The Brilliant Fighting Master
138 The Young Duke
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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138 The Young Duke

No matter what others thought, Jiang Chen would definitely go.

According to the information provided by the Intelligence Pavilion, one of the spiritual herbs was in the Realm of Beasts. Jiang Chen felt it was destiny that the realm was suddenly open to practitioners.

But the Intelligence Pavilion hadn't mentioned anything regarding the specific location, what kind of risks there could be, and so on.

They hadn't even mentioned the respective names of the spiritual herbs located in the Realm of Beasts and the Alien Battlefield. He only knew that one of the herbs he needed was there.

If he wanted more details, he would have to pay hundreds of millions of yuan stones.

Jiang Chen didn't want to waste the money. He started to collect any information he could find regarding the Realm of Beasts. He was hoping he could find a match by comparing the landforms there with the growing environment required by these five spiritual herbs.

In the Natural Law School, the price of a map of the Realm of Beasts skyrocketed in only half a day.

Jiang Chen paid lots of contributions for the most detailed map. By spending the whole night studying it, he marked three possible locations where the spiritual herbs could exist.

He would go to these three places.

It could be blood dragon wood or star grass that grows in these three areas. No matter which one it is, there will be powerful monsters and beasts guarding it nearby. I must be prepared.

So, Jiang Chen went to the Peak of Gem to shop.

It was already the third day after he finished all of his preparations.

He would set out for the Realm of Beasts the next day.

Before the departure, he went to the Transdragon Pool.

As a key disciple, he had one free entry to the pool every month. Since his state had enhanced, he could get help from the Transdragon Pool once again.

Maybe due to the competition and the Realm of Beasts, this time the pool was full of people.

The section reserved for female disciples was isolated by a tactical formation so that no male disciples could enter.

When he arrived at the Transdragon Pool, Jiang Chen suddenly recalled the fair female flesh he had seen there. He smiled embarrassedly.

Then, he saw something weird. The men's section was already very crowded, but there was no one in one of the corners.

Many disciples were waiting on the shore, but they didn't have the nerve to go there.

Jiang Chen was curious. It couldn't be reserved for female disciples, but no one was there. Why?

Due to his previous experience here, he was quite prudent this time. He asked a disciple standing next to him what was going on.

The Transdragon Pool was shrouded in mist all year round. There was also a good amount of steam rising from the hot baths. People had to stay close to see each other's faces, so no one recognized Jiang Chen. The disciple next to him said, "No one dares go down there. Mu Zhenchuan is coming soon."

Mu Zhenchuan?

The name sounded familiar to Jiang Chen. Then, he recalled the guy who was ranked seventh on the Talent List.

"This place can hold dozens of people. Why does no one dare to go there just because he's coming?" Jiang Chen was puzzled.

"Don't you know Mu Zhenchuan? He's a clean freak. He's called young duke because his father is a duke. He can't stand bathing with others." The disciple was surprised by his question.

"That's the reason?" Jiang Chen asked.


"If he's a clean freak, he should come here at a less popular time."

Jiang Chen thought it was ridiculous. People paid their contributions to enter. Why should they put up with that guy?

So, he took off his clothes and jumped into the pool.

The splashing sound attracted the attention of the disciples waiting on the side. They were surprised to see someone bathing in the zone reserved for Mu Zhenchuan.

They all had smug expressions, expecting a good show.

Jiang Chen didn't care at all. The Transdragon Pool had started to work.

If only the fifth holy pulse could recover this time.

He was attacked again by the heat that could melt him. It was even more intense than the last time.

He felt like his flesh had been melted. The genuine yuan contained in his meridian system was like molten lava. When it flew through his holy pulses, his body was like a furnace with water boiling inside.

To his disappointment, there was no sign that his fifth holy pulse was recovering.

Jiang Chen changed his posture, intending to take advantage of the pool to form his third and fourth holy points so that they could match his four holy pulses.

Suddenly, a stone was thrown into the pool. The water splashed next to him, wetting his face.

The Transdragon Pool had stopped working, too. The water was no longer that hot.

"Get out of there!"

