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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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145 I Can Fly

Mo Li suddenly withdrew the Sword of Sun and Moon and said, "You don't deserve this sword."

Then he put it away and took out a class-four spiritual sword.

It was worth mentioning that the Sword of Sun and Moon was also a class-four.

It seemed that eben swords of the same class meant different things to him.

"He's in the beginning of the middle stage of the Mental Wander State. It's even rarer that he has 12 holy points.

"With secret methods, he can crack an artful movement with power.

"And Mo Li has also mastered the early form of the spirit of sword.

"So, the current question is how many rounds this guy who has inherited the doctrine of sword can endure!" Xiang Liang said to the people beside him. He had pinned all of his hopes on Mo Li. He wished Jiang Chen would die immediately.

At this time, Mo Li struck out.

"A Single Spark Makes a Great Fire!"

The movement looked effortless. A brilliant fiery dragon flew out of his blade, full of killing intent.

Jiang Chen stepped back. This wasn't a showy movement, but a fatal one.

The fiery dragon moved as if it was alive and blocked all of the paths to retreat.

"The Palm that Shatters the Sky!"

Meanwhile, Mo Li whistled and sang at the same time as he threw his left palm out.

It was an attack from a human being, but it had a high-pitched whoosh sound as though it had come from a blade. The palm's power was no weaker than the sword.

"Creation of metal?" Jiang Chen saw something in the movement.

It seemed like Mo Li had focused especially on martial arts techniques of creation, just like Li Qin.

The property he used in his martial arts techniques of creation was metal, meant to kill.

This also explained Mo Li's character.

Interwoven together, the palm and the sword were going to kill Jiang Chen once and for all.

"Eternal life to the Immortal Doctrine of Sword!"

"The Rainbow Sword Method: three movements in one!"

Jiang Chen didn't stand there doing nothing but waiting for his death. He exerted his sword movement by manipulating the doctrine of sword.

Compared to before, his sword movement had experienced a profound change.

Three aurora-like strands of radiance of the sword wove together like a brilliant shooting star, flying across the night sky. Under Jiang Chen's agile movements, the sword and the swordsman produced a special atmosphere that was uniquely owned by him.

The disciples of the Sword Sect of Returning to Oneness were deeply attracted.

"Speed!" Jiang Chen shouted angrily and threw the Redcloud Sword out.

The fiery dragon was immediately torn apart. The great palm power was defused as well.

"What?" Mo Li was greatly surprised. He had stepped back in time.

"How is it possible? Young Master Mo Li didn't take him down in one attack?" The disciples of the Mos were surprised to see this.

Even Xiang Liang, who didn't like Jiang Chen a bit, had to admit that it was a brilliant sword attack.

He was afraid even his apprentice brother couldn't make such a pretty move.

I tried to beat this guy in swordsmanship!

Xiang Liang was so ashamed that he even wanted to slap himself. Since he had seen Jiang Chen's real strength, he felt like he had challenged a master as a beginner.

Both Li Xin and Tan Yun were attracted. As a real swordsman, Jiang Chen looked so handsome and elegant when he was fighting with his sword.

"Don't get too smug. I only used four holy points," Mo Li suddenly said.

"That's why. Young Master Mo Li didn't want to waste his energy."

"And Jiang Chen made an all-out attack to defuse a casual movement of Young Master Mo Li. How embarrassing!"

"If I were him, I would have thrown my sword away and surrendered!"

The Mo disciples realized what had happened and regained their sarcastic tones, but they didn't know that Mo Li had lied. He had used six holy points instead of four!

"I'll show you what the gap is between us."

Mo Li attacked again. In his eyes, Jiang Chen only deserved to take attacks from him instead of making them himself.

"Fire Clouds out of the Cave!"

"Shining Spears and Armored Horses!"

This time, he used ten holy points.

"You're ridiculous. You claimed you'd used four holy points, when you actually used six, just to prove how great you are," Jiang Chen said sarcastically.


Mo Li had no idea how Jiang Chen had figured it out, but he was completely irritated.

