The Brilliant Fighting Master
140 What Are Your Last Words
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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140 What Are Your Last Words

The Mental Wander State!

The crowd exclaimed again. The people present hadn't expected to see two Mental Wander States in a single zone.

"You lowly dog! How dare you damage my machine-operated beasts?!"

The woman in the carriage flew into a rage. She didn't change her attitude at all despite seeing Jiang Chen's state.

The other machine-operated beasts all dashed towards Jiang Chen under her order.

Meanwhile, the carriage sped over at a high speed as well.

The four carriage horses were even more powerful than real ones. The carriage wheels were rolling like crazy following the horses' strong, big strides.

As the carriage moved, it armed itself, a fierce flame rushing out of it.

The carriage became an unstoppable chariot, as if trying to smash every living creature on the ground into pieces.

No wonder the woman from the Mos was so arrogant. Her carriage wasn't only a puppet, but also a spiritual weapon, similar to the general statue Jiang Chen had previously had.

"It's said the Mos' chariots are used by the army. With Mental Wander States commanding them, they can cause many casualties in wars," the other people thought to themselves, worried for Jiang Chen.

The chariot approached Jiang Chen in a second. It was more formidable than monsters and beasts, dominating the ground.

However, it only dominated only the ground.

Jiang Chen struck another machine-operated beast into pieces. At the same moment as he was almost hit by the chariot, he suddenly flew into the air.


The people on the spot couldn't help exclaiming. When they raised their heads, Jiang Chen was already 300 feet above the ground.

"He can fly!"

It was unusual for any Mental Wander State to be able to fly, let alone Jiang Chen, who was so young and only in the preliminary state. He couldn't have more than ten holy points. It was beyond their imagination that he could fly.

The woman from the Mos was also dumbfounded. Missing its target, the chariot had slid thirty-odd feet before it stopped.

"I was wondering why a dog like you had the nerve to fight against me, that's why. But it won't work. I'll chase you closely from the ground. You won't get any energy from the spirit of universe in the Realm of Beasts. Sooner or later, you'll have to land," the woman said coldly.

She tried to enslave others instead of hunting beasts in person because she wanted to save her energy.

The carriage and the machine-operated beasts were powered by yuan stones, which she carried in abundance.

"You're wrong. I'm not going to escape. As I said, I wanna see what a b*tch like you looks like," Jiang Chen said coldly in the air.

"You're such a loud mouth! I'll rip your mouth off when you fall into my hands!" the woman said angrily.

"You keep calling others dogs, but don't allow others to call you the same. How interesting that is! I really want to see how you'll behave at your time of death," Jiang Chen said.

"You wanna kill me? Heh, who do you think you are? My Flame Chariot is indestructible. How will you kill me?" the woman said disdainfully.

"Indestructible? What a joke!"

Jiang Chen suddenly opened his eyes and light flashed out of them.

He glided like an eagle hunting at a high speed.

When he was only 150 feet above the ground, a whip flew out from the Flame Chariot, trying to lash Jiang Chen down, but Jiang Chen dodged it easily, then glided to one side of the Flame Chariot and threw the Redcloud Sword using the elevation of the sword.

The woman suddenly lost her balance and tilted to the left.

This is bad. He damaged one of the wheels!

The woman's heart sank. She wasn't so confident anymore.

The wheels were necessary for them to move, so they were the chariot's weak point. She hadn't expected that Jiang Chen would figure this out.

The woman felt another shake. The carriage was no longer tilting, since both of its wheels had been damaged.

Is he trying to make the Flame Chariot lose its mobility? It's not gonna work. As long as the core is fine…

The woman was thinking to herself when she suddenly heard a weird sound emitted from the Flame Chariot. She turned pale immediately.

The core was destroyed!

The Flame Chariot turned into a normal-looking carriage. The horses stopped moving and lost their spiritual characteristics. The flame was also gone.

"Is this your so-called indestructible Flame Chariot?"

Jiang Chen's sarcastic voice sounded from outside. He had landed.

"I didn't want to attack and waste my time and energy on an insignificant dog like you, but you pushed me."

The wooden door of the Flame Chariot was open. A twenty-year-old woman with a good figure walked out.

She had an oval face, slender eyebrows, and big watery eyes.

She was a beauty, but very aggressive. Her eyes were ice cold.

"It's Mo Qing, the niece of Mrs. Mo!"

"Ranked 96th on the Eternal Flame List, in the completed preliminary stage of the Mental Wander State. We're doomed. The disciple from the Natural Law School is only in the beginning of the preliminary stage."

"Mo Qing didn't want to waste her holy yuan. The tables have turned since she's going to fight him."

"It's said this woman is very cruel. It's common for her to kill."

While the others were in a heated discussion, the long whip in Mo Qing's hand turned into a class-four spiritual sword.

As she had said, she was going to strike.

Although the casualties she could cause were almost the same as the Flame Chariot, the chariot was, after all, an inanimate object, which couldn't have the intention to hurt Jiang Chen, let alone kill him.

"I'll show you how great I am!"

Mo Qing waved her sword and the aggressive energy of the sword blew over like a gale.

"The spirit of the sword. Mo Qing has mastered the spirit of the sword!"

Feeling the energy of the sword, the people around were desperate. Some smart ones had started to flee secretly.

"What are your last words, dog?" Mo Qing raised her chin, looking at him as if looking at a dead man.

"That's the question I should be asking you," Jiang Chen sneered.

"You're courting death!"

Mo Qing couldn't stand him anymore. She was eager to teach him a lesson, so she attacked him with her most skilled movement.

"The Rain of Sword and the Roar of Thunder!"

The radiance of the sword was all over the sky and fell like raindrops. Among them, a purple light was lurking, waiting for the right time to attack.

"What a powerful attack!" someone shrieked.

This attack left the enemy no chance to retreat; it was full of killing intent, very formidable.

"Showy, but of little value."

Jiang Chen shook his head, not thinking it a big deal. He didn't wave the Redcloud Sword until the attack was about to hit him.

Boom! He didn't exert any sword movements, only thrust his sword forward. The fierce radiance of the sword was like a scorching sun, evaporating the so-called rain of sword.

"What… what…"

Mo Qing was totally panicked. She was pushed to retreat by the heavy strike she had received.

"I don't understand why you thought you were stronger than me after leaving the Flame Chariot. You're weak. How dare you be so arrogant before me?"

Jiang Chen didn't let her go. He took a big stride forward and thrust his sword down. He said, "As you said, what are your last words, weak b*tch?"

"How… how dare you kill me!!"

Mo Qing covered her fair neck. Her hands were covered with blood.

"Your last words aren't very good."

Jiang Chen pierced her chest and killed her.


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