The Brilliant Fighting Master
129 The Last Goodbye
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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129 The Last Goodbye

Jiang Qingyu was a famous genius from the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

Without big forces to back him up or endless resources, he made it onto the Master List by his own efforts and became known around the world, but he chose to return to the mountains to start a family during his best years.

Jiang Chen knew his father had given up all his fame and fortune because of the poison his mother was suffering from.

And due to him, his father was kept in this abyss that was as terrible as death.

He had always regarded his father as the greatest man in the world. Even if the world collapsed, he wouldn't be afraid with his father beside him.

In his memory, he had never seen of his father look this pathetic, like a street beggar.

He shouted loudly and dashed into Jiang Qingyu's arms.

"Are you really my son?! You're still alive? That's great! That's really great! There is a God!"

Jiang Qingyu's eyes brimmed with tears as he hugged his son, hard.

He had been imprisoned there directly after the fight in the Black Dragon City. He never knew if Fan Tu had taken Jiang Chen back to the Hundred Thousand Mountains alive, nor did he know whether Jiang Chen could survive.

In fact, the real Jiang Chen didn't, but the current Jiang Chen had taken over his body, his memory, and his emotions.

Memories of his two lives kept merging and incorporating into one complete life.

He was both the son of the lord of the Over Cloud Palace and the young master of the Jiangs of the Southwind Ridge.

Suddenly, Jiang Chen took out his Redcloud Sword and struck the iron chain fastened to the wall.

With a clang generated by the strike, some golden runes appeared on the inside and outside of the chain, preventing any marks. Instead, Jiang Qingyu, whose hands and feet were bound, growled in pain.

Jiang Chen panicked, feeling guilty and nervous.

"It's fine, son." Sweat trickled down Jiang Qingyu's forehead, but he tried to smile at Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen gnashed his teeth and looked at Su Xiuyi. He said, "Leader, please save my father. I'll keep your merit in mind forever! I'll pay you back!"

Su Xiuyi didn't answer him. He looked down the Black Dragon Pool and gave him a helpless look.

"Son, don't put him in a difficult position."

Jiang Qingyu said, "Leader Su, I had the honor to meet you once. Has my son joined the Natural Law School?"

"Yes. Jiang Chen is already a senior disciple of the school. He's doing well. At such a young age, he has already achieved the Mental Wander State. I've taken him here to visit you," Su Xiuyi said.

"Really? Wonderful! My son is successful! You achieved the Mental Wander State at a younger age than even I did."

Jiang Qingyu felt joyful. He patted Jiang Chen's shoulders excitedly.

"What about your mother? What about the Southwind Ridge?"

Jiang Chen told him what had happened during that period, but he didn't mention Gao Yue's poison, since he didn't want his father to worry.

"It must have been difficult for you."

Jiang Qingyu looked guilty. Although Jiang Chen hadn't mentioned any details, he knew how hard it was for the Southwind Ridge to survive as long it did.

"I focused on practicing and didn't get involved in any fights. If I had known things would have ended up like this, I would've united the Hundred Thousand Mountains. That way, the Jiangs wouldn't have suffered from the attack of three groups at all," Jiang Qingyu said.

Then, Jiang Chen started to treat Jiang Qingyu's wounds.

They were all from his fight with the Black Dragon City. Since he was imprisoned in the Black Dragon Pool, he hadn't received any treatment.

"Your medical skills are great. That old man with the gray beard who taught you all this must be an extraordinary person! My son is blessed with good luck!" Jiang Qingyu said excitedly.

"Yes. By the way, father, my holy pulses are recovering. The b*stard Nings didn't take them from me successfully. At the same time, the holy pulses in Ning Haotian's body are disappearing."

"That's how it should be! Things should be going like this!" Jiang Qingyu was pleasantly surprised. It was like a dream to hear so much good news.

Suddenly, they heard the dragon chanting below the Black Dragon Pool.

"Jiang Chen, hurry up," Su Xiuyi said.

