The Brilliant Fighting Master
146 Play it Safe
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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146 Play it Safe

Mo Li, ranked seventh on the Prince List, was said to be decisive in killing, and was worthy of his reputation. He had been chasing Jiang Chen closely for dozens of miles. Numerous monsters were agitated by their movements.

"Young Master Mo Li, he's taking panaceas!"

Suddenly, someone saw Jiang Chen put a pile of panaceas into his mouth and fly faster.

"It's Revival Elixir, a recovery panacea that has become popular recently, hotter than anything else!"

The effect of the panacea was very surprising, so it occurred to those chasing how well the Revival Elixir had sold recently.

"I'm interested to see how many panaceas he has!"

Mo Li didn't give up. The machine-operated beast he was riding was powered by yuan stones and would never get tired. As long as there were enough yuan stones, it could keep running forever.

He didn't believe Jiang Chen could do the same, but soon, he wasn't so sure, since whenever Jiang Chen stopped, he would take huge amounts of panaceas.

The amount he had just taken was almost equivalent to the total amount Mo Li was carrying with him.

"Where did he get so many panaceas?" Mo Li thought to himself.

Then it occurred to him that the Revival Elixir was from the Natural Law School and Jiang Chen was a key disciple there, so it made sense.

Don't give up. I have to kill him today!

Mo Li's killing intent became stronger instead of weaker.

Even though he had more Revival Elixirs, all he had was more time, but he would end up the same way.


Suddenly, a growl was heard from the forest in front of the group.

It was as loud as thunder, even trees were shaking. Leaves fell like raindrops.

Mo Li hurried to stop, looking ahead as if there was a great enemy.

A black figure was approaching them rapidly. Its crimson eyes were as big as fists, full of ferocity.

"This is bad! It's a holy-level monster. Retreat!"

Mo Li turned pale. He gave a stare at Jiang Chen, who was still in the air.

Undoubtedly, Jiang Chen had intentionally led them there to run into this holy-level beast.

Jiang Chen had perfectly exerted his advantage of being in the air.

"It's not over. It's absolutely not over!" Mo Li gnashed his teeth.

At the same time, Jiang Chen was relieved to see that Mo Li's group had given up, since he wouldn't be able to hold on any longer if they hadn't.

"Let's change positions," Jiang Chen said.

He had been carrying Shui Sheng in his arms, and until then, his arms had been numb.

"Oh?" Shui Sheng was nervous due to the height. She didn't dare look down. Following Jiang Chen's instructions, she reached her hand to the back of his shoulder, then Jiang Chen placed his hand on her waist to support her weight.

This was the best way to save energy, although in this way they were clinging to each other. They didn't have the time for such consideration at this moment.

To his surprise, Shui Sheng was a small girl, and when he reached his hand down, her body went rigid. She turned red.

"You have a big waist…" Jiang Chen said unconsciously, but soon realized it wasn't appropriate, so he moved his hand up a little bit immediately.

They kept silent for a long time.

Jiang Chen's expression was awkward, and Shui Sheng's face was as red as an apple.

When Jiang Chen finally found a cliff, they landed on it.

He started to gasp for air after touching the ground.

Holy Wings' Ascending was for fighting. It consumed too much energy for an escape.

Fortunately, he had had enough panaceas. Otherwise, he would have been doomed.

"Shui Sheng, keep watch for me. Wake me up immediately if you see monsters approaching."

At the same time, Jiang Chen took the monster meat and the cooking ware out of the mustardseed ring.

He gave them to Shui Sheng and sat down to take in the spirit of the universe to recover.


It was commonly agreed that it was impossible to take in the spirit of the universe in the Realm of Beasts. What Jiang Chen was doing made Shui Sheng curious. She even forgot her shyness.

Soon, the air around Jiang Chen became distorted. A magnetic field formed around him.

She could see the spirit of the universe flowing into his body.

"What method is this?" Shui Sheng asked, obviously shocked.

This energy was a mix of spirit and primordial yuan, which others couldn't take in. If they insisted on taking it in, it was like taking impure panaceas that would bring harm instead of benefit to the body.

However, Jiang Chen was a different case. He took in and purified the energy with the help of Devouring Sky Formula.

Jiang Chen stopped after fifteen minutes.

The special case of the Realm of Beasts didn't impede his recovery. Instead, it helped him, since there was energy of primordial yuan, which the outside world didn't have…

Jiang Chen laid his eyes on the meat soup. It smelled good. He thought to himself, "With the monsters' meat and blood, I have an advantage over the others."

By eating the meat soup, both of them almost fully recovered.

"Shui Sheng, give me your hand," Jiang Chen said.


Shui Sheng was surprised. She recalled the scene in the air and lowered her head. Even her ears turned red.

"Although you've eaten the meat soup, it will take some time for your body to absorb the nutrition from it. If you practice now, you'll feel better effects and your genuine yuan will recover more rapidly."

"But we cannot practice in the Realm of Beats, can we?"

Since one needed to take in the spirit of the universe to enhance their state, if they couldn't even take it in to recover, of course they couldn't enhance his state, either.

"That's why I asked you to give me your hand. Don't take in the spirit from the universe, but from me. It will work if I use my special method," Jiang Chen smiled and said.

He regarded himself as a filter to help Shui Sheng. He wasn't thinking anything else.

"We can do that?!" Shui Sheng was very surprised. She had never heard about such a method.

"Trust me."

Jiang Chen was a knowledgeable person who never acted recklessly. He was sure about his way of doing it.

"All right."

So Shui Sheng took Jiang Chen's hands and sat down to exert her practice method.

Soon, her doubt turned into surprise.

She found that she could not only practice, but was progressing faster than she did in the outside world. The nutrition of the meat soup had been completely absorbed by her body.

She felt there had been a change in her state and she was no longer far away from a breakthrough.

Most importantly, it took them less than ten minutes, but the result was so fruitful that she surely couldn't have achieved it in the outside world in any amount of time.

"Apprentice Brother Jiang Chen, how did you do that?" Shui Sheng asked curiously.

"That's a secret," Jiang Chen smiled, but didn't disclose more details.

Shui Sheng stopped asking, instead just thanking him for his help.

"Don't thank me. You were in that situation because of me. In fact, it would be alright if you followed Tan Yun. Play it safe. I wouldn't blame you for that."

What Jiang Chen said was the truth. Tan Yun and the other two's choices were fine, but what they had said sounded too ugly.

"But if I did that, I would let you down," Shui Sheng said.

"But your choice also put me in an awkward situation, didn't it?" Jiang Chen said.

Shui Sheng lowered her head sadly. She looked depressed and sounded like she was crying. "I'm sorry, Apprentice Brother Jiang Chen."

"I wasn't blaming you."

Jiang Chen smiled and said, "What I meant is you have to be flexible in this cruel world. Of course, I appreciate you a lot for what you did. That's why I was thinking of things from your point of view."

Shui Sheng was too young.

Jiang Chen even thought it was a punishment for her that she had been sent to the Realm of Beasts.

"I see."

Shui Sheng no longer misunderstood and smiled through her tears. Jiang Chen's caring tone made her feel warm; he sounded like a big brother.


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