The Brilliant Fighting Master
126 Conception of Wind
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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126 Conception of Wind

The Mental Wander State!

This was the state that every practitioner desired to achieve, but numerous people went their whole life unable to break through it.

Jiang Chen had done it, and at younger than twenty. He had even broke Ning Haotian's record.

Once one achieved the Mental Wander State, one would possess extraordinary strength.

Different from the genuine qi of the Condensing Qi State and the genuine yuan of the Gathering Yuan State, the Mental Wander State not only brought changes in strength, but also more important effects.

By combining the essence of the Mental Wander State with martial arts techniques or spiritual weapons, one could achieve what average people couldn't.

For example, Li Qin could fly by holding a streamer in hand, which was supernatural. She had achieved this by combining martial arts techniques, spiritual weapons and the strength of the Mental Wander State.

To her, all Gathering Yuan States were like insignificant ants.

It was great news for a school if one of their disciples achieved the Mental Wander State, especially when it was someone as young as Jiang Chen.

If the situation wasn't so unique, the Redcloud Peak would have been full of elders congratulating Jiang Chen.

At the Peak of Drifting Clouds, Li Qin, who was working on using the holy bone, also noticed the light from the Redcloud Peak. She wasn't happy to see it.

It's fine.

She smiled and looked at the holy bone in her hand. "With the help of the holy bone, my Heavenly Behavior and Wing of the Wind has become much more powerful. More importantly, I'm much better at interpreting the conception of wind."

She wasn't just comforting herself. She was very confident.

At the Redcloud Peak…

Wen Xin, Meng Hao, Fan Tu, Gao Yue, Jiang Lu, and others were all gathered outside of Jiang Chen's room. All of them were excited and joyful.

"Great! Great! The Southwind Ridge has one more Mental Wander State now. We'll rise soon."

"Jiang Chen is even greater than his father."

"He'll have a bright future, no doubt!"

Wen Xin smiled with kindness when she saw Jiang Chen's family was so excited.

His family, who was from the Hundred Thousand Mountains, was so excited about the Mental Wander State. If Jiang Chen achieved the Reaching Heaven State one day, how would they feel?

At the same time, she felt jealous. Jiang Chen had achieved the Mental Wander State before her, which greatly motivated her, but she wasn't confident enough to break through to it. She hadn't had enough preparation for that breakthrough.

Suddenly, the door was open. Jiang Chen came out in a wide white robe.

He looked different. He had picked up an easy grace and an aggressiveness only rarely seen. It was as if a newborn butterfly had just broken out of its cocoon.

While he was walking, his energy was flowing throughout his body, as strong as a fierce beast.

Wen Xin and Meng Hao both felt that Jiang Chen was strong enough to kill them with one hand.

They were dumbfounded for a minute, then with a burst of cheers, they surrounded Jiang Chen, leaving him in the center.

They started a big celebration at the Redcloud Peak.

Jiang Chen rewarded everyone present at the peak, including servants and maids, but after the celebration, no one forgot about the existence of Li Qin, a strong enemy.

Wen Xin told Jiang Chen all the information she had collected about Li Qin during this period.

"Li Qin's martial arts techniques aren't about knives, swords, fists, or palms, but about physical movements. She drives her martial arts technique with the creation of wind after grasping it, which is to say, her strong point is her quick speed and fatal attack, while her weakness is defense," Wen Xin said.

"Why is she weak at defense?" Fan Tu asked curiously.

"You have to make your choice between attacking and defending. You can't do both."

Jiang Chen frowned. The so-called conception of wind could be regarded as martial arts technique, but it could also not be, since other martial arts techniques could be created based on it.

For instance, there was a sword method that one could use to ride the wind. The practitioner had to possess the swordsmanship realm to a certain level. Besides that, they also had to grasp the conception of wind that satisfied the requirements of the method.

If the creation of wind they had comprehended was well above what was required, the sword method would have astounding power.

That's how the conception of wind helped to achieve the swordsmanship realm. In other words, they helped each other.

