what he had done and started to tremble with Sister Tender beside him.

Especially when Li Xue'er glanced over at them, they felt so frozen that even their breaths turned into white fog.

"Meng Qian intended to grab others' treasure and invented such a poor excuse. She deserved to die!"

"Yeah. The disciples of the Natural Law School saved us, but she was ungrateful."

"Don't worry about it, Miss Li. We'll tell others the truth. What the Natural Law School did was totally right."

The others started to air their opinions one by one. As the top of the Beauty List, Li Xue'er had great prestige. Besides, it had indeed been Meng Qian's fault.

"Hm," Li Xue'er nodded and took back her flying swords. Then she looked towards Yi Ning and said, "Are you still gonna fight?"

Yi Ning had seen the gap between them from Li Xue'er's attack. She shook her head stiffly.

"Let's go, apprentice brother."

Li Xue'er wasn't surprised at all. She turned around and left the stone forest.

"The process of detoxification will be very complicated. If you survive this place, please meet me at the Natural Law School."

Jiang Chen smiled at Yi Ning. It was unbelievable that his tone was so gentle.

"You're still willing to detoxify me?" Yi Ning was surprised.

Meng Qian was dead. Jiang Chen wouldn't have to help her anymore.

"I'll charge you for it."

Jiang Chen ran towards where Li Xue'er was heading for and waved at Yi Ning from his back.

He saw Li Xue'er standing not far away when he was out of the stone forest.

He suddenly felt lost when he saw the figure in white. He ran to her and said, "Apprentice sister, where are we going next?"

Li Xue'er glanced at him and said, "We're getting out of this place."

Jiang Chen was surprised at the weakness in her tone. Then he watched her close her eyes and fall.

"Apprentice sister!"

Jiang Chen hurried to support her. He grasped her thin wrists with a worried expression.

She hasn't recovered. She burned her original yuan to get energy!

Practitioners' energy came from genuine qi, genuine yuan, or holy yuan combined with the force contained in their muscles.

Original yuan was this force that fueled the whole body.

It could be compared to forming holy points.

The process would exhaust one's body, but if there were no holy points as the foundation of the energy, not only would one's state would decline, but their lifespan would be affected.

She helped me kill Meng Qian to get rid of the threat so that the Intelligence Pavilion wouldn't take revenge on me.

Jiang Chen felt very emotional. He flew away, carrying Li Xue'er in his arms.

It occurred to him that the source of primordial yuan that had helped him form the holy points was exactly what Li Xue'er needed, so he flew there as fast as he could, immediately. All of his holy points worked together.

It would have taken him about two hours to get there, but in the end, it only took him half an hour, and he was carrying a person.

Since Jiang Chen had taken in most of the primordial yuan emitted from the crack, the source had become very thin, but after some time to recover, it was once again thick and abundant.

Jiang Chen landed beside the crack. He took out a plush cushion so that Li Xue'er could lie on it.


Li Xue'er frowned. She seemed to be in pain. Her skin was crimson with heat as if she was in a sauna.

"Apprentice sister, exert your method to take in the energy. Otherwise you'll collapse and your state will degrade," Jiang Chen hurried to say.

Practice methods were required to take in the spirit of universe. If one took it in blindly, the consequences could be severe, especially if it was a source of primordial yuan. The primordial yuan would seep into Li Xue'er's skin, flesh, and blood and flow through her meridians to the viscera.

Especially for those in the Mental Wander State, it would be like a high fever that could harm one's brain.

Jiang Chen had to move his apprentice sister away from the source of primordial yuan, but as soon as they left, Li Xue'er's body temperature went down rapidly. Although it hadn't been too high, it also hadn't been within the normal range.

Jiang Chen took a close look and found her condition to be precarious.

She won't die, but when she wakes up, her state will have deteriorated to the middle stage, like a severe disease. It will take huge amounts of resources for her to recover, much time and effort, and the election of the Sacred Institute is so close.

Thinking of these things, Jiang Chen looked to the source of primordial yuan.

This was the best solution he could think of, but Li Xue'er had to regain consciousness to exert her method.

Whatever! Jiang Chen took her back to the primordial yuan.

He was going to help her take in the source of the primordial yuan, which wasn't the same thing as purifying it. At the time of purifying, she would need to exert the method herself, but at that point, Jiang Chen was going to help her exert the method.

It wasn't difficult. He knew how to do it.

The thing was, he would have to touch Li Xue'er's body a lot, manipulating her as if she were a machine, and it allowed for no mistakes, so he had to take her clothes off. Otherwise, if the fabric slipped, it could cause huge problems.

That was Jiang Chen's concern.


At this moment, Li Xue'er groaned. She was sweating, her system already full of the primordial yuan.

"Apprentice sister, this is for your sake."

Jiang Chen took off her clothes quickly.

Li Xue'er's clothes were snowy white, but not as white as her skin. Only her hair was black, white all over the rest of her body. She was extremely beautiful.

Jiang Chen stroked Li Xue'er's body. If seen by others, he would be misunderstood for sure.

If the spirit is pure enough, one won't be shocked even if the sky collapses.

Jiang Chen read the Icy Heart Formula silently to get rid of distracting thoughts. His hands touched different parts of Li Xue'er's body.

Soon, she didn't feel so hot any more. She was taking in the source of primordial yuan like crazy, recovering her energy loss.

Half an hour later, Jiang Chen was sweating all over. He put on his apprentice sister's clothes and with her, left the crack.


Jiang Chen checked her again and found her status was stable.

It would be perfect if she never found out what had happened when she woke up. Yet although Jiang Chen had put her clothes back on, it was obvious they had been taken off.

Not only would Li Xue'er know there was something wrong, but those who arrived at this moment would misunderstand as well.

"Jiang Chen, how dare you do such an evil thing?! You laid your evil claws on Apprentice Sister Li!"

Tang Ke, key disciple of the Natural Law School, ranked ninth on the Talent List, suddenly appeared.


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