This time, both the power of his sword and his palm were greater.

Jiang Chen felt like he was facing two holy-level monsters' attacks at the same time.

"The Lost Soul!"

Jiang Chen was holding a spiritual knife in his right hand. It was his first time to use the only knife movement he knew since he had achieved the Mental Wander State.

As soon as he raised the knife, even deities and ghosts lost their courage.

The wind rapidly started to form a storm.


He threw his knife out to defend against the sword and the palm. From the point of the hit, all trees in a thirty feet radius collapsed outward. The puppets that were close enough were all shattered into pieces.

Most importantly, Mo Li had to take a few steps back due to the great power generated.

"He's able to exchange blows with Mo Li without showing weakness?" Tan Yun and Li Xin couldn't believe what they had seen.

"No. It's not that he isn't showing any weakness. Mo Li has tried to win a perfect victory over Jiang Chen by taking advantage of the gap between them, but Jiang Chen has defused all of his attacks," Xiang Liang said, shaking his head.

"I originally just wanted you to die, but now I've changed my mind. I'll make you regret living in this world."

Mo Li had been trying to save his energy, but by then he knew he couldn't beat Jiang Chen if he didn't make put in more effort, so he took out the Sword of Sun and Moon again.

He was holding the sword with both hands, then drew it back with effort and the sword changed into two swords, one long and one short.

It turned out that this was a son-and-mother double sword, and Mo Li was able to whistle at ease while he used them.

The long sword in his left hand emitted a flame through a secret method. The short sword in his right hand exerted the creation of metal, which went farther than just being sharp.

When both of the swords were thrown out, the strength of the seventh person on the Prince List was fully demonstrated.

Jiang Chen was pushed to keep stepping back. Even his sleeves were burned.

Although he was skilled in sword methods, the gap between them was too huge. His rival had 12 holy points, and he only had two.

If he continued to fight like this, he would definitely die.

"Have you realized your weakness?" Mo Li said in a cold voice. He had finally gained the upper hand as he wished.

"I'm in the beginning of the preliminary stage, while you're in the beginning of the middle stage. What a great thing to boast about that you've been fighting against me for so long!" Jiang Chen sneered.

"Are you complaining? It's your own fault. Your state is too low," Mo Li smiled disdainfully. Suddenly, he moved the short sword in his left hand along the long sword in his right hand. The creation of metal and the flame mixed together, shooting out towards Jiang Chen's face.

Fortunately, Jiang Chen reacted in time. He raised the Redcloud sword to defend against the attack so that he wouldn't be disfigured, but he flew away due to the great power.

"I won't complain. What I want to tell you is that it'll be your time of death when I catch up to your state," Jiang Chen said.

"You think you can walk away today?" It sounded like a joke to Mo Li.

"Of course!"

Just then, Jiang Chen turned around and dashed over to Shui Sheng.

"You want to escape?"

Mo Li laughed at his ignorance. Jiang Chen was surrounded by puppets, and the disciples of the Mos were also there.

How was he going to escape?

But suddenly, something occurred to him and he paled.

Almost at the same time when he realized what was going to happen, Jiang Chen flew with Shui Sheng into the sky.

"You didn't expect that, did you? I can fly!"

They heard Jiang Chen's disdainful tone from overhead.

"Chase him! He won't be able to take in the spirit of universe in the Realm of Beasts. He's been fighting against me for such a long time that he must have consumed a lot of energy!"

Mo Li was decisive. He jumped onto the back of his machine-operated tiger and started to pursue him.

"Follow me!"

Tan Yun, Li Xin, and those of the Sword Sect of Returning to Oneness didn't have the nerve to complain, so they had to join Mo Li's group.

"Apprentice Brother Jiang Chen, you don't have to take me with you. You'll use a lot of energy if you take me," Shui Sheng said nervously.

"If I leave you there, you'll die," Jiang Chen smiled.

Shui Sheng was struck dumb. There was no fear in Jiang Chen's face. Instead, he was full of confidence.


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