Swordsmen could more or less understand the creation of wind, unaware, to satisfy the requirements of the sword method, but they mainly focused on upgrading their swordsmanship realm.

However, it would be different after one achieved a certain state.

The martial arts techniques practiced by powerful men, no matter whether they used knives or swords, had formidable power. So naturally, the requirements for martial arts techniques of creation, such as creation of wind, became higher and higher.

Besides wind, there were also martial arts techniques of creation regarding metal, wood, water, fire, and earth.

Li Qin focused on martial arts techniques of creation, specifically wind, so she should never be underestimated.

"She has a streamer to help with her attack. I think her holy points also work perfectly with her speed," Gao Yue said.

Holy points were the reason why the Mental Wander State was so strong.

The practitioners could form various points in all parts of their meridian system. When their genuine yuan flew to these points, it would be converted to holy yuan.

Holy yuan was a mysterious and wonderful energy that could change with imagination. Combined with martial arts techniques, it could produce a gorgeous effect.

It wasn't easy to form holy points in the meridian system. Besides, practicing in the Mental Wander State wasn't meant to focus on holy points, but flesh and soul.

"Li Qin achieved the Mental Wander State long ago. She must have more holy points in her body than you. That's why people don't think you can win. You only have a month and a half left," Wen Xin said.

"That's enough," Jiang Chen said confidently.

Wen Xin thought for a while and said, "We have another problem, which is the most troublesome you have to deal with."

"What is it?"

Wen Xin's words triggered everyone's curiosity, including Jiang Chen's.

"She's able to fly! She can fly freely in the air with her streamer. If you fight with her in an airship, it will be like diving into the sea to fight with an aquatic monster. It'll be a disadvantage for you."

The others recalled the day Li Qin attacked the Redcloud Peak; she had flown there.

"And it's impossible to forbid her to use the streamer, since it's her spiritual weapon," Wen Xin emphasized.

"Now, if we think about it, Li Qin must have some real skills that she could have been ranked tenth on the Talent List and top 100 on the Eternal Flame List," Meng Hao said.

Jiang Chen had lost his three treasured weapons. If they fought with real power, it would be hard to say who would win.

"I still have a month and a half. I'll sort these problems out one by one."

While others were at their wit's end, Jiang Chen smiled, as if the problems Wen Xin had mentioned were nothing at all.

"First, please go to the chamber of commerce to buy the necessary materials for a ware pattern. I have to repair my sword as soon as possible.

"And don't worry about the holy points. I have four holy pulses. It'll be quick for me to form holy points.

"As for the flying problem… she must have acquired some secret method to combine with her spiritual weapon and the creation of wind. It's not worth mentioning."

Jiang Chen's words eased their worries.

Although he didn't explain further, based on his previous performances, what he said could always be trusted.


Suddenly, the Redcloud Peak started to shake. The shock wave turned into a cyclone that blew into the room, overturning tables and chairs. The china fell onto the ground and broke.

"What's going on? Who has the nerve to attack the Redcloud Peak at this moment?"

People were shocked. They hurried to go outside and take a look. They saw a transparent wind dragon flying in the air, fighting against the tactical formation. Although it was soon broken by the formation, it had created a great disturbance.

"What was that wind dragon? Whose attack was that? Could it be Li Qin?" Meng Hao asked confusedly.

"Impossible. She's grounded at the Peak of Drifting Clouds. She can't leave there. Besides, that's too far away from the Redcloud Peak. How would it have been possible for her to attack from there?" Wen Xin didn't believe Li Qin was able to do that.

Jiang Chen shook his head. He looked in the direction of the Peak of Drifting Clouds and said, "No, it was her! She has achieved a breakthrough and intended to demonstrate her power to me."

"Jiang Chen, I've grasped the creation of wind even further, and I've started to work on the minor doctrine of wind. Be prepared for your death!"

Travelling 3,000 feet with the wind, just as the wind dragon had, Li Qin's voice appeared over the Redcloud Peak.

Wen Xin turned pale and looked over to Jiang Chen. He looked serious as well.


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