The Brilliant Fighting Master
136 Thirty Million Low-Grade Yuan Stones
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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136 Thirty Million Low-Grade Yuan Stones

It was Su Xiuyi who had officially ordered the compensation. The three months that Ning Haotian had asked for had also passed.

Jiang Chen hadn't died in Li Qin's hands as they wished, so the Black Dragon City had to raise 30 million low-grade yuan stones in a hurry and bring them to Jiang Chen.

Each low-grade yuan stone was the size of a small pebble, but 30 million of them could pile up like a mountain.

The airships used to transport the yuan stones kept leaving and arriving, bringing infinite yuan stones to the Redcloud Peak.

At the same time, Jiang Chen had made it in the top ten of the Talent List and promoted to key disciple.

With the Medicine Elder on his side, his status in the Natural Law School had greatly improved.

Since he had holy pulses, the disciples of the school had envisioned a future in which Ning Haotian and he competed for the leader's position.

The fight between the Redcloud Peak and the Peak of the Heavenly King would no doubt last for a long time.

Due to Su Xiuyi's long lifespan, it was impossible for them to succeed to the leader's position after his death. Ning Haotian and Jiang Chen would have to catch up to his state first.

Not until then would Su Xiuyi be replaced.

Jiang Chen returned to the Redcloud Peak after collecting the key disciple's token and uniform. He called Meng Hao over immediately.

Meng Hao guessed what he was going to say, and was extremely excited.

"It's time now. Go take the test. I don't think anyone will deliberately make things difficult for you. Besides, once you pass the test, I'll give you a million contributions and promote you to senior disciple directly," Jiang Chen said.

The second part of Jiang Chen's words made Meng Hao euphoric. He was too excited to say anything meaningful.

He had been following Jiang Chen for more than half a year, but not as a member of the Natural Law School. To others, he was simply Jiang Chen's attendant.

He had nothing to complain about, and he knew he had received more help from the Redcloud Peak than any senior disciple could get from the school, yet he didn't feel confident when he wrote letters to send home.

Although he kept enhancing his state, in his family's eyes, he was just the attendant of someone prominent.

In his hometown, there was rumor saying that he had fallen victim to his vices and was making no effort to progress.

But from then on, all this would change.

Once he became a senior disciple, his family would be proud of him and his parents would be able to hold their heads high.


"I don't want to hear any words of courtesy. You trust me and treat me as a friend, almost dying for me when I was a junior. You followed me down to the imperial mausoleum. We're not a superior and subordinate, but friends and brothers," Jiang Chen said.

Meng Hao almost cried. He said, "I won't let you down!"

After Meng Hao left for the test, Jiang Chen called Fan Tu over.

"Uncle Fan, among the Jiangs' disciples, which ones do you think have the potential to become junior disciples?"

A key disciple could recommend more than one person to take the test.

"Jiang Lu, but now she is recovering from her injury. Jiang Feng and Jiang Jian have made progress as well," Fan Tu said.

"Hmmm… Jiang Lu's injury won't affect her state. It'll be fine once she recovers. Tell Jiang Feng and Jiang Jian I'll recommend them to take the test if they can achieve another breakthrough in their states."

"Okay! I think they'll be excited to hear the news."

At that moment, Gao Yue walked in. Fan Tu greeted her respectfully and left.

"Son, the 30 million low-grade yuan stones were all brought to the Redcloud Peak. What are you going to do with them?" Gao Yue asked.

No matter what kind of achievements Jiang Chen had, he was just a kid in Gao Yue's eyes. As his mother, she was worried he would squander this fortune.

"Thirty million low-grade yuan stones could be spent on treasured weapons and numerous panaceas. If you spend them constructing the Southwind Ridge, the Jiangs will become more powerful," Gao Yue went on.

The Southwind Ridge had been under construction, but it only relied on Jiang Chen's identity as a disciple of the Natural Law School instead of any extra resources given to them.

The 30 million low-grade yuan stones would be enough to allow them to unite the whole Hundred Thousand Mountains.

"I'll exchange my contributions for the resources the Southwind Ridge needs. After all, contributions can be exchanged for rose gold coins. Yuan stones could be exchanged, too, but the rate is pretty low."

The Natural Law School was cruel in this regard.

All the dividends of the panaceas Jiang Chen received were contributions, so by that time, Jiang Chen was among the top ten on the list of people with the most contributions.

"So what are you going to do with them?"

"First of all, help all those in the late stage of the Gathering Yuan State from the Southwind Ridge achieve the Mental Wander State, like Uncle Fan," Jiang Chen said.

"It won't cost a lot."

Gao Yue knew the states very well. She knew how many resources each state would consume. They wouldn't even consume one-tenth of the 30 million low-grade yuan stones.

"I'll spend the rest on curing your poison, mother. I'm going to prepare the antidote," Jiang Chen said seriously.

Gao Yue was struck dumb. She hadn't expected this. Then she said seriously, "Then the 30 million low-grade yuan stones won't be enough."

"Exactly. Not even close."

Jiang Chen shook his head helplessly. The antidote of the Death Warrant Flower required five rare spiritual herbals as ingredients.

Thirty million low-grade yuan stones were not even enough for one of them.

This wasn't the worst part.

None of the five spiritual herbals could be substituted, and they were very rare.

This meant that even if one had made a great effort to find four of them, he would get nowhere if they lacked the fifth.

And there was a great possibility that the fifth couldn't be found.

But no matter how hard it was, Jiang Chen was resolute.

"I'll spend the 30 million low-grade yuan stones on collecting information so that I can refine the antidote in the least time when I'm powerful enough to do it."

Gao Yue shook her head and said, "My lifespan has been recovered by your school leader, but my state has been weakened. If I face Li Qin again, I'll definitely die. There is no need to waste your time and energy on me."

"If I can't help you get rid of the poison, it'll become one of my biggest worried. Over time, it will ruin me," Jiang Chen said something that his mother couldn't refute.

"The devil inside you!"

Gao Yue was shocked and gave up the idea to talk him out of it.

"That's fine. Don't try too hard."

Jiang Chen was dumbfounded. When he had said to his father that he would rescue him from the Black Dragon Pool, his father had said the same thing to him.

Jiang Chen immediately asked Wen Xin to gather information for him. As a princess, it was easier for her than for him.

It was true. Wen Xin had results in only a few days.

"According to the Intelligence Pavilion, one of the spiritual herbs you're looking for is in the Realm of Beasts, and another is in the Alien Battlefield. They're still investigating the other three.

"The Mysterious Herbal Pavilion told me that the spiritual herbs you wanted couldn't be kept for a long time. You'll have to collect them right at the time of use. Besides, they're so rare that only pharmacies in the Dragon Field are good enough to provide them."

Wen Xin glanced at Jiang Chen in surprise after finishing her words. She said, "What kind of panaceas are you going to refine? Even the Mysterious Herbal Pavilion cannot take your order. The information provided by the Intelligence Pavilion has almost cost all of the 30 million low-grade yuan stones."

"What's more, the Intelligence Pavilion suggested you hire people in the Reaching Heaven State to look for the spiritual herbs in the Alien Battlefield, but no matter whether they can find them or not, you'll have to pay them 100 million low-grade yuan stones. If they find them, they'll charge you extra depending on the functions of the herbs."

Wen Xin was extremely shocked. She didn't understand why Jiang Chen needed such expensive spiritual herbs.


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