The Brilliant Fighting Master
154 Dragon Blood Wood
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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154 Dragon Blood Wood

"Jiang Chen," Li Xue'er called him. What she meant was obvious: she wanted him to help.


It didn't make sense that he wouldn't save them just because they had insulted him. Jiang Chen was only teasing them, teaching them a lesson, but when he looked over to Yi Ning, he said resolutely, "These two, I'm not going to help."


Li Xue'er didn't understand why he didn't want to save Meng Qian either.

"Yi Ning was so obedient to her. Would she have had the nerve to claw my eyes out without her permission? She didn't come forward until you helped me, apprentice sister. Heh," Jiang Chen laughed grimly instead of continuing his accusation.

Yi Ning and Meng Qian couldn't speak, as they were still struggling by themselves.

Jiang Chen saved the others and let each of them leave with a sunlit stone in their hands.

Some were already too weak to walk, skinny and pale.

Just then, Meng Qian suddenly said, "The disciple of the Natural Law School doesn't offer any help when others are dying. Aren't you afraid to get criticised?"

"You didn't speak until I saved the others. You're sure they'll talk about this accident so the whole world will know about it. You're threatening me, aren't you?" Jiang Chen said.

"The Intelligence Pavilion won't let you go!" Yi Ning stared at him. She couldn't put up with his arrogance.

"The Intelligence Pavilion?" Jiang Chen was dumbstruck. It wasn't because he was afraid of that group, but because that was where he had received the information regarding the spiritual herbs.

Of course, he had paid good money for it. He wouldn't save them simply for that.

"You saw my naked body. Why do you have a problem with me?" Meng Qian sounded like she was wronged, but looked as if she was just pretending to be tough. Her puzzled eyes were full of reluctance.

Jiang Chen didn't know how to answer her.

"Jiang Chen," Li Xue'er called him again.

This time, Jiang Chen wasn't going to listen to her. He said, "Apprentice sister, I hope you won't push me. I won't save those who almost clawed my eyes out."

"Save one of them then," Li Xue'er said calmly.

"I won't go if Yi Ning doesn't go!" Meng Qian shouted.


Jiang Chen found it amusing. This woman thought he would buy this. How dare she speak like this!

He took a look at the vines on these two women's bodies and said, "Apprentice sister, let's get out of here as soon as possible. The vines are turning scarlet."

He hadn't mentioned what was going to happen when the vines turned scarlet, but Yi Ning and Meng Qing knew it wouldn't be favorable to them.

"Wait," Meng Qian shouted and said quickly, "Let's forget about right and wrong and the problems between us for the moment. Let's make a deal. If you get me out of here, I'll pay you back!"

At this moment, she had taken off her disguise of a gentle girl and turned into a terribly calm woman.

Li Xue'er was shocked. She hadn't expected that Jiang Chen had such a great instinct for people.

She had been in the same group as Meng Qian for a long time and had always regarded her as a spoiled young lady, with Yi Ning as her sister protecting her.

But at that moment, she tumbled to the realization that they were actually more like lord and maid.

"How will you pay me back?" Jiang Chen took a look at the magical vines and asked.

"The seed."

Meng Qian's right hand had been clenched. At this moment, she opened her palm and a seed flew out of it.

The group had missed the best timing to escape precisely because they had been trying to catch the seeds.

To Jiang Chen's surprise, this seed was golden, while the one he had found earlier was silver.

"There are three kinds of seeds, bronze seeds, silver, and golden. Each kind contains different training resources. In golden seeds, there are earth-level secret methods and other precious things. Besides…"

Meng Qian was still introducing the seeds when she saw Jiang Chen had become especially pale, then she found the vines were turning scarlet one by one.

"Apprentice sister, go!"

Jiang Chen urged Li Xue'er to leave. Then he looked over to Meng Qian and grabbed the golden seed. He said, "See? I can get your seed even if I don't save you."


Meng Qian panicked immediately, her pupils dilating.

"But, of course, as a disciple of the Natural Law School, I wouldn't do things like that," Jiang Chen smiled again and took out his sunlit stone. He allowed her to recover her holy yuan through him.

"The seed is for your life. What do you want to pay me for her?" Jiang Chen said.

"Don't save her."

To his surprise, Meng Qian answered him decisively. She walked out of there quickly, holding the sunlit stone.

Jiang Chen was very surprised. He looked over to Yi Ning, whose reaction was complicated.

It seemed she wasn't surprised at Meng Qian's decision, but she also couldn't believe it. She was bleak.

She lowered her head, ready to die, but when the magical vines started to absorb her blood essence, she couldn't stay calm any more. She was reluctant, angry, and frightened. She kept shaking.

"Take it."

Suddenly, Jiang Chen's voice came from before her and she saw a sunlit stone.

"I don't need your pity!" Yi Ning took a look at the sunlit stone.

"I'm leaving then."

Jiang Chen turned around decisively.

Yi Ning was struck dumb. She knew this guy was unpredictable. She hurried to say, "Wait…"

"Remember, it's not pity. I'm just curious to see what's going to happen between you and Meng Qian after you leave here."

Jiang Chen turned around and freed her.

Yi Ning gnashed her teeth and ran out of that place full of magical vines as soon as she was liberated.

By then, ninety percent of the vines had turned scarlet, but Jiang Chen stayed there. He had the patience to bargain with others because he was waiting for this very moment.

He could only get the dragon blood wood guarded by the bloody magical vines when they had totally turned scarlet.

There were special ways to collect spiritual herbs. Any carelessness would destroy them.

He walked to the deepest tangles of the vines. There, a tree trunk was wrapped tightly by some vines.

The trunk wasn't only scarlet; there was blood-like liquid flowing down it.

Jiang Chen hurried to take some tools out of the mustardseed ring and walked up to it.

At the same time, the sunlit stone had lost some power over the scarlet magical vines. The vines were extending towards the light, approaching Jiang Chen, but he didn't care, squatting before the trunk, busy with something.

On his back and over his head, dozens of vines were going to devour him.

"Done!" Jiang Chen shouted joyfully. He put a segment of dragon blood wood into a special wooden box. He had successfully collected one of the five spiritual herbs.


The magical vines that had been waiting for a long time jumped onto Jiang Chen like waves, as if they'd heard some order.

"Get off!"

Jiang Chen took out another sunlit stone and clapped his palms.

The crystal was broken by the hit, but the light became stronger and rose into the air. The vines that were touched by it started to burn and turn into ash.

Jiang Chen took the chance to fly into the air and escape.

When he looked down, he saw those vines withering rapidly, deteriorating until they receded into the ground once again, leaving no traces behind, and that trunk looked so normal that it wouldn't draw any attention.

This one isn't a high class.

Jiang Chen frowned. The dragon blood wood required lots of blood to grow. Before this day, the magical vines must have absorbed numerous monsters' blood.

He looked over to those who he had saved. Human blood was a hundred times stronger than the monsters' blood. If he hadn't saved them and let the vines absorb their blood…

Then he would have had super-class dragon blood wood.

It was just a thought. He would never let something like that happen on purpose.


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