The Brilliant Fighting Master
133 Break the Rule with a Single Sword Attack
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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133 Break the Rule with a Single Sword Attack

"Impossible! That's absolutely impossible! I spent so much time and put so much effort into forming seven holy points in my meridians at the cost of delaying the progress of my normal practice. Even so, I'm unable to fly without the help of the Holy Wind Streamer! How is he able to do it? How did he do it?" Li Qin shouted to herself silently.

Li Qin didn't care that he had inherited the doctrine of sword, but she couldn't accept the fact that he was able to fly in his current state.

She was proud of herself for her flying ability. It was how she became famous in the Fire Field.

Even those in the peak of the late stage of the Mental Wander State weren't able to fly by default.

Li Qin found her streamer by accident and gained the secret method Heavenly Behavior and Wing of the Wind from the spiritual weapon. She focused on her practice to yield those extraordinary achievements.

She was ranked tenth on the Talent List and in the top 100 of the Eternal Flame List.

The sky was her pride and her stage.

But Jiang Chen had intruded into it in an unbridled manner.

When he was fifteen feet above the ground, a surprisingly huge power erupted from under his feet, which almost blew everything on the ground away and helped him ascend rapidly.

Soon, he arrived at the same height as Li Qin and stopped there. Compared to Li Qin, holding her streamer, he seemed more elegant and open-minded.

"Your pride is worthless," Jiang Chen said coldly.

Li Qin was as pale as a ghost when she heard him. She stared at him with an unreadable expression.

"Gosh, he's standing in the air. How is he doing that?!"

"Is this still a fight between two Mental Wander States?"

"Check his back with your holy awareness!"

"What are those? Wings?!"

Everyone was startled. Some people figured out how he had flown.

His energy formed a pair of wings that grew out of his back. They were big and long, able to wrap him up when they closed.

Thanks to this pair of wings, Jiang Chen could fly across the sky as freely as a bird.

"What secret method is that? I've never heard of it!"

"It's great enough to allow him, in the beginning of the preliminary stage, to fly!"

"It's said that Jiang Chen achieved the Mental Wander State only a little over one month ago. I guess he only has one holy point in his body, but he's doing so well. I'm not sure which is more brilliant, him or the secret method."

The crowd was in uproar. They were all shocked by Jiang Chen's magic.

It was even eye-opening for the elders of the Natural Law School, who were watching the fight behind the scenes. They were having a heated discussion, too.

Soon, the elders came to a conclusion. They didn't have such a secret method in the Natural Law School.

They immediately reached the consensus that if Jiang Chen could contribute it to the school, it would benefit the Natural Law School greatly.

"Li Qin, your secret method is called Heavenly Behavior and Wing of the Wind, isn't it?" Jiang Chen suddenly asked.


Li Qin was surprised. She had never told anyone about her secret method. It was her biggest secret and her ace in the hole, but it sounded as if Jiang Chen didn't take her method seriously at all.

"Let me tell you one thing. Your method was created based on the method I practiced, which was called Holy Wings' Ascending, but it didn't maintain the essence at all. Its power relies on a spiritual weapon," Jiang Chen sneered.

He was going to shatter Li Qin's pride.


Li Qin, naturally, couldn't accept this.

"Holy Wind Ball!"

She didn't want to be disturbed by Jiang Chen's words anymore. She made an all-out attack. A furious cyclone arose around her and whirled into small balls. They took shape at a critical point.

Three wind balls whirled around her at high speed, forming a perfect defense.

"Whoever approaches her will be attacked by the wind balls. If you fight against them, the power of the hit will be more horrifying than what happened to the ground just now," Tang Ke said.

"It's still hard to tell who will emerge victorious," Wu Yong said.

"Apprentice sister, who do you think will win?" the female disciples of the Peak of Ingénue on the exquisite ship asked Li Xue'er.

"Li Qin has seven holy points in her body, while Jiang Chen only has two. He's managed to fly, but that also limits his actions. Li Qin is unquestionably in a more advantageous situation," Li Xue'er said gently.

She wasn't particularly inclined to either of them, but was analyzing the situation rationally.

At the same time, she found Jiang Chen's face familiar. He and the guy she had seen at the Transdragon Pool looked very alike.

Other people also held the same opinion as Li Xue'er.

The Third Prince, who was in the tower ship, said, "I'm interested in Jiang Chen's wings. It'll be a pity if he dies."

"Jet Flow of Holy Wind!"

However, Li Qin didn't show any mercy. She started an all-out attack after deploying defense.

A giant wind vortex sped over, more formidable than the eight wind dragons attacking together.

"I'll show you what kind of difference the gap between two methods could result in," Jiang Chen said.


A near gale started with a mere flutter of his wings. He flew up at a high speed, like an eagle. The onlookers had to raise their heads to follow his movement.

The wind vortex didn't even reach his hair.

Soon, he rose high up higher, then closed his wings and let himself fall towards Li Qin.

"Three Stars in One!"

Li Qin sensed danger. She waved her streamer like crazy and the wind balls around her became one.

"Break the Rule with a Single Sword Attack!" Jiang Chen said in a low, deep voice.

The energy and the radiance of the Redcloud Sword suddenly soared. The three-foot long sword transformed into more than ten feet.

But soon, the energy and the radiance went back into the blade. At the same time, the tip of the blade emitted a purple radiance.

The elevation of the sword!

Practitioners in the Condensing Qi State and the Gathering Yuan State injected their genuine qi or genuine yuan into the sword to form a four-inch long wind edge at the tip of the blade. This was called the radiance of the sword, and was very sharp. With it, even an average sword could cut clean through iron.

The elevation of the sword could only be achieved by a Mental Wander State with the help of secret methods and holy yuan that had experienced nine transformations injected in the blade.

When the human and the sword turned into one, the elevation of the sword would have formidable power.

If one compared the radiance of the sword to arrows, the elevation of the sword would be a cannonball!

Jiang Chen had achieved it by giving up his spiral holy yuan and turning to a secret method specifically designed for swords.


Jiang Chen and his sword became one. With his fall from from the air and the elevation of the sword, he looked like a shooting star, as if he were going to produce a big crater in the ground.

Jiang Chen's sword pierced through the wind balls, and the tip of the Redcloud Sword was ruthlessly pierced into Li Qin's chest.

"You're nobody, even in the air," Jiang Chen sneered, staring at her pale face.

Li Qin's eyes were already bloodshot. She was reluctant to accept defeat. She had never imagined she would have lost to such an extent without any suspense.

Jiang Chen was still surrounded by the wind balls. As long as they emitted power, she would at least be able to hurt him.

But with her heart pierced through, she was already too weak to perform any attacks. Losing their energy source, the wind balls would soon disappear.

Jiang Chen's attack was confident, as though he had known he would win.

"I… I don't want to die like this."

Li Qin closed her eyes reluctantly.

Her body started to fall, and she would soon end up like her brother.

She had had her good times, but would soon die miserably. No one would remember her in the future.

"Be smart in your next life. There are some people you should never provoke," Jiang Chen said ruthlessly.

What had happened to Gao Yue changed his mind.

He realized that killing wasn't the cause of tragedies, but a necessary method to stop a tragedy from happening!


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