The Brilliant Fighting Master
130 The Immortal Doctrine of Sword
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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130 The Immortal Doctrine of Sword

When Jiang Chen went back to the Redcloud Peak, it was already dawn.

Everyone woke up early that day, too nervous to keep sleeping.

It was the day of the fight between Jiang Chen and Li Qin, when one of them would die.

Wen Xin and others were too worried to even eat those days, since Jiang Chen's strength wasn't a match for Li Qin's.

Jiang Chen noticed Gao Yue had gotten up when he went to her room. She was sitting by the window, submerged in her thoughts, frowning.

She didn't detect Jiang Chen's presence until he came up to her.

"Son, is something the matter? You look so tired. Didn't you get any sleep?" Gao Yue said worriedly when she saw him.

"Mother, this letter is for you. It's from father. The leader took me to the Black Dragon Pool earlier." Jiang Chen hadn't been able to adjust his mood. Whenever he pictured the place where his father was kept, he couldn't relax.

"A letter from Qingyu?!"

Gao Yue hadn't expected it at all. She grabbed the letter and glanced at it. She said excitedly, "It's your father's handwriting!"

After reading the letter, Gao Yue was crying and smiling at the same time. She pressed the letter to her chest. From the look in her eyes, Jiang Chen could tell how much she had missed his father.

Then she looked at Jiang Chen and asked, "Do you know why the leader took you to the Black Dragon Pool?"

"No. Was he not supposed to?"

Jiang Chen had never thought about it. He said, "He told me he thought I could be killed by Li Qin, and as a result, would never able to see father again. I believed him."

"Nonsense. What are you saying? My son won't die."

Gao Yue glanced at him accusatorily. She suddenly cheered up and said, "Anyway, your leader did you a big favor. Read and sense every single word in this letter."

Jiang Chen took the letter and started to read.

Before, since he was in a bad mood, he hadn't read it too carefully.

With Gao Yue's order, he found each word on the paper contained a profound and dense spirit of sword. It kept flowing into his mind while he was reading.

However, Jiang Chen had mastered the full spirit of sword and the same kind of spirit of sword wouldn't accumulate, but after completely gaining the spirits of sword contained in the hundreds of words, he felt like there was a door leading to a new world open before him.

It turned out that the spirit of sword contained in each word was only a piece of the puzzle. When the puzzle was completed, the full picture was clear.

That full picture was the doctrine of sword!

Jiang Chen was pleasantly surprised. He felt excited and said, "The doctrine of sword! It's the doctrine of sword! I've inherited the doctrine of sword!"

"Although your father couldn't fight against other people, he kept working on his doctrine of sword at home. That's why the whole Black Dragon City couldn't beat him and had to ask for the dynasty general's help. They exhausted your father by throwing in all the resources they had to finally catch him," Gao Yue said.

"Is father's doctrine of sword from the Taoist Priest Skywind?" Jiang Chen asked.

"No. If it were from him, your father wouldn't have been able to give it to you without asking for his permission, even though you're his son. He received it from a relic.

"It's called the Immortal Doctrine of Sword!"

It wasn't one of the top four doctrines of sword the Sacred Zone had, but this sounded like a powerful name.

"The Immortal Doctrine of Sword? Is there any connection with the Eternal Doctrine of Sword, one of the top four doctrines of sword?"


Before long, dawn arrived. Every creature was awake.

Airships arrived at the Natural Law School, one after another. Among them, there were even some huge tower ships.

"Zheng He, apprentice of the Tengen Sword, has come to visit."

"Tang Zheng, a key disciple of the Wind Fire Institute, is greeting Leader Su on behalf of our dean."

"Wu Yong, a disciple of the Great Void School, has come to learn from the Natural Law School."


Famous people from all around the Fire Field had come.

Outsiders weren't allowed to enter the Natural Law School casually. They had to show their identity to get a temporary token to get in.

