The Brilliant Fighting Master
127 The One Who Inherited the Doctrine of Sword
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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127 The One Who Inherited the Doctrine of Sword

Not only did the disciples of the Redcloud hear her words, but also those of the nearby peaks.

The news spread rapidly throughout the school.

Jiang Chen had achieved the Mental Wander State, and Li Qin had followed him by achieving the minor doctrine of wind.

After the shock, people started to feel pity. Yes, it was pity that they felt.

Jiang Chen had made a breakthrough in his state, which should have been a glorious thing, but it was a pity that he would die in only a month and a half.

It was an obvious fact.

People had expected that he would be able to confront her after achieving the Mental Wander State, but Jiang Chen was no longer a match for Li Qin.

It was possible, but still, his chances were slim.

At the same time, Li Qin had also broken through, a significant breakthrough.

The creation of wind wasn't the same as real martial arts technique.

For example, the wind point, the spirit of wind, and the doctrine of wind were all martial arts techniques of creation, but these three names didn't sound good. It was very difficult to show the difference between the former two, so these terms were never used.

However, the doctrine of wind was an exception.

The minor doctrine of wind could help to enhance one's strength in the same way as the doctrine of sword, which Jiang Chen hadn't yet mastered.

It was dramatic that she had made her breakthrough at this crucial moment.

"Jiang Chen is so unlucky. His suffering is finally over, but now he'll end up like this."

"He asked for it. If he hadn't made that request, Li Qin's practicing achievements would have been abolished and she'd have been expelled from the school."

"That's right. If Jiang Chen dies in this fight, he will subject himself to ridicule in the Fire Field."

"What was he thinking? Was he overconfident to such an extent after killing some Mental Wander States with the help of those treasured weapons that he thought he could confront a Mental Wander State by himself?"

"Who knows?!"

The school's disciples began a hot debate, either gloating or feeling sympathetic towards Jiang Chen.

At the Peak of the Heavenly King, Ning Haotian, who hadn't left the house for a long time, smile coldly when he heard the news.

Jiang Chen, I haven't lost all of my holy pulses yet. Even if I had, I could kill you easily with what I possess now.

Although he had given the holy bone of the fierce prehistoric beast to Li Qin, he hadn't expected it to have helped her so much.

He had experienced all of this, so he knew better than anyone the dangers Jiang Chen would be facing.

Li Qin had been working hard for the ninth rank in the Talent List for a long time. With her great breakthrough, it would be a piece of cake for her to kill Jiang Chen.

Besides, it was Jiang Chen himself who had given Ning Haotian the chance, which was what pleased him the most.

At the Redcloud Peak, Jiang Chen seemed serious under the worried looks of those close to him. Although he had just achieved the Mental Wander State, he knew what Li Qin's breakthrough meant.

No need to worry too much. I'll just make an all-out effort to fight her. A fight of life and death!

As he had told Meng Hao and Wen Xin, he wouldn't restrain himself too much anymore, nor would he be scared off easily. His will to fight became stronger instead of weaker.

In the next days, Jiang Chen had his Redcloud Sword repaired. He returned the ware pattern he had borrowed for the creation of the Eight Groups of Spiritual Beings to the sword and turned it into a class-three spiritual weapon.

The Redcloud Sword had given birth to a soul of the sword, which made it even more precious than a treasured weapon.

However, with the damage, its level had dropped to a spiritual weapon. So did its ware pattern, which had deteriorated to class-seven.

In addition, Jiang Chen also started to form his first holy point to convert his genuine yuan.

Quickly, he found it more difficult than he had originally thought.

This holy point almost cost him all of the strength of his blood, his viscera, his bones, and his brain.

It weakened him so much that it was as if he had suffered from a severe disease.

Thanks to the wealth that he had accumulated in the school, he was able to purchase great amounts of panaceas, monsters' blood and meat, and bones of fierce beasts to cook soup with.

When he succeeded in forming the holy point, he enjoyed lots of nutrient-rich food to recover.

