The Brilliant Fighting Master
148 Dig Out Your Eyes Yourself
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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148 Dig Out Your Eyes Yourself

"The Transdragon Pool? What happened in the Transdragon Pool?"

Jiang Chen was lost, having no idea what she was referring to.


Li Xue'er observed him carefully. There was no panic on his face, and she wasn't actually so sure of his intentions, so she gave up on figuring out what had actually happened. This way, people who weren't involved would never hear of it.

Thank goodness.

Jiang Chen wasn't as calm as he looked. He immediately changed the topic and said, "Apprentice sister, the Realm of Beasts doesn't belong to anyone. This lake isn't yours, either. It's normal that I'm here, especially without knowing you were here, too."

Li Xue'er didn't answer him right away, still silent. The universe seemed hidden in her deep look. Under such a gaze, Jiang Chen felt like she would see through his soul.

"Follow me back and apologize to her. Explain it to her yourself," Li Xue'er said.

It seemed she wasn't going to punish him under the school's rules. She didn't have to.

Jiang Chen showed a bitter smile and stepped back. He said, "Apprentice sister, how could I explain such things? My presence and apology will embarrass that girl even more."

"So? I should let you go this easily? As a man, aren't you going to take any responsibility?" Li Xue'er didn't buy his words at all.

"If you say so, fine."

Li Xue'er was in the late stage of the Mental Wander State. She was even more powerful than Mo Li. Of course Jiang Chen wasn't a match for her.

"Don't worry. I won't allow anything to happen to you."

Jiang Chen looked like he was determined to face death unflinchingly, which Li Xue'er found amusing, but she was still cold and unkind on the surface.

Jiang Chen followed her back to the lake.

At the same time, he figured out how this apprentice sister could fly. As she took a step, some mysterious runes would gather under her feet and form ice to support her.

Jiang Chen was surprised at his findings. They were at an altitude of over a thousand feet. It was very dangerous for her to stand in the air through this method, yet she had caught up with Jiang Chen, who had wings.

To exert the creation of ice to such an extent, she had to have at least has mastered the minor doctrine of ice, or even the great doctrine of ice.

Jiang Chen was shocked. She had mastered a very high level of creation martial arts techniques, but she was only a few years older than him. On top of that, her state was already the late stage.

"What a genius! Number one on the Beauty List… She deserves it."

Jiang Chen usually wasn't interested in those lists, but he suddenly felt the Beauty List had some real value.

Soon, he saw more than one person by the lake. There were men and women, over twenty of them.

One of the women was burying her face in her hands, crying. The others were comforting her.

They were very angry. When they saw Li Xue'er had come back, they first cheered up and then laid their eyes, full of anger, on Jiang Chen.

"Is he the guy?"

"How dare you! How dare you!"

"Claw his eyes out so that he won't be able to do it again!"

"How dirty this handsome guy is!"

These people started to curse Jiang Chen even before he landed.

"Quiet." They didn't shut up until one of the guys shouted at them.

"Miss Li, is he the guy?" he walked up and asked.

"Yes, but…" Li Xue'er nodded. She was about to tell him what Jiang Chen had told her when she saw the youngster throwing his palm out toward Jiang Chen, who was standing behind her.

The youngster was in the middle stage of the Mental Wander State. His palm was as powerful as the force generated by ten thousand horses running together.


Li Xue'er didn't have the time to explain. Her flying swords flew out of her sleeves and pushed him back.

"What is this, Miss Li?" The youngster was confused.

"Jiang Chen is a disciple of the Natural Law School. Were you going to kill him?" Li Xue'er said coldly.

The youngster was struck dumb. The others had started a heated discussion.

"Even disciples of the Natural Law School shouldn't do such nasty things," a short-haired girl next to the girl who was weeping said coldly.

"Exactly. The Natural Law School is a respectable school. How could it have disciples like this?"

"Jiang Chen doesn't have a good background. His lack of education has brought dishonor on the Natural Law School."

These people were all irritated and aiming their spears at Jiang Chen.

Li Xue'er looked over to Jiang Chen, frowning. She realized he had anticipated this situation.

"Jiang Chen, explain yourself to them," Li Xue'er said.

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders and walked over to these people with a disdainful expression. He said, "Is this mountain yours?"

He didn't try to argue his case. Instead, he asked a weird question.

These people looked at each other and shook their heads.

"Is this lake yours?" Jiang Chen asked again.

"What on earth are you trying to say?" One guy became impatient.

"That's interesting. The lake doesn't belong to anyone. I flew here and didn't see any sign that warned me there was someone bathing. I was covered in monsters' blood and landed to clean myself. I ran into that girl by accident, and you call that nasty and dirty?" Jiang Chen said coldly.

"How persuasive you are! If you weren't peeping, why did you run away?" the youngster who had tried to attack him asked coldly.

"Then what should I have done? I shouldn't have avoided suspicion and should have walked up to her to explain what I just told you while she was still naked? You tried to kill me without inquiry. I would like to ask for your explanation for that!"

Jiang Chen looked at the youngster, feeling angry inside.

"Yeah, that's right! There was a youngster by the lake when I landed. I tried to talk to him, but he just ran away. Don't you think that's weird? If he had told me there was someone bathing in the lake, I would've left right away," Jiang Chen went on.


These people had unreadable expressions when they heard him.

They had agreed to take baths in turns. While the girls were bathing, the guys were waiting at the mountainside, but Jiang Chen had claimed there was a man by the lake. His meaning was quite clear.

"Who was this guy?" Li Xue'er asked.

Jiang Chen glanced at them and laid his eyes on a shifty-eyed man. That was exactly the same guy he had seen.

"He's the guy."

They looked where Jiang Chen was pointing and saw who it was, then looked conflicted.

"Nonsense! That's my brother. He wouldn't have done something like that!" the youngster who had intended to kill Jiang Chen shouted.

"Oh," Jiang Chen drawled. He said sarcastically, "Someone tried to kill me without question. It turns out he was trying to kill the witness!"

"You—" The youngster flew into a rage. He was clenching his fist.


Jiang Chen interrupted him directly and said, "Accept the fact that you didn't succeed in killing me. Let me tell you one thing. You tried to kill me for your brother's sake, and I'll kill your brother in your name whenever I get the chance!"

His brother was still in the Gathering Yuan State.

Jiang Chen was powerful enough to fulfill his threat.

"Do you know who I am?" the youngster said.

"Are you trying to threaten me? You should line up for that. There are many people ahead of you." Jiang Chen didn't give a sh*t about it. Anyway, Li Xue'er was standing beside him.


At this moment, the short-haired girl walked up to Jiang Chen and said, "No matter whether you did it intentionally or not, you did see Meng Qian, didn't you?"

"Yes." Jiang Chen didn't deny it.

"So you defamed her. Claw out your eyes yourself," she said in an indifferent tone.


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