As soon as he opened his eyes, Jiang Chen saw a key disciple standing on one of the rocks. He was a big and good-looking guy, but his arrogance ruined everything. He was sizing Jiang Chen up from above, disdain in his eyes.

"I told you to get out of there. Are you deaf or what?!" he shouted impatiently.

Jiang Chen noticed others' reactions, and immediately realized that it was young duke Mu Zhenchuan.

"There was a dog barking. I could hear it, but couldn't understand it," Jiang Chen was angry about the interruption, so he didn't show any courtesy, either.

The other disciples were shocked by his reply. Mu Chuanzhen's pupils contracted. His eyes were ice cold.

"These new disciples are more and more outrageous. How dare you talk back to a key disciple? Don't you know key disciples have the right to oversee all disciples?" Mu Zhenchuan said coldly.

"Do you think you're the only key disciple?"

Jiang Chen stood up. As the mist cleared away, people could see his face clearly.

"Jiang Chen!" they shouted in surprise. Jiang Chen was rising fast these days.

No wonder he had the nerve to disobey Mu Zhenchuan's orders.

"A rural boy from the Hundred Thousand Mountains. Even though you've become a key disciple, your deep-rooted bad habits are still with you," Mu Zhenchuan shook his head disdainfully.

"Yeah? But I didn't take a public resource for personal use and use it as my property shamelessly. I surely can't match you in this kind of nobleness," Jiang Chen said sarcastically.

He saw Gao Chenyi in this guy.

"Who am I? And who are you? As a noble duke, how can I bathe in the same place as you? The other disciples understand and respect my ways, but you're deliberately playing dumb with me. The Third Prince was right. You're nothing but a wretch!"

Mu Zhenchuan waved his hand, as if shooing away a fly. He said, "Go away! You're doomed."

"Heh. How arrogant! The leader just reorganized the school. I thought there would be some changes, but to my surprise… What kind of respect is this? You're just throwing your weight around. Besides, you've violated the school's rules by disturbing my practice. Do you think I'll let you go so easily?" Jiang Chen found it ridiculous.

"What are you planning?" Mu Zhenchuan sneered, his hands clasped behind his back.

"Nothing. I'll just follow the school's rules. I think the new leader of the Hall of Penal Law would be more than happy to take this opportunity to establish his prestige in the school," Jiang Chen said.

Mu Zhenchuan frowned upon hearing his words. He knew the recent changes occurring in the school and had also heard about the strictness and fairness of the new leader of the Hall of Penal Law.

If they really went to the Hall of Penal Law, he would find himself in serious trouble.

"How dare you?! Do you think you can do whatever you want after defeating Li Qin? Don't forget that you're only ranked tenth on the Talent List!" Mu Zhenchuan intended to frighten Jiang Chen.

"I do whatever I want? Don't be so absurd."

Jiang Chen was so irritated that he even laughed. He said, "According to the rule of the Transdragon Pool, anyone who disturbs others' practice in the pool will be banned from the Transdragon Pool for one year, three years in serious cases. I was trying to form my holy points but I was disturbed by you. Heh."

Mu Zhenchuan turned pale.

He gave Jiang Chen a stare and said, "Cut it out. Tell me how much you want. What you're doing is blackmailing. How spiteful! Tell me, how much do you want?"

Jiang Chen shook his head, unwilling to argue with him. He put on his clothes.

"Jiang Chen, tomorrow we're going to the Realm of Beasts. There are no rules there. Are you sure you want to be my enemy?" Mu Zhenchuan threatened.

"In my opinion, that's exactly why you should pay more attention to your own safety. The school will punish you for the violation of the school's rules. You interrupted my process of forming holy points. I'll come after you for that."

Then, Jiang Chen got onto his airship and left.

A minute after, the elder of the Transdragon Pool said, "According to the Hall of Penal Law, key disciple Mu Zhenchuan will be forbidden to enter the Transdragon Pool for three years for violation of the school's rules. Please leave as soon as possible."

Mu Zhenchuan had been about to take his clothes off, since he hadn't expected Jiang Chen to report to the Hall of Penal Law for real. He was seriously irritated.

"Great, great. Tomorrow we'll set out for the Realm of Beasts. Let's settle it there!"


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