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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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139 A B*tch

The next day, disciples who had made up their mind to go to the Realm of Beasts gathered in the square outside the Palace of the Natural Law.

Jiang Chen was among them, but he was alone.

Wen Xin told him that she wouldn't go since she was in the peak of the late stage of the Gathering Yuan State and wanted to make a breakthrough in her state. It wasn't good timing for her to go to such a dangerous place.

Meng Hao was already a senior disciple, but he was only in the middle stage of the Gathering Yuan State. He wouldn't be of any help to Jiang Chen in the Realm of Beasts, so he gave up the opportunity as well.

There was a door standing on the square by itself. The door frame was made of dark steel and carved with strange pattern.

One could sense a mysterious energy surrounding it.

"Keep in mind that as disciples of the Natural Law School, you should help each other. Beware of monsters and beasts, and at the same time, beware of others!"

Elder Technique Impartation's warning made everyone around serious.

Such adventures had been known to kill people, but it was unknown yet who would be killed. However, they would be among the disciples present.

Elder Technique Impartation cast a spell at this moment.

The door in the square emitted a brilliant light. There wasn't a void anymore in the door, instead a gray-white curtain of light appeared there.

"You'll reach the Realm of Beasts by walking through this door. When the adventure is over, come back here through the door."

Some brave disciples went through the door not long after Elder Technique Impartation's instructions.

They disappeared immediately, like they fell into water without producing any ripples.

Soon, the other disciples also walked through it to start their journey to the Realm of Beasts.

So did Jiang Chen. As soon as he had his foot in the door, he felt a disconcerting sensation of weightlessness, then felt something dragging his body.

When he finally landed, it wasn't the palaces of the Natural Law School around him, but endless mountains.

A breeze brushed his face, bringing him the smell of the earth.

He was in no mood to appreciate the landscape. With his eyes closed, he tried to sense the spirit of the universe in this place, then suddenly went pale.

He had thought there was no spirit of the universe here, but he was wrong.

If he recalled correctly, what Elder Technique Impartation had said was, "there is no supply of the spirit of the universe."

He wasn't wrong, since the spirit here was mixed with primordial qi, the energy that yuan stones contained. It was in gas form and spread throughout the entire Realm of Beasts.

Polluted spirit of the universe couldn't be absorbed by any method.

The thing was… what Jiang Chen practiced was a sky-level method called Devouring Sky Formula that could take in all kinds of energy and turn it into pure energy, harmless to the body.

In a word, the restrictions of the Realm of Beasts didn't apply to Jiang Chen!

The advantage of high-level methods could be felt immediately.

Elder Technique Impartation didn't mention a word about it, because even for sky-level methods, it would still be difficult to take in the spirit. Luckily, my Devouring Sky Formula is a sky-level method of super-class!

Practice methods were different from secret methods. They were used to strengthen oneself and had no limitations. It was natural for Jiang Chen to have chosen the best one from the Over Cloud Palace.

At the same time, Jiang Chen saw many people showing up around him, but they weren't disciples of the Natural Law School, rather, from other groups.

It turned out that the door transported people to random places.

By a rough calculation, there were more than thirty people around him.

Suddenly, a carriage appeared.

Its owner had taken it out of a mustardseed ring. It was four times or five times bigger than normal ones, made of the best ebony, bordered with rose gold, and carved with a beautiful pattern.

The most eye catching thing was the horses. They weren't real horses, but lifelike puppets with flexible joints. They could even make movements like real ones.

"They're from the Mos!" someone shouted in surprise.

The Mos was an aristocratic family in the Fire Field. They were skilled at making puppets and machine-operated beasts. They had many other unique skills, as well.

Almost all the puppets used by the forces of the Fire Field were from the Mos.

Jiang Chen didn't show any interest. He took his map out to figure out where he was, but to his surprise, around the carriage of the Mos, a great amount of machine-operated beasts, such as tigers, leopards, wolves, and bears suddenly appeared.

There were double the amount of animals as people there.

The people became nervous, as they were surrounded by machine-operated beasts.

"Mos, what are you up to?" someone shouted towards the carriage.

"All of you are at my disposal. Hunt monsters and beasts for me. One hundred soldier-level beasts per person, then you can leave," a silky female voice came from the carriage, but it sounded quite cold.

Everyone was surprised. Although they knew there would be fights between people, their principal enemies were beasts.

They hadn't expected to be enslaved as soon as they arrived.

"Why should we?"

The youngster who had posted the question had a short temper. His state was high, peak of the late stage of the Gathering Yuan State. Of course he wouldn't submit without fighting back.


They didn't hear any sound from the carriage, only seeing a lightning-like blur flash by. It was a whip that lashed the youngster's face from dozens of feet away.

The youngster fell and started to screech, covering his face with his hands.

The others were shocked. They looked at each other and didn't know how to respond. Judging from what the woman in the carriage had done, she must have been at least a Mental Wander State.

"Hasn't anyone told you before you came here that this was a place for powerful people?"

"You're weaker than me, so you should be my dogs. I'll kill anyone who disobeys me. That's how things work here."

"Now, who else has a problem?" Judging from her voice, she should be a pretty woman, but her words were mean and cruel.

Jiang Chen shook his head, uninterested in watching the scene. He walked towards the next zone, but he caught the attention of the woman in the carriage as soon as he moved.

"There's a dog trying to escape."

The voice was strict and cold. She was irritated by Jiang Chen's behavior.

Several machine-operated beasts dashed over and stopped, blocking Jiang Chen's way.

The carriage also adjusted its position to face towards Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows and said, "Do you think powerful people can do whatever they want and bully others?"


The voice didn't convey any hesitation. She continued, "You're from the Natural Law School. No wonder you have the nerve to disobey me, but it won't work. Your school can't protect you here. For what you've done, you must hunt 200 general-level beasts for me."

"What if I say no?" Jiang Chen sneered.

The woman in the carriage didn't speak for a minute. To everyone's surprise, the whip didn't appear, either.

"Do you really think the Natural Law School can protect you? You've made a big mistake. If you're weak, it doesn't matter if you're from a top ten school or sect, you're just a dog!

"Now, dog, you'll pay the price for what you've said!"

The whip still didn't come as expected. However, the machine-operated beasts in his way roared and threw themselves at him fiercely.

"The weak are dogs? So, let me have a look at what this b*tch looks like!"

Jiang Chen sneered. He didn't take these machine-operated beasts seriously at all. He calmly drew the Redcloud Sword out of the sheath with his left hand.

With a flash, a radiance of the sword dashed over.

The four machine-operated beasts stopped where they were. Their solid bodies smashed into pieces.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》