The Brilliant Fighting Master
134 The Third Prince
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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134 The Third Prince

She had died!

Li Qin had really died!

Although it was a fight to the death, wasn't it a great pity for a genius like Li Qin to die like this?

Many onlookers that had come to watch the fight were actually curious to see how the Natural Law School would handle the matter.

Li Qin had mastered the minor doctrine of wind.

Jiang Chen had holy pulses.

Could the Natural Law School bear the loss of either of them?

But to their surprise, the school didn't meddle and just let Li Qin die under Jiang Chen's sword.

However, the disciples of the Natural Law School recalled Su Xiuyi's words.

It was exactly because everyone had held the opinion that Li Qin was a genius who should be valued that she had committed a crime, intruding into a sibling disciple's house to commit murder, disregarding the school's rules!

If the school didn't persecute this kind of disciple, it would be a great risk to the school if she eventually became an elder and was a bad example for others.

Reserve Elder An Yu wailed and caught her apprentice's dead body so that she wouldn't crash into the mud.

Her wail broke the silence, and exclamations were abundant.

Jiang Chen's performance was a heavy blow to those who had regarded him as a joke.

Tang Ke, a key disciple of the Natural Law School, had an unreadable expression. He was among those who had seen Jiang Chen as the underdog. At that moment, he felt a pain in his cheek, as if someone had slapped him.

"How outstanding the one who has inherited the doctrine of sword is!"

"Not exactly. His secret method helped him more!"

"Yes! Being able to fly freely across the sky… In addition, in the last attack, his sword was extremely sharp, quite unusual."

"The rise of another genius!"

Many people changed their opinions of Jiang Chen. They wanted to introduce themselves to him, but saw him landing on his airship, about to leave.

Jiang Chen had come here to kill Li Qin.

Now that she was dead, it wasn't necessary for him to stay.


Suddenly, the rude voice of the Third Prince came from the tower ship.

Since the ship was in the highest position, many people had to raise their heads to look at the Third Prince, who was standing on the deck.

"Jiang Chen, is that your name? I'm interested in the secret method that has allowed you to fly. Would you like to give it to me? I'll pay you a handsome reward for it!"

He didn't even pretend to be polite, but behaved in an unconcerned and arrogant manner by saying words like handsome reward, as if it would be Jiang Chen's honor to satisfy him, but what he had said reminded many people of one thing.

He wasn't the only one who was interested in the Holy Wings' Ascending.

"I don't need any reward," Jiang Chen said calmly.

"Are you going to give it to me without charging anything?" the Third Prince said and laughed.

People were struck speechless. Was he pretending to be foolish or did he really not understand what Jiang Chen meant?

What Jiang Chen had said was obviously a refusal, a refusal that showed he was annoyed.

The Third Prince finally realized. It wasn't because he was slow, he just hadn't expected to be refused by Jiang Chen.

"Are you looking down on me?! Do you know who I am?" the Third Prince said.

"No. Not interested."

Jiang Chen didn't even look at him. His airship left for the Redcloud Peak.

"Are you running away? You wretch, do you think yourself great for killing Li Qin? I could kill her with a single attack! You're from the Hundred Thousand Mountains, huh? Do you not believe I can get rid of your family with only one order?!" the Third Prince was irritated. His eyes were full of anger.

No one was surprised by his words, as they were expected. People shook their heads secretly, used to his manners.

This was why no one dared to stop him when he offended Li Xue'er.

"Do you know why Li Qin died? Because she went to the Hundred Thousand Mountains and intended to do what you just mentioned."

However, they were surprised by Jiang Chen's reply.

If they interpreted his tone right, he was threatening the Third Prince, wasn't he?

He was telling the Third Prince that he would kill the latter ruthlessly if he dared to do anything to his family.

The Third Prince grinned hideously. What he did next was beyond anyone's expectations.

He suddenly took out a spiritual bow and put an arrow made of darksteel on it. He shot the arrow at Jiang Chen.

He had tried to kill a senior disciple on the territory of the Natural Law School!

Fortunately, Jiang Chen had practiced some secret methods, so he dodged in time. When the arrow hit his airship, it exploded and blew up the ship.

"Third Prince, are you disrespecting the Natural Law School?!"

"How dare you try to kill a disciple of the Natural Law School?!"

"Wow, are you looking down on us?!"

All of the disciples of the Natural Law School flew into a rage. No matter what opinions they held of Jiang Chen, what he had done was an insult to the whole school.

"Ha, this is a good lesson for him! I'm a prince, representing supreme imperial power. This wretch had the nerve to contradict me. He deserves to die!"

The Third Prince didn't think it a big deal. He put another arrow onto his bow to aim at Jiang Chen, who was in the air.

The tower ship suddenly quaked when he was about to release the arrow. It seemed to have been grasped by a shapeless power.

"Who is that?! How audacious! Are you ignoring imperial power?"

The Third Prince lost his balance. His arrow flew out of control, and he yelled out of anger.

"Jiang Chen…"

Suddenly, a pained tone of voice attracted everyone's attention.

Among the Jiangs' disciples who had to come for help, Jiang Lu, Jiang Chen's cousin, had been shot by the arrow.

It had happened too fast. Jiang Lu was totally dumbfounded. At the thought that the arrow could explode, she was completely panicked.

Jiang Chen panicked, too. Fortunately, the arrow didn't explode, since the Third Prince had shot it prematurely.

Jiang Chen dashed over immediately. He cut off the arrow and fed Jiang Lu a panacea for heart protection.

It's so close to her heart.

Jiang Chen took a deep breath. His cousin had almost died before him.

When he raised his head again, both he and his sword emitted an overwhelming killing intent.

"This is what you'll get if you offend me!" The Third Prince was even proud of himself.

Jiang Chen wished he could kill the prince right away, but Jiang Lu needed him at the moment. He held his temper and focused on treating her.

By then, the Third Prince's tower ship was like a toy grasped by a giant's hand, close to being smashed to pieces. The hull started to crack.

"This is the Natural Law School, stop!" a royal elder on the ship shouted.

No one had shown up, but a majestic voice came from the sky.

"Cut off one of your arms. Otherwise, die!"

"What? Cut it off if you can—" the Third Prince was still provoking.

But he was interrupted by an old man in the Reaching Heaven State behind him. The old man gnashed his teeth and cut off the prince's left arm with his sword.

"Is that all right?" the old man asked loudly, throwing his arm off the ship.

Not until then did the shapeless power disappear.

The arm of a Reaching Heaven State was a great price to pay.

"What did you do? You made me lose face," the Third Prince murmured unhappily, but he restrained himself, since even he had realized the danger they were facing.

"How disappointing the Natural Law School is! Let's go."

The tower ship turned around under his order, about to leave.

When everyone thought the whole affair was over, a figure appeared in front of the bow, trying to stop them from leaving. It was Jiang Chen!

He was holding a broken arrow covered with blood in his hand. Jiang Lu had been out of danger after the treatment, and was in a coma.

"Are you going to take revenge?" the Third Prince teased.

"If you weren't from a royal family, with your foolishness, you could've been killed a thousand times! How dare you make a scene here?! Remember, I'll kill anyone who hurts my clansmen without any mercy!" Jiang Chen said coldly.

The Third Prince's eyes were full of hatred. When he heard Jiang Chen's last sentence, he burst into laughter. "How could you kill me? Even the Natural Law School doesn't have the nerve to kill me!"

"When I can, you'll be dead meat."

The Third Prince was ranked top ten in the Eternal Flame List. At that point, Jiang Chen wasn't a match for him, but he would catch up with his state and kill him in one attack, like he did with Li Qin.


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