The Brilliant Fighting Master
135 Art of Balance
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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135 Art of Balance

The whole world was looking at Jiang Chen, shocked.

He was threatening the Third Prince!

"How ridiculous! Let me tell you one thing. A wretch like you will never be able to catch up with me." The Third Prince had a disdainful expression. He didn't take Jiang Chen's words seriously at all.

"I'm interested in seeing your face when you're killed by a wretch," Jiang Chen said.

"Enough. Go away."

The old man with only one arm interrupted them. He was worried that the Third Prince would shoot another arrow and, as a result, cost him the only arm he had left.

Jiang Chen glanced at the Third Prince and flew back to his clansmen.

The Third Prince was wondering whether he should shoot at Jiang Chen as he watched the latter leaving.

However, he wasn't sure whether the Natural Law School had the nerve to kill him. He didn't want to take the risk, so he left in his tower ship.

Not until the ship was far away did the others start to discuss the matter.

"The Third Prince is so arrogant."

"What a bull in a china shop! That old man in the Reaching Heaven State cut off his own arm for him. His strength will be greatly affected."

"Yep. And the Third Prince didn't get any consolation from it. That woman is still alive."

"That being said, Jiang Chen is really audacious. He dared to confront the Third Prince so boldly."

"Of course he did. He has holy pulses and has made it into the top ten of the Talent List. The Natural Law School will try their best to protect him."

"But with the Third Prince's character, he will definitely kill Jiang Chen when they meet again."

Jiang Chen returned to the Redcloud Peak with his family while the others were in a heated discussion.

The Third Prince had shot the arrow with vicious intent. The only reason Jiang Lu wasn't dead was Jiang Chen's great medical skill.

He held a strong hatred towards that arrogant prince who acted as if human life wasn't worth a thing.

As long as I'm powerful enough, I'll take him out, even if he represents the imperial power!

The joy of defeating and killing Li Qin was replaced by this strong desire. He wished he could explore the mystery of the Mental Wander State as soon as possible.

But before that, he had to get prepared to detoxicate the poison Gao Yue was suffering from.

He wouldn't allow another like Li Qin hurt his mother!

That night, the news that Jiang Chen had killed Li Qin spread throughout the Fire Field, including his conflict with the Third Prince.

Many people hadn't expected to hear that.

They secretly cursed Jiang Chen, only because they had bet on Jiang Chen's loss and his victory cost most of them a great fortune, but Jiang Chen also gained some notoriety in the Fire Field.

At that moment in the supreme council room of the Ning Mansion of the Black Dragon City…

This place was usually vacant. Only when something critical happened, would the elders and leaders of the Black Dragon City gather here.

At this moment, the sixty-six chairs in the council room were almost all occupied. It wasn't difficult to imagine how urgent the affair was.

"Thirty million low-grade yuan stones! Thirty million! How could Ning Haotian agree on compensation like that!"

"Yeah, it's not rose gold coins. This amount will wipe the Nings out."

"He's too naïve!"

The first lady didn't respond to the indignant elders lamenting. She just let them talk.

She turned to those sitting at the head of the table, since they were the ones who got the last word in the Ning household.

Among them was her husband, Ning Xiaofeng.

"Are you done?" Ning Xiaofeng's gentle tone silenced the whole council room.

He was sitting in the chair like a mountain, large and unmovable. His carefully trimmed beard was turning gray, but there was a sharp gleam in his eyes. With his serious expression, the whole world was in awe of him.

"My son is already a Reaching Heaven State. Among the few Reaching Heaven States in the Nings, he is the youngest, and he will have a bright future. It's only 30 million low-grade yuan stones, nothing worth speaking of," he said.

No one dared respond, except the middle-aged man sitting opposite to him.

"If Ning Haotian is so great, let him pay it himself. He is a Reaching Heaven State, isn't he?"

This guy and Ning Xiaofeng looked very alike, but he had softer features. Despite his age, he still looked attractive. He must have been a very handsome man when he was younger.

The first lady curled her lips. The guy who had just spoken was Ning Ping's father, Ning Xingshi. Ever since Ning Ping's death, he had held a strong hatred towards her.

At that moment, Ning Xiaofeng was boasting his son's achievements, which displeased Ning Xingshi.

"My son has just achieved the Reaching Heaven State. He needs to consolidate his strength in order to reach further. He doesn't have time to collect yuan stones," Ning Xiaofeng said coldly.

"Why should the Ning Mansion pay for him? It's 30 million yuan stones! All of the courtyards will have to live on a tight budget if we pay it," Ning Xingshi was irritated.

"When my son achieves further than the Reaching Heaven State, the Black Dragon City will rise again. Don't you understand it?" Ning Xiaofeng asked.

"Heh, yeah, I understand. Of course I understand. You said the same when your wife robbed another's' holy pulse and brought shame upon the Black Dragon City. But what did we get? It's a b*llshit method. Now your son's holy pulses are disappearing one by one. I guess the Reaching Heaven State is his limit, isn't it?" Ning Xingshi snorted.

The first lady turned pale and then her face became dark. She said angrily, "Enough! Stop arguing. My parents will pay the yuan stones."

Everyone in the council room was shocked. Ning Xingshi didn't expect it, either. He was dumbstruck.

Her parents weren't average people.

The old man sitting in the middle opened his mouth.

"It's only 30 million low-grade yuan stones. The Black Dragon City can afford it, Su Quan. Don't worry about it."

His word was the last word. Everyone stopped arguing, because he was the lord of the Black Dragon City, Ning Hai.

The first lady glanced at Ning Xingshi coldly, folding her arms across her chest. She was still angry.

"Elders who are younger than the generation Jia are dismissed," Ning Hai said.

In the Black Dragon City, there were four levels of elders—Jia, Yi, Bing, and Ding—which represented different levels of power.

Those in the council room were surprised to hear the order, but started to move regardless. The room was suddenly filled with the sound of chairs moving. Soon, there were less than ten people left in the room.

Those left in the room were the ones who would decide the fate of the Black Dragon City. The direct line of descent of the Nings' was also there, including the first lady.

"The attitude of the Natural Law School matters a lot. Su Xiuyi dismissed Haotian from the post of vice leader. What do you think about it?" Ning Hai asked.

"It's an art of balance. Haotian was indeed going too far. He was pulling the wool over the public's eyes. Of course Su Xiuyi had to do something about it, but it was only a gesture," someone replied immediately.

"Exactly. Haotian is the youngest Reaching Heaven State in the Fire Field in the last hundred years. The Natural Law School won't give him up."

"I agree."

Most of them were optimistic, not taking the matter too seriously.

"I'm afraid that the balance will be tipped in Jiang Chen's favor in the end. After all, his holy pulses are recovering." Ning Xingshi's words made everyone silent.

But this time, even the first lady didn't blame him, since it was something they had to pay attention to.

"We've all seen how powerful the holy pulse is in Haotian. If we allow Jiang Chen enough time, he could become another Jiang Qingyu, no, even more formidable than Jiang Qingyu."

Many people agreed.

"Contact the Black White School. Kill Jiang Chen at any cost."

Ning Hai, sitting at the head of the table, opened his mouth, "Once Jiang Chen dies, there will be no need for balance at all."


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