"What? It's too soon." Jiang Chen had so many things to tell his father. He hadn't expected to leave so soon, but he knew the leader had tried his best.

He knelt down before Jiang Qingyu and said, "Father, I'll get you out of here. Trust me!"

"I trust you, but don't try too hard. Take care of yourself. I'm gonna write a letter to your mother. Do you have a pen and paper?"

"Yes, yes, I do." Jiang Chen hurried to take a pen, ink, and paper out, but the black dragon was dissatisfied with what they were doing. The black wind started to blow so wildly that gravel fell from the stone walls.

"B*stard!" Jiang Chen cursed silently.

"Blackie, this couple hasn't seen each other for a long time. Don't be so mean. We came here in a hurry and didn't get the time to ask his mother to send a message to his father. If the kid goes back with no message either, his mother will be heartbroken."

Su Xiuyi blinked at Jiang Chen and flew down.

The black dragon was still unhappy about it, the black wind becoming fiercer and almost turning the abyss into hell.

Jiang Qingyu didn't care. He didn't stop writing.

He handed the letter to Jiang Chen when he finished. "Take this letter to your mother."

"Okay, father…"

"This is bad. Blackie has lost its temper. Let's go!" Su Xiuyi suddenly flew up and started to ascend, holding onto Jiang Chen's shoulder.

Jiang Chen could feel the heat wave coming up from the bottom without even looking down. It was even more terrible than the Universal Darkfire Lamp.

It was the dragon's breath!

Fortunately, the two escaped from the Black Dragon Pool in time. The dragon's breath couldn't bend, so it erupted straight up and tinged the whole sky red. It illuminated a vast region.

"Father…" Jiang Chen was worried.

"Take it easy. The dragon's breath won't hurt them down there. Let's go back. People from the Black Dragon City are coming," Su Xiuyi comforted him and disappeared with him from where they were standing.

Not long after they left, two powerful energies shrouded the Black Dragon Pool. They came from two strange old men, one in a black robe and the other in a white one, while their hair colors were the opposites of their clothes.

It was a striking scene when they stood together.

The two went down into the Black Dragon Pool while talking to each other.

"Black dragon, who was here?"

"Su Xiuyi and Jiang Chen? Were they here visiting Jiang Qingyu?"

"What did they say to him?"

"D*mn. How could you allow them to take the letter out? What do you think we need you here for?!"

Under the two old men's interrogation, the black dragon suddenly snarled in pain, reluctant and helpless. The black dragon guarding the prison was also a prisoner kept under the abyss.

"Jiang Qingyu, don't you even think about leaving here. You killed too many clansmen of mine!"

"And my niece, too. They all died under your sword!"

The two old men approached Jiang Qingyu after letting out their anger, but they kept their distance from him by standing on the other side of the stone wall.

"Come here if you want to take revenge," Jiang Qingyu sneered. The aggressive energy that he would never show before Jiang Chen swept over them.


At the same time, he waved his hand and an ink brush dashed out at a high speed.

"This is bad!"

The two old men were shocked. They hurried to leave. The ink brush had turned into a sword in the air and created a deep pit in the stone wall.

Both of them were powerful people in the Reaching Heaven State, but they were driven away by a single attack of Jiang Qingyu's, and he was in terrible shape.

"Haha," Jiang Qingyu laughed out loud when he saw them so embarrassed.

"Don't be so glad! Over time, you will lose all of your energy. Then, you'll be like the others, leashed here like a dead dog."

"You have no way to recover here. Every bit of energy you use will only weaken you more."

"My son will get me out of here," Jiang Qingyu answered them calmly.

"Ha, your son will be dead tomorrow!"

"What do you mean?" Jiang Qingyu turned pale immediately.

"Didn't he tell you? Tomorrow he will have a fight with a very powerful enemy. Su Xiuyi took him here to say his last goodbye to you."

Jiang Qingyu felt shocked yet lucky.

Fortunately, he had written the letter!


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