The Brilliant Fighting Master
147 A Shadow of Monster
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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147 A Shadow of Monster

As evening fell, Jiang Chen was overlooking the Realm of Beasts from the cliff. The mountains there seemed endless. The thought that he had been sent here and couldn't leave at will depressed him.

"The monsters are more active at night. Let's take the opportunity to hunt them."

Jiang Chen pointed at where the sun sets and said, "We'll arrive in the city at daybreak. I'll leave you there."

These cities were shelters the bigger groups had built in the Realm of Beasts. People could stay there safely without worrying about monsters attacking.


Shui Sheng knew the gap in their states was too huge for them to travel together. Otherwise, it would bring no good to either of them.

The two walked down the mountain. They didn't have to make any effort to look for monsters, since they kept showing up in front of them.

Jiang Chen left the soldier-level monsters to Shui Sheng, while he himself dealt with the general-level ones.

If they ran into a king-level, they flew away without fighting.

The night passed quickly. The two were covered with blood and exhausted, but they also had huge amounts of monsters' meat.

They kept killing until they were already out of the forest. They saw an ancient path in the plain, at the end of which there was a city.

"You can't carry too much meat and blood with you since you don't have a mustardseed ring. To make it fair, I'll give you some panaceas."

Jiang Chen gave Shui Sheng the three kinds of panaceas for the Gathering Yuan State, more than a hundred of each kind.

"This is too many."

Shui Sheng was surprised by him. These panaceas valued more than what she had hunted the night before. She didn't think she deserved them.

"Take them," Jiang Chen didn't give her any chance to refuse his offer.


Shui Sheng had intended to say something, but Jiang Chen's conclusive tone made her silent. She just took the panaceas and put them aside.

She knew Jiang Chen had done it with good intentions. She felt something different and smiled slightly subconsciously.

Under Jiang Chen's gaze, Shui Sheng walked on the ancient path towards the city.

When Shui Sheng had vanished from sight, Jiang Chen took out his map to check. He was already very close to where he was heading.

"I'll be there by this afternoon."

Then he looked behind and said to himself, "If they don't catch up with me."

If Mo Li really became serious, it would be impossible for him to win, even if he tried his best.

This was due to the gap in their states. He had six times more holy points than Jiang Chen.

Even if he could form two more holy points at that very moment, he wouldn't be able to confront Mo Li.

As the successor of the Immortal Doctrine of Sword, he was only a beginner. He hadn't even had initial success. Although the sword method exerted through the doctrine of sword was ten times stronger than before, he hadn't been able to exert one-tenth of the power of the Immortal Doctrine of Sword.

"I didn't have enough time to comprehend the Immortal Will of the Immortal Doctrine of Sword," Jiang Chen thought helplessly.

When he thought of time, he thought of the Sacred Institute in the Dragon Field again.

The best thing about the Sacred Institute was that there was a Time Palace.

One month in there was only a day outside, which was wonderful!

That was why the youngsters of the Fire Field were trying so hard to go on adventures there. They just wanted to get the opportunity to make it into the Sacred Institute.

However, only three people could get in. They had to compete for these three places through competition.

One of those places is mine.

Jiang Chen thought the same. He was eager to enhance his strength. The Sacred Institute had an irresistible charm.

Besides, he had to go to the Dragon Field to look for one of the spiritual herbs.

Is there something wrong?

Jiang Chen found something unusual after a morning's walk in the mountain. He was being frequently attacked by monsters.

At first, he was attacked by soldier-level monsters, and then general-level ones also appeared.

Is it…?

Something occurred to Jiang Chen. He took a look at his clothes, which were covered with blood and smelled heavily of it.

After the fights, he had become used to the smell, but the monsters weren't.

Jiang Chen realized he had to wash his clothes when a king-level monster showed up. He flew into the air and tried to find a river.

The higher he flew, the farther he could see.

Jiang Chen looked around and soon saw reflection of sunlight on water, so he flew over.

When he was close enough, he found that it was a lake.

Before landing, he released his holy awareness to check whether there were any monsters around.

To his surprise, the holy awareness suddenly disappeared, like a stone sinking in the sea. He couldn't find anything.

Is there anyone around?

It couldn't be monsters that were using such methods. Jiang Chen landed carefully on the shore, grasping the Redcloud Sword tightly in his hands.

Suddenly, he saw a figure not far away. He noticed that it was a man when he got closer.

The man heard Jiang Chen's footsteps and looked over. He looked nervous.

"My friend…"

Jiang Chen eased up when he found that the man's strength was only ordinary.

But as soon as he spoke, the youngster hurried to run away as if he had seen a ghost.

Jiang Chen didn't understand why and didn't bother to think about it. He took a wooden barrel out of the mustardseed ring and filled the barrel with water, then took off his clothes. After, he held the barrel high and poured the water down on himself.

After getting rid of the smell of blood, he changed into some clean clothes and was going to leave.

But to his surprise, in the lake, not far away from him, a shadow was approaching him.

Jiang Chen thought of the youngster's expression and didn't dare let down his guard. He flew into the air so that he could fly away in case anything unusual happened.


The shadow suddenly broke the water and water splashed about.

Jiang Chen thought it was a powerful monster, but he was struck dumb. To his surprise, it was a woman!

Her fair flesh was completely naked. The curve of her body in the water could be vaguely seen.

She was pretty and seemed to be enjoying swimming, but she was struck dumb when she saw Jiang Chen, who was standing in the air and gazing at her.

"Ah!" she screamed. She had a small, cherry-like mouth.

"I have to go!"

Jiang Chen came to himself and fluttered his wings to fly away, but this time, he failed. Without having flown very far, he sensed a chill in the air from behind.

He looked back and only saw a shadow.

Suddenly, he turned pale and hurried to stop. It was a woman with astounding beauty standing before him.

She was wearing white clothes. Her hair was still wet. Obviously, she had just bathed.

This woman wasn't the one Jiang Chen had seen, but he was dumbfounded. She still had some drops of water on her face, and she was extremely pretty. Jiang Chen couldn't even breathe.

He would keep gazing at her and appreciating her beauty if her look wasn't so cold.

"Apprentice sister," Jiang Chen greeted her embarrassedly.

This woman was Li Xue'er, number one on the Beauty List.

She was also a key disciple of the Natural Law School.

Jiang Chen looked at her feet, trying to figure out why she was able to fly, but his pupils suddenly dilated.

He couldn't believe there were such perfect feet in the world.

Li Xue'er was barefoot. The skin of her instep was almost transparent, under which her veins could vaguely be seen. It was fair and crystal clear, as moisturized as high-quality jade. Her toenails were almost rosy, like ten small petals.

"What's the third greatest rule in the Natural Law School?" she asked in a cold voice.

Jiang Chen was struck dumb and said, "Any disciple who is a lecher and does things that discredit the school will be severely punished."

He immediately realized what she meant. He hurried to explain, "Apprentice sister, I didn't know you were there. I spent the whole night killing monsters and really needed to wash myself."

"Yeah?" Li Xue'er showed a cold smile and said, "Was it the same that day at the Transdragon Pool?"


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