The Brilliant Fighting Master
128 Top Ten Dangerous Places
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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128 Top Ten Dangerous Places

Jiang Chen stayed in his room that night. The next day would be his fight against Li Qin.

He had practiced a secret method to deal with Li Qin's flying. He had also mastered the full spirit of the sword, so he didn't have much to worry about.

However, he still wanted to put in more effort. After all, this would be a fight for life and death. He had to take extra precautions.

Li Qin was supposed to be expelled from the school and lose all of her achievements. I was the one who challenged her. The only way to satisfy myself is to win.

With this thought, Jiang Chen started to focus on Tai Ji Wan.

This was a secret method practiced only by people in the Mental Wander State. It had helped him a lot before.

But, Jiang Chen suddenly felt it wasn't for him.

Or more precisely speaking, not for his sword method.

Spiral holy yuan was much more powerful, which was a dream for many people in the Mental Wander State. Jiang Chen didn't think it bad, but there had to be an even better choice for his sword method.

Because Tai Ji Wan could be used on knife methods, fist methods, and even palm methods, it wasn't specifically made for swords.

In comparison, a secret method specifically for swords would be better for him.

There were many such secret methods in Jiang Chen's memory. At the moment, he was busy considering each of them.

Suddenly, he saw a candle light on the table distorted in an unnatural way. Just then, a figure showed up next to the table.

"Leader?" Jiang Chen was shocked.

The one who could appear from nowhere, of course, was Su Xiuyi.

He had changed into a black robe and looked less aggressive. He was smiling.

He seemed like a young master from some great family more than Leader the Venerable.

Su Xiuyi walked over to Jiang Chen silently and put his hand on the latter's shoulder.

In the next second, everything in front of Jiang Chen disappeared, as if it had been washed away by water. He felt like he was floating.

When he came to himself, he found himself in the air over a mountainous region.

With the support of an unfamiliar force, he was standing steadily in the air.

Jiang Chen looked down by accident and was extremely shocked. There was a bottomless pit in the ground below him, like a big mouth that was going to devour everything.

Jiang Chen felt uneasy standing above it.

"This is the Black Dragon Pool," Su Xiuyi's voice came from behind him.

"The Black Dragon Pool?"

Jiang Chen's unease disappeared. He stared down at the pit, as if he were trying to pierce the darkness with his look.

"Leader, didn't you say we would come after the fight? Is something wrong?"

Jiang Chen thought of one possibility and cheered up, but he immediately shook his head. If the leader had really intended to do that, he wouldn't have brought him to hinder the whole thing.

"Everyone in the school thinks you are doomed to die tomorrow, so I've taken you here to see your father for the last time," Su Xiuyi said.


Jiang Chen looked over, speechless. Was that something that a leader was supposed to say?

Even he doubted whether Su Xiuyi was the son of the real leader.

"I'm just kidding. Looks like you aren't worried about tomorrow."

Su Xiuyi grinned and said, "This is an unexpected move. The Black Dragon Pool is one of the top ten dangerous places in the Fire Field. I didn't want to be ambushed by leaking the news that I'm visiting."

"Top ten dangerous places?" Jiang Chen knew how powerful Su Xiuyi was. If even he regarded the Black Dragon Pool as a dangerous place, it must be very dangerous.

And his father was imprisoned down there!

Jiang Chen clenched his fists at this thought.

After clearing up Jiang Chen's doubts, Su Xiuyi snapped his fingers and the two started to fall.

The speed of falling was normal, but Jiang Chen didn't feel weightless. Instead, he felt steady.

About ten minutes later, when Jiang Chen looked up he only saw a small opening overhead in the night sky.

"Look how deep this Black Dragon Pool is!" Jiang Chen exclaimed.

"Watch out," Su Xiuyi said. The two slowed down. A ray of twilight appeared around them and illuminated the stone walls nearby.

Not until then did Jiang Chen see what it looked like under the Black Dragon Pool.


He saw something made him fly into rage. On a steep stone wall, someone had cut out a smooth slope less than thirty feet long.

A miserable-looking prisoner was shackled to the stone wall by a finger-width iron chain, as if he were a dog!

"Father!" Jiang Chen shouted loud and dashed over to hug the prisoner.


However, the guy growled in a hoarse voice. He jumped towards Jiang Chen. Fortunately, the chain wasn't long enough. Jiang Chen felt threatened, yet there wasn't any actual danger.

He saw the face under the messy hair. That guy wasn't Jiang Qingyu. It wasn't his father.

The disturbance aroused more reactions. The rattling of chains came from other directions.

Not until then did Jiang Chen notice that there were many people chained in the same manner along the stone wall. Some of the slopes were so steep that the prisoner kept sliding down even though their hands were shackled by the iron chains.

"Calm down," Su Xiuyi said with pity, then he was too busy staring below to comfort Jiang Chen, as if he saw an enemy.

Two giant fireballs had been burning down there for as long as he had cared to notice. He identified a pair of eyes in the fire.

Yes, a pair of eyes, even bigger than Jiang Chen's body.

They were dashing up towards them at a high speed. Jiang Chen almost cried out of surprise and fear when he saw its face.

A dragon!

The giant dragon's body was whirling in the void, sometimes visible, sometimes not. Its black scales looked like steel.

It turned out that there was a dragon in the Black Dragon Pool!

A black dragon!

"Blackie, don't get excited! We're here to visit someone. This place is a prison. People are allowed to visit their families and friends, aren't they?" Su Xiuyi said.

His words worked. The black dragon stopped moving up.

The black dragon opened its mouth.

"But you were supposed to be here the day after tomorrow."

The voice of the dragon was very magnetic, and it knew how to use emphasis while speaking, although listeners wouldn't be able to tell its gender.

"Plans always change," Su Xiuyi said.

"Come on."

The black dragon stopped speaking and retreated to the bottom of the Black Dragon Pool.

"This is a dragon spirit. The dragon was killed a thousand years ago by a powerful man from the Nings, second-to-none. He took its soul and kept it in the Black Dragon Pool to overpower the other forces. It's a pity that the Nings are steadily declining. They've been relying on what their ancestors left them for a thousand years."

Jiang Chen didn't know how to answer him. Since the Dragons had closed the Dragon Realm 500 years ago, there were no more real dragons in this world anymore. He hadn't expected to have seen a black dragon here that symbolized ferocious dragon.

Although it was only a dragon spirit, he felt suffocated.

The two kept travelling downward. A wind had started blowing at some point that sounded even worse than the wind of the Lost Soul of the Natural Law School.

It didn't only sound terrible, but could also be lethal. It kept squeezing the rays of twilight coming from the outside.

"It's called black wind. People imprisoned at this depth suffer from its torture days and nights.

"Here we are," Su Xiuyi said again, before Jiang Chen had any time to comprehend his words.

He followed Su Xiuyi's look and saw a familiar figure from his memory.

His hair was dishevelled and his clothes were ragged. Many of his wounds had gotten infected.

Unlike the others, he hadn't lost his senses yet. He was sitting on a stone slope slanted more than 40 degrees, his eyes slightly closed.

When he sensed someone approaching, he opened his eyes slowly and saw Jiang Chen.



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