The Brilliant Fighting Master
125 The Heart of the Powerful Ones
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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125 The Heart of the Powerful Ones

Jiang Chen became serious. He had saved the day by disclosing the secret that Ning Haotian's holy pulses were disappearing, while his were growing.

He had intentionally resigned himself to telling people his holy pulses were recovering. As for how many of them had recovered, or whether they had completely recovered, he didn't say a word.

However, as clever as Su Xiuyi was, of course he had noticed Jiang Chen's intentions.

"Four," Jiang Chen said.

Su Xiuyi nodded slightly and said, "You have nine holy pulses. That's the super class of holy pulses, the Holy Pulses of Nine Clouds."

Jiang Chen wasn't surprised. He knew that 'holy pulse' was only a general name, referring to meridians with holy functions. Only a few lucky people had them. Some had more and others had less, and everyone's holy pulses had different properties.

At that point, Jiang Chen was only partly enjoying the benefits of his holy pulses, only enjoying a single benefit at a time.

Not until all of his holy pulses had recovered and formed the complete Holy Pulses of Nine Clouds could he enjoy the benefits to the utmost extent.

Before Ning Haotian's holy pulses had started to disappear, he had achieved the peak of the late stage of the Mental Wander State with the help of the complete Holy Pulses of Nine Clouds, then he achieved the Reaching Heaven State by practicing Riding the Wind.

Su Xiuyi took out a panacea that looked like an egg. It was oval and had a light yellow color, with a smooth flawless surface.

"This is the Deity Elixir. I'm now awarding it to you. Break through to the Mental Wander State first. After your fight with Li Qin, if you're still alive, I'll take you to the Black Dragon Pool to see your father."

"Thank you, leader."

Jiang Chen took it without many thanks.

"You won't be disturbed at the Redcloud Peak for the next three months."

After saying this, Su Xiuyi disappeared from where he had been standing without any sign, as though a breeze, leaving no traces.

"What a high level he's at," Jiang Chen thought to himself.

At the same time, as Ning Haotian and those from different sects and schools left the Peak of Drifting Clouds, the disciples looking on also left.

Li Qin felt heartbroken and hopeless while looking at her devastated peak.

"Li Qin."

Elder An landed beside her and encouraged her, "Jiang Chen might have saved the day with his holy pulse, but once you kill him, it'll become worthless."

Li Qin's pale face became rosy again when she heard Elder An's comforting words.

"He's in the Gathering Yuan State. Since he challenged you regardless of the gap of states between you two, he must expect to achieve the Mental Wander State in three months and assumes that will be enough to kill you, who's in the completeness of the preliminary state. What he doesn't know is that the Mental Wander State isn't so easy to achieve," Elder An said again.

Li Qin gave a cold smile, agreeing with her master.

"What's more..."

Elder An glanced around carefully and said, "Ning Haotian told me through holy awareness that he would lend you a holy bone of the Grand Vulture with Golden Wings!"


Li Qin was pleasantly surprised. It was exciting news for her.

The Grand Vulture with Golden Wings was a fierce prehistoric beast. It was said it could fly 30,000 miles with only a single flap of its wings.

A holy bone contained the essence of this fierce beast. If she could use it, she would greatly benefit from it, especially since her martial arts techniques were about taking advantage of wind.

"Looks like Ning Haotian doesn't want Jiang Chen to stay alive."

"Of course. The Black Dragon City is eager to see his death!"


Meng Hao and Wen Xin were finally relieved when they went back to the Redcloud Peak and saw Jiang Chen was fine.

"It's been a very dangerous day. You could have been killed," Wen Xin said.

"Exactly. How exhilarating!" Meng Hao was still in a state of shock. For him, this day was like a dream.

"I'll become truly powerful after today."

Jiang Chen's words made the two confused.

Under their stares, Jiang Chen said slowly, "I used to have too many worries and be too cautious for all kinds of reasons, but I was angry inside.

"Today, I survived the siege of a group of elders and killed my enemies ruthlessly. I feel like I've been liberated. Now I'm endowed with a powerful heart.

"From today on, I'll destroy anyone who wants to kill me."

Jiang Chen was calm while speaking, not impassioned, no changes in his tone, but Wen Xin and Meng Hao sensed something awesome in him.

There was a bright gleam in his black eyes, as if he were looking down on the whole world.

Suddenly, something occurred to Meng Hao. He handed a pamphlet to Jiang Chen.

"Wen Xin and I looked around. The statue was smashed into pieces. The lotus wick was broken with only a slight touch. Only this pamphlet is still emitting a dim light."


Since Jiang Chen was brought back by Su Xiuyi, he had almost forgotten about the Eight Groups of Spiritual Beings.

"What was that? How could you, a Gathering Yuan State, pit yourself against a Reaching Heaven State?"

The Azure Demon's voice sounded in Jiang Chen's mind when he took the pamphlet.

"You're not dead?" Jiang Chen was surprised. After a closer look, he knew why.

The pamphlet had eight pages, seven of which were blank. As a deva, the Azure Demon was on the first page.

Ning Haotian pointed his finger at the back of the pamphlet. Seven of its pages had ripped. While the power had reached the eighth, it was already quite weak. That was how the Azure Demon had survived.

However, the first page where the Azure Demon was had also been greatly impacted. At that moment, it couldn't be used as a treasured weapon.

Otherwise, Jiang Chen would only have to replace the other seven pages to put the Eight Groups of Spiritual Beings back in functioning order.

"Take your time and recover."

Jiang Chen laid the pamphlet aside and told Fan Tu to supervise the Redcloud Peak. He started to practice in seclusion alone, aiming for the Mental Wander State.

What had happened that day became widely known in the Fire Field, since various sects and schools had witnessed the whole process.

Compared to the conflict between Ning Haotian and Jiang Chen, people were more interested in the fight between Jiang Chen and Li Qin.

Li Qin might not have been a particularly brilliant genius, but she was quite well-known, ranked tenth on the Talent List and 81st on the Eternal Flame List.

These two ranks were enough for people to know her.

By that time, she had been challenged by a Gathering Yuan State, a fearless one. Many people were curious, so some suggested they all go together to watch the fight. Many people agreed. Whether they could make the trip or not would depend on whether the Natural Law School was willing to make the fight open to the public.

The Natural Law School announced their decision quickly. As always, as long as the crowd didn't come to cause trouble, they would welcome them on the day of the fight.

The talented youngsters ranked on the Eternal Flame List were the most active. They were going to travel to the Natural Law School to watch the fight, some even betting on it.

In the Natural Law School, the disciples were also discussing the fight.

Jiang Chen's chances of winning were slim, but since he had challenged Li Qin first, as long as he could achieve the Mental Wander State with his holy pulse, it would be hard to say who would win.

However, there were thousands of senior disciples, and most of them were in the Gathering Yuan State, while those who were in the Mental Wander State were the elites among elites. It would certainly not be an easy feat.

Many people had failed even though they had the Deity Elixir, which was because the Mental Wander State was a watershed for practitioners.

No matter how hard practitioners in the Gathering Yuan State worked, they had the same life span as average people, but it wasn't as easy for them to become ill.

However, the life span of the Mental Wander State was extended.

This was enough for people to become obsessed with the Mental Wander State, let alone the strength of a Mental Wander State.

On this day, the disciples of the Natural Law School saw a light beam soaring up into the clouds at the Redcloud Peak.

The whole school was shocked.

This was the sign of one achieving the Mental Wander State, and there was still one and a half months left until the fight!


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