The Brilliant Fighting Master
156 Evil Wind Drum
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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156 Evil Wind Drum

Meng Qian smiled when she heard no one answer. She said, "You've taken something that belongs to the Intelligence Pavilion. Are you sure you're not going to give it back to me?"

"Something that belongs to the Intelligence Pavilion? I would like to ask you a question. Why does it belong to the Intelligence Pavilion? Did those people come here with you?" Jiang Chen said.

He wouldn't have argued with this woman, but at that moment, he needed to stall for more time.

Without his help, Li Xue'er couldn't take in the energy of universe, but since she had taken lots of Revival Elixirs, she was recovering.

"I formed this team. It was thanks to my information that we hunted the ghost-level monster with several seeds inside it," Meng Qian said.

"Which means you didn't tell them about the spiritual herb and took them there not only for the seeds, but also for the herb?"

Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows and caught the loophole in her words.

The others' expressions kept changing. They didn't expect to have been schemed against since the beginning.

Meng Qian was about to argue, but before she could, Jiang Chen said, "Because of you, everyone here almost died. If I hadn't helped, they would have been food for the magical vines. Don't you feel shameless claiming the spiritual herb is yours?"

"I told you if you saved me, I would pay you back with the seed, but you can't take the spiritual herb of the Intelligence Pavilion away from me!" Meng Qian was irritated. Killing intent was clear on her good-looking face.

"The thing is, the Realm of Beasts belongs to many groups. No one has ever claimed which treasure belongs to whom, and your only excuse is that the Intelligence Pavilion knew the existence of the spiritual herb?" Jiang Chen said.

"Of course. The spiritual herb wasn't ripe enough for us to collect it. Why wouldn't it be ours?" Meng Qian was so sure of herself. She was acting extremely tough.

Jiang Chen smiled and said, "First of all, this sounds absurd. Second, since the Intelligence Pavilion knew the existence of the spiritual herb and thinks it's theirs, why did they sell the information of the herb for a high price?"

The Intelligence Pavilion was a special agency in the Fire Field with a ubiquitous information network.

They turned information into commodities and priced them at their own standards.

Thanks to the authenticity and uniqueness of the information, they were expanding rapidly.

No one wanted to offend the Intelligence Pavilion, since no one knew whether they had their personal information and if they did, whether they would sell it to their enemies.

Jiang Chen knew this spiritual herb existed in the Realm of Beasts because he had bought the information from the Intelligence Pavilion.

At this moment, Jiang Chen took out a scroll. The seal had been ripped, but it was still there. On the seal was written "Omniscient."

It was the wax seal that belonged uniquely to the Intelligence Pavilion.

When Meng Qian saw it, she paled and then her expression darkened.

Jiang Chen smiled and said, "This is the information about the spiritual herbs your Intelligence Pavilion sold me. I paid more than ten million yuan stones for it. Most importantly, you sold it to other people as well, not just to me.

"The Intelligence Pavilion sold the information about the spiritual herbs to make money, and at the same time, claimed the herbs were theirs.

"I would like to know whether you know how to write 'shameless' or not."


Jiang Chen emphasized this word. It struck Meng Qian as if she were hammered in the chest. Her breathing became faster, and she gnashed her teeth.

Her excuse didn't make any sense and Jiang Chen had exposed her. The others had totally changed their opinions towards her.

"What's more, you've been trying to create problems among us by asking me for the spiritual herb. Your only purpose was to seek the chance to kill me and take the golden seed back," Jiang Chen said again.

Since the cat was out of the bag, Meng Qian ripped off her disguise.

"How dare you! You watched me bathing and took the Intelligence Pavilion's spiritual herb, and apparently that's not enough. You just never stop talking nonsense!"

"Yi Ning!"

Meng Qian waved her sleeve and took a few steps back. She ordered Yi Ning to attack.

She could only rely on Yi Ning, since she was only in the preliminary stage of the Mental Wander State and wasn't a match for Jiang Chen.

Yi Ning was powerful. Jiang Chen had to be careful.

He didn't try to run away, but looked at Yi Ning.

This short-haired woman wasn't as decisive as before. Instead, it seemed she was hesitating. She looked strange.

"Yi Ning!"

Meng Qian couldn't handle Jiang Chen's retorts, but Yi Ning's current reaction was even more difficult for her to take.

Yi Ning gnashed her teeth and raised her head. There was killing intent in her eyes, but a second later, it seemed something occurred to her and the killing intent disappeared quickly. She kept standing there, motionless.

Jiang Chen laughed when he saw Meng Qian become irritated. He said, "You left her in the magical vines to die and still expect her to follow your orders unconditionally?"

"Yi Ning, he planned to turn you against me. Otherwise, he wouldn't have saved you!" Meng Qian ignored him and started to argue for herself.

Yi Ning seemed persuaded. Her argument made sense.

Jiang Chen could have saved her to use her against Meng Qian.

She glanced at Jiang Chen, then walked to Meng Qian. She said, "Meng Qian, he saved me regardless, but I'll keep my promise to protect you until you leave the Realm of Beasts."


To everyone's surprise, Meng Qian slapped across her face without saying a word. Everyone was surprised at the loud sound and the great force of the slap.

Soon, Meng Qian took out a green snare drum and knocked it softly.

As soon as she heard the drum, Yi Ning had a painful expression on her face. She said in shock, "The Evil Wind Drum! Meng Qian, you told me you destroyed it!"

Yi Ning was suffering from a peculiar poison, so she had turned to the Intelligence Pavilion for help.

The Intelligence Pavilion promised her that so long as she was willing to protect Meng Qian for three years, they would detoxify her poison during that period.

To make it safe, they made a drum based on the property of the poison she was suffering from, which could cause her immense pain, so that she had no chance to harm Meng Qian.

When the two women met, Meng Qian had destroyed the Evil Wind Drum in front of Yi Ning and claimed that she would like them to become sworn sisters and treat each other sincerely.

Yi Ning felt very grateful. She had been very obedient to Meng Qian ever since. When she saw Meng Qian crying for having been peeped on, she flew into a rage and had intended to claw Jiang Chen's eyes out.

But at that moment, the Evil Wind Drum showed up again. At the same time, she recalled how she had been abandoned ruthlessly by Meng Qian when they were attacked by the magical vines, finally seeing the latter's true colors.

"Hum, I kept it in case a situation like today's happened! I always knew you were a rebel and a faithless person!"

Meng Qian's voice sounded ice cold. No one had seen this side of her. She said, "If you still want to detoxify the poison in your system, take him down and grab the spiritual herb from him. You should know that your antidote requires the blood dragon wood, too."

Yi Ning was dumbstruck. She didn't know whether Meng Qian's words were true or not.

When Jiang Chen came to know the history between them, he dashed over to grab Meng Qian's Evil Wind Drum decisively.

However, although Meng Qian wasn't a match for Jiang Chen, as a Mental Wander State, she still reacted quickly.

She dodged immediately and called Yi Ning loudly.

Jiang Chen sensed danger and hurried to retreat.

Yi Ning came forward like a ghost, as if she had made up her mind. She was staring at Jiang Chen.

"Which poison is in your system?" Jiang Chen asked her.

"What?" Yi Ning was confused.

"I can detoxify any poison. You don't have to attach yourself to the Intelligence Pavilion. Run outside of the range of the drumbeat now. After this period in the Realm of Beasts is over, meet me at the Natural Law School," Jiang Chen said.

Yi Ning was surprised. Meng Qian burst into laughter and said, "Yi Ning, you're a real fool if you believe him!"


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