The Brilliant Fighting Master
152 Rainbow and Sunse
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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152 Rainbow and Sunse

"You said my apprentice sister was fighting for her life?"

Jiang Chen didn't pay any attention to the weak Gathering Yuan State. He was staring at He Renlong.

"Exactly. Give me the seed if you want to know more," He Renlong said.

Jiang Chen thought for a while and smiled. He floated up in the air and said, "You're afraid that I'll fly away. You said this only to keep me here."

He Renlong's eyes narrowed. He was calculating the distance between them.

His brother was afraid that Jiang Chen would go away and he wouldn't get to take revenge, so he said, "We were with your apprentice sister. Don't you want to know why we separated? Aren't you curious why the seed flew here?"

Jiang Chen's flying ability was his enemies' greatest concern.

Especially in the Realm of Beasts, where no one was carrying spiritual aircraft…

If Jiang Chen decided to leave, the two brothers would have no way to follow him.

"All right."

Jiang Chen landed again and said to them, "No matter whether what you say is true or not, I won't let you go, so don't restrain yourselves either, as if you're afraid to irritate me."

"Oh? You mean you want a fight?"

As he spoke, He Renlong stepped forward and they became closer.

"You tried to kill me once. We haven't settled that issue yet," Jiang Chen said.

"Ha, if you can settle it, why did you leave that day and hide behind your apprentice sister?"

When he was only ten steps away from Jiang Chen, He Renlong had a ferocious expression and started to sneer at him loudly.

"You're talking like you had the right to talk that day, but actually, those two women overpowered you and you didn't have any right at all to speak." Jiang Chen didn't get angry and just sneered back.

He Renlong's expression darkened. In that group, in the presence Li Xue'er and Yi Ning, he indeed hadn't had any right.

"And when you saw Meng Qian crying, you were afraid your own brother's eyes would be clawed out, so you tried to kill me to do away with the witness. It's not difficult to imagine how much fear you hold for Yi Ning," Jiang Chen said again.

He Renlong gnashed his teeth. What Jiang Chen had said was true.

He really didn't have the nerve to offend Yi Ning and Meng Qian, but when Jiang Chen was confronting Yi Ning, he wasn't even a bit intimidated.

That was why at this moment, Jiang Chen could sneer at him.

"Haha." He Renlong was so angry that he even laughed, and it was sincere. He raised his hands and smiled cunningly, "So what? You relied on Li Xue'er that day, but today, you'll die by my hand!"

It seemed this wasn't enough for him. He said again, "Now with the distance between us, even if you fly, I can attack you hand-to-hand."

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders and said calmly, "Bring it on."


He Renlong released his holy awareness first to investigate the surroundings. When he was sure that Jiang Chen was alone, his smile turned into a laugh, and his killing intent grew stronger and stronger.

He was eager to defeat Jiang Chen and rip off his disguise to see how he would behave when he was frightened.

"Jumping Over the Abyss!"

He claimed that with his palm attack, Jiang Chen wouldn't be able to escape even if he flew, and that he had some real skill.

He crossed his hands over his head and jumped into the air like a leopard. His ferocious holy yuan had formed several energy fields around him.

With an angry shout, he landed and was only three steps away from Jiang Chen.

He extended one of his hands backward, whirled the other in front of him and finally threw it out towards Jiang Chen.

The golden power of his palm flew along his arm like fire, quick and powerful.

If Jiang Chen had flown, he would have been hit before he could reach very high.

"A mediocre palm, a mediocre martial arts technique. Only your state is a little higher than mine, but what else can you compete with me in?"

Jiang Chen didn't pale at all. He drew the Redcloud Sword immediately.

"The Rainbow Sword Method: Fire Clouds All Over the Sky!"

He didn't use all of his effort. An average sword movement was enough to deal with him.

"Don't look down on me!" He Renlong growled. A golden light flashed on his sleeve and some golden rings appeared on his forearm.

At the same time, he threw his palm from behind out.

The two palms clasped together. The golden rings emitted a brilliant light. A power as strong as tumultuous waves ejected from his arms.

Everything around Jiang Chen was blown into pieces by the terrifying power, but Jiang Chen was still standing there with his sword. When the palm power touched his sword, it was split into two and separated.


He Renlong and his brother turned pale.

How sharp was this sword that it could break someone's palm power?!

A look at the trees around could tell one how formidable the power was.

The blade of Jiang Chen's Redcloud Sword was covered with a purple radiance, the elevation of the sword.

On the edge of the elevation of the sword, there was a howling sound. It was a near gale cutting the air.

"Successor to the doctrine of sword! He's a successor to the doctrine of sword!"

He Renlong's younger brother was a fool. He turned around to escape when he saw his elder brother's all-out attack hadn't worked.

"Idiot!" He Renlong was cursing him silently. He couldn't get Jiang Chen in one attack. So what?

He was in the beginning of the middle stage. The fact that Jiang Chen could take this palm from him didn't mean he could kill him easily.

"How dare you become distracted when fighting with me?!"

Suddenly, Jiang Chen's cold voice rang out, and right after, there was a suffocating radiance.

"The Rainbow Sword Method: Three Movements in One!"

He Renlong sensed much danger and almost shouted. He hurried to protect the key parts of his body with his hands.

The fatal triangular radiance of the sword travelled over. He Renlong should have been severely hurt, but two of the attacks were dodged by the golden rings on his arm.

The third attack left a wound on his left cheek. He was bleeding.

"Impossible! How could you defeat me in only a few days? It must be holy points. You've gained two more holy points? How did you do it?"

Everyone in the Mental Wander State knew how difficult it was to form holy points, but Jiang Chen had formed two in only a few days!

Otherwise, the fight wouldn't have been so intense, no matter how gorgeous Jiang Chen's sword method was. After all, he was in the beginning of the middle stage.

"A dead man doesn't need to know too much."

Jiang Chen wasn't able to kill him with two attacks. He knew his state was still not high enough, so he had to kill his rival with an all-out attack.

"So I can try out my new movement.

"The Rainbow Sword Method: Rainbow and Sunset!"

Jiang Chen exerted one of his new sword movements. He rose into the air without using his holy wings, raised the Redcloud Sword high, and emitted a radiance as bright as sunlight, descending in circles.

When he was high enough, the radiance had reached its peak.

The power, which was able to split the sky and the earth, kept bursting. If souls were a substance, people would be able to see He Renlong's soul shaking.

"Be smart in your next life!"

Jiang Chen's voice traveled through the brilliant radiance of the sword, then the sword fell and pierced him.


He Renlong was desperate. He didn't even know how to dodge this attack. He just covered his head with his hands out of instinct to protect himself, but this time, when the tip of the blade got closer, the golden rings on his arm were broken.

Then, he flew off the ground. In his chest, there was a big hole.

He hadn't even had the time to show any expression, dying immediately.

"Gosh. It's a powerful attack."

Even Jiang Chen himself was surprised.


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