The school's disciples knew it was going to be a big day, but they were still shocked.

Many of the visitors were talented youngsters in the Fire Field.

For example, Wu Yong from the Great Void School, ranked 56th on the Eternal Flame List, was extraordinarily famous.

However, most of them were youngsters in the Mental Wander State. Powerful men in the Reaching Heaven State wouldn't come just to watch two youngsters' fight.

Of course, this didn't mean there were no big people in the Natural Law School.

Some of the more excellent disciples of the Natural Law School were also famous. They were hanging out with the youngsters from other sects and schools and attracted some jealous looks. With their introductions, the other disciples also came to know these well-known people, exciting them, especially when they met those in the top 100 of the Eternal Flame List.

Among the top 10 of the Eternal Flame List, there were two disciples from the Natural Law School.

One was Ning Haotian, and the other was Li Xue'er.

At the Peak of Drifting Clouds, Li Qin was sitting in her room, which had a large hole in the ceiling, waiting calmly.

The school had appointed the Peak of Drifting Clouds the site of the fight. Since the whole peak had been destroyed and was losing more of its spirit of universe every day, there was nothing to lose.

During these three months, Li Qin had fully recovered from her injuries. She had breakthroughs in her conception of wind, so her strength was vastly improved from three months ago.

Jiang Chen, you shouldn't have allowed me these three months.

Li Qin raised her head to glance at the people gathering at the Peak of Drifting Clouds. She thought to herself, "Brother, I'll revenge you in front of these people. When he dies, his family will lose the protection of the Natural Law School. I'll destroy his family as well, especially that Gao Yue!"

A disciple of the Natural Law School in the Mental Wander State boarded the ship of Wu Yong, a disciple from the Great Void School.

It was Tang Ke, ranked ninth on the Talent List.

He had become a key disciple more than ten years ago, but rarely showed up in public. However, this day, he appeared due to the fight, because he wanted to see how much Li Qin had progressed.

After killing Jiang Chen, Li Qin wanted to challenge him.

If she could be ranked one place higher, the prize she received would be doubled.

"Brother Tang, long time no see! What do you think about the fight today?" Wu Yong smiled.

"That Jiang Chen is only an overnight millionaire from a barren place. He's running wild just because he has holy pulses. He's disturbing the whole school. Today, he will definitely die by Li Qin's hand," Tang Ke brought up Jiang Chen with an extremely disdainful tone.

He said again, "I've been watching Li Qin. Unless they're a genius, no one in the preliminary stage of the Mental Wander State could beat her, let alone Jiang Chen."

"Looks like this is gonna be a boring fight." Tang Ke's opinion disappointed Wu Yong.

"It's a fight between two people who have a huge gap in strength. It's attracted so many people to come because Jiang Chen has holy pulse, however, holy pulse isn't so unusual. If the holy pulse were in Ning Haotian's body, with the Black Dragon City's resources and materials, it would be used to the fullest. What a pity." Tang Ke felt sorry for him.

Wu Yong smiled, not saying anything. Suddenly, he looked over to the other side of the Peak of Drifting Clouds and saw an exquisite ship coming.

All the female disciples on the deck were pretty.

Among them, there was a figure in white, attracting everyone's attention.

"The Peak of Ingénue! Apprentice sister Li Xue'er from the Peak of Ingénue is also here!" the crowd kept shouting.

"Number one on the Beauty List, Li Xue'er," Wu Yong murmured. He was hesitant, eager to go over, but afraid of behaving impolitely. He said, "Brother Tang, you two are sibling disciples. Could you introduce me to her?"

"Apprentice Sister Li only has contacts with women in the school," Tang Ke said, finding it to be too delicate a situation for him to try.

Li Xue'er's presence was an unexpected surprise for those guests. All of them were interested in seeing the face of the number one beauty of the Beauty List, but to their disappointment, she was wearing a veil that even holy awareness couldn't pierce through.


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