He immediately experienced the power of the Mental Wander State after achieving the holy point and his genuine yuan was converted to holy yuan.

His body was like a restless furnace, which had a great power when it flared up.

It's a pity I've only got one holy point. It will take a long time to convert all of my genuine yuan through it.

Holy yuan wasn't always holy yuan. After going through the holy point, it would be changed back to genuine yuan again.

Not until one had 49 holy points to form a cycle could he possess the strength of holy yuan forever.

Although I've only got one, I've consumed a lot for it. Before, whenever I practiced, my body would take in the spirit of the universe automatically to recover, but now I have to breathe in the spirit for an extra fifteen minutes to provide my body with what it needs.

Spirits, panaceas, or monsters' blood and meat would work not necessarily work, either.

To defeat Li Qin, I have to form two holy points. Fortunately, I have four holy pulses. I can make four attempts to achieve it.

Jiang Chen didn't waste any time, starting to work on his second holy point immediately.

"It almost exhausts him completely to form one holy point. If he didn't have a good base, his body would be burdened. Fortunately, he has holy pulses so that I don't have to worry about him too much." Gao Yue thought to herself.

Then, she sent Fan Tu to purchase spiritual ware.

"I'm astounded by the great consumption of the practice of the Mental Wander State. These days young lord has spent almost half of the contributions he has made," Fan Tu thought. Then he became relieved. Along with such great consumption, the Mental Wander State also brought great benefits.

Jiang Chen formed the second holy point in only a few days.

He had just achieved the Mental Wander State, so he wasn't so used to that feeling yet. At that moment, he felt like there were two suns hanging in his chest.

Only three days to go until the fight with Li Qin.

I've practiced Tai Ji Wan and swordsmanship. Adding that to the Lost Soul, I have some basic foundation for the creation of wind. My state is also good enough to practice that secret method, so I don't have to worry about Li Qin's flying ability.

After that, I will practice combining swordsmanship and holy yuan.

To others' surprise, Jiang Chen had a good plan. He wasn't feeling worried or frightened.

His only pity was that he couldn't progress more in swordsmanship.

Since his swordsmanship realm was already very advanced, even better than many seniors, he hadn't spent any time on swordsmanship during that period.

It wasn't that he didn't want to, but he knew he wouldn't be able to break through from the spirit of sword to the doctrine of sword through hard work only.

The doctrine of sword was mysterious and powerful, as the biggest pursuit for a swordsman was to master the doctrine of sword.

However, one couldn't master it by simply satisfying some requirement.

He would have to inherit it or create it by himself.

Each kind of doctrine of sword was created by a powerful swordsman who incorporated their wisdom, hard work, and opportunity.

Jiang Chen was especially talented with swords, but it would take him dozens of years to create his own doctrine of sword.

He had enough talent, but he was still lacking some vision. A powerful doctrine of sword would require the strength of at least the Reaching Heaven State, because if one had never experienced power able to destroy the universe, how would he be able to create such a thing?

If he couldn't create it by himself, he could only resort to inheriting someone else's.

But from where?

In the whole Fire Field, the Sword Doctrine of Returning to Oneness of the Sword Sect of Returning to Oneness was the only option, but that was the essence of that sect.

Although they had offered it to Jiang Chen once, the condition was that he had to join their sect.

There were four doctrines of sword in the Sacred Zone, which had been passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years.

They were the Passionate Doctrine of Sword, the Killing Doctrine of Sword, the Eternal Doctrine of Sword, and the Flashy Doctrine of Sword.

Each time one who had inherited one of the doctrines of sword appeared, there would be a disaster in the Sacred Zone.

However, the doctrine of sword could only be inherited, not written down.

The Over Cloud Palace didn't own the four doctrines of sword. Precisely speaking, there weren't any great doctrines of martial arts techniques, but only people with great doctrines of martial arts techniques.

"If I were in my previous life, my father would pay any price to make me the one who could inherit the four doctrines of sword," Jiang Chen thought to himself.


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