The Brilliant Fighting Master
150 You“re Having a Great Time
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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150 You“re Having a Great Time

The Mental Wander State depended on the flesh and the spirit.

Practitioners started from their flesh. They kept strengthening their skin, blood, bones, and viscera in order to have a powerful qi.

Then, they would proceed to build up their qi.

The most obvious characteristic of a Mental Wander State was a holy awareness.

Of course, the power of the Mental Wander State wasn't only represented by the holy awareness, but by many different things, like the technique of using flying swords. If one's holy soul wasn't strong enough, they wouldn't be able to control the flying swords in a precise enough way to kill their enemies.

The martial arts techniques related to different stages of the Mental Wander State all had to do with holy points.

Whenever one tried to form holy points, they would have to pay a big price. They would have to exhaust themselves and spend all of their energy on it, but no one would give up if they had already prepared themselves for it.

Some people wanted to be excellent, so they tried to form more holy points, which would help them achieve the Reaching Heaven State.

For them, the Mental Wander State was only a starting point.

These people were geniuses.

With his holy pulses, Jiang Chen had been ready to form four holy points, but he hadn't had the time to do it. He had even been interrupted by the young duke at the Transdragon Pool.

However, the essence of primordial yuan was better than any spiritual ware.

If Jiang Chen was immersed in it while forming his holy points, he wouldn't feel weak after he finished, since he would be able to recover immediately.

Jiang Chen surely wouldn't let this chance go. He investigated the surrounding with his holy awareness. When he was sure there were no monsters around, he deployed a tactical formation as an alert system around the crack.

Then, he placed one of his feet on one side of the crack and his other foot on the other side.

The primordial yuan reached every part of his body from his soles upward and engulfed him completely.

Since there wasn't much air in primordial yuan, Jiang Chen felt suffocated. He didn't start to exert his martial arts technique methods to form holy points until he had adapted to the new conditions.

His own energy was like water. Holy points were like barrels that held water. At the moment, he was going to fill the barrels with water.

However, once all his energy was used up, his body would have a big problem, but the essence of the primordial yuan around him was like a river. Staying in it, he would be able to form holy points successfully without feeling his energy deplete.

There was abundant essence of primordial yuan, he just had to leave everything up to time.

However, not far away from the crack, a man and a woman were approaching him.

Both of them were in the preliminary stage of the Mental Wander State. They were walking together shoulder by shoulder, seemingly close.

"Apprentice brother, there seems to be a strong fluctuation of energy ahead."

"I've sensed it, too."

They found the essence of primordial yuan and walked over quickly. They saw Jiang Chen sitting there.

"The essence of primordial yuan! It's leaking from underground! I can't believe it!" The woman was pleasantly surprised. The essence of primordial yuan would help them in the same way it did Jiang Chen.

The man was smiling, too, but he stopped smiling when he saw Jiang Chen.

"Someone got here before us. How unlucky!" he cursed in a low voice.

"It's all right, apprentice brother. The crack is long enough and the essence of primordial yuan is abundant. He won't use it all up," the woman said.

"But I want to make the most of it."

The man sneered and walked up to Jiang Chen. He shouted at the latter, "You, get away!"

But Jiang Chen didn't listen to him. He stayed there and didn't move.

"Apprentice brother, he's forming holy points." The woman saw what he was doing.

"That's clever. This is the perfect place to form holy points."

The man curled his lips and rolled his eyes. He said, "Heh, what will happen if I interrupt him?"

He took out an iron ball before the woman could answer.

He had no problem with Jiang Chen, he just wanted to make fun of the latter and liked seeing others fail.

The woman thought for a while but didn't stop him.

The man twisted his wrist. The iron ball flew across the sky and hit Jiang Chen on the chest with a low and dull sound.

Jiang Chen frowned slightly. He looked like he was in pain, but he didn't open his eyes.

"He has a strong will to endure."

The man was amused. He threw out another iron ball. This time, he aimed at Jiang Chen's forehead.

Pah! It left a red mark between his eyes.

Jiang Chen gnashed his teeth. He was still enduring, but his anger was obvious.


The man wasn't satisfied since he hadn't got what he wanted from Jiang Chen. This time, he looked over to the latter's eyes.

He gave a cruel smile and threw two iron balls at the same time.

He had aimed for Jiang Chen's eyes. The immense power could have blown his eyes out, but fortunately, Jiang Chen suddenly raised his hands at the last moment and caught the two iron balls.

"You're having a great time."

Jiang Chen opened his eyes slowly and looked over aggressively.

The man made eye contact with him and was dumbstruck. He cursed immediately, "You're awake? Leave now since you're awake!"

He didn't panic, nor did he feel sorry. He just motioned his hands impatiently to drive Jiang Chen away.

"Did you intend to blind me?" Jiang Chen said.

"Cut the crap," the man said unhappily in a threatening tone.

"Abolish all of your holy points so that I'll let you live," Jiang Chen said coldly.

"Pardon me?" the man thought he had misheard Jiang Chen.

"I don't want to repeat myself," Jiang Chen said.

"Heh, you're only in the beginning of the preliminary stage. How dare you speak to me like this? Don't you see I'm in the peak of the preliminary stage?! Two stages above you! Do you know what that means? It means I can crush you with only one hand!" the man smiled first, then told him his state in a proud tone.

"Looks like you've chosen to die."

Jiang Chen stood up. Maybe it was because he was immersed in the essence of primordial yuan that he looked pretty majestic.

He walked out of the crack slowly and approached the man.

"Apprentice brother, looks like he's an ungrateful person," the woman said with disdain.

"I'll show him what great power is."

The man grasped a willow-leaf-shaped knife and made an all-out attack. He ran over like lightning, his knife was carrying a tremendous power.

Jiang Chen thrust his sword in a blink. They could only see a shadow.


The proud man was greatly surprised. He couldn't even identify where Jiang Chen was, let alone attack him.

He was decisive in changing into a defensive position and raised the knife up to his chest.

He made to stand steadily when a cold wind blew through his body and drew all of his energy away.

He looked down and saw a sword in his chest.

"How… how could it be…" He didn't understand how this guy in the beginning of the preliminary stage had defeated him in just one attack.

"How dare you be so arrogant before me with only six holy points and such average martial arts techniques?" Jiang Chen laughed at him.

"Six isn't… few."

The man was only able to say three words before he fell down and never got back up. For an average Mental Wander State in the peak of the late stage, six holy points wasn't a small number. That was fairly true.

Jiang Chen was the exception to this. He had four holy points while he was only in the beginning of the preliminary stage.

"You… you killed Apprentice Brother Shen."

It had happened too fast. The woman hadn't even come back to herself yet.

"Maybe I'll kill you, too," Jiang Chen said.

"Abolish your holy points," he said coldly.

The woman hadn't tried to stop her apprentice brother, but had watched with interest. It was his mercy that he gave her the chance live.

The woman was shocked. She had made a great effort to form her holy points. If she abolished them, she would deteriorate her state, but she couldn't fight back. She cursed her Apprentice Brother Shen, who had led her into this trouble, silently.


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