The Brilliant Fighting Master
122 The Abacus of Good Fortune
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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122 The Abacus of Good Fortune

Ning Haotian couldn't get this through his head until he saw the wicked grins people were wearing.

Although Jiang Chen had promised the Natural Law School that he wouldn't release the formula, the agreement was based on his identity as a disciple of the school.

Ning Haotian suddenly regretted his actions. He shouldn't have coveted Jiang Chen's holy pulse. Instead, he should have killed the latter directly to put an end to this affair.

"Ning Haotian, congratulations on your breakthrough to the Reaching Heaven State. It's a big honor for the Fire Field, but you're too young to be a vice leader."

"Exactly. Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards. Rules are very important for the management of a sect or a school. However, as vice leader, it looks like your opinion outweighs the rules."

"Jiang Chen is no longer a disciple of the Natural Law School. He should come to the Taiyi School with me."

"Nooo, he is perfect for the Sword Sect of Returning to Oneness. Jiang Chen, you're talented. We can teach you the Sword Doctrine of Returning to Oneness."

Ning Haotian was young and immature compared to these guys. He lost control of his tongue around them. They had started to lure Jiang Chen with the best conditions they could offer, and these conditions made the surrounding disciples extremely jealous of him.

For example, the Sword Doctrine of Returning to Oneness was the essence of the Sword Sect of Returning to Oneness. This proved that they valued Jiang Chen a lot.

Jiang Chen had suddenly become so popular. The disciples who had shown him disdain were ashamed.

It seemed like Jiang Chen was being wooed, considering which sect or school he would like to join.

The Medicine Elder couldn't stop nervously moving his legs. Jiang Chen's departure would be a great loss for the school.

At this moment, an unexpectedly strong wind started over the Peak of Drifting Clouds. Even the clouds were all blown away.

Everyone was startled. They knew it signalled the arrival of a man so powerful he was peerless.

Those from the different sects and schools looked at each other. They had a vague idea of what was going on and suddenly became serious.

A white light appeared. A youngster in a white robe appeared when the light dimmed. He had shoulder-length black hair and held himself with an extraordinary elegance.

"Guys, isn't it inappropriate for you to poach this disciple from the Natural Law School?" He grinned, showing his perfect teeth. His voice sounded like music.

"Leader the Venerable!" the school's elders who were present greeted him at the same time.

The disciples came to themselves a little later. Their voices sounded more excited. Some even kneeled down.

This handsome youngster was the leader of the Natural Law School, Su Xiuyi.

Jiang Chen was surprised. He couldn't connect this elegant youngster with a powerful leader in his mind.

"Powerful people in the Reaching Heaven State can not only stand in the air, but also rejuvenate themselves, causing a physical transformation," Jiang Chen thought to himself.

"Leader Su." Feng Shaoyu and others greeted him with an attitude completely different from how they treated Ning Haotian, tone absent of teasing and full of respect.

Su Xiuyi made eye contact with each of them, as a form of greeting.

"Leader Su, your school has expelled Jiang Chen. We don't want to see such genius wasted. That's all. We aren't trying to poach your disciples," Feng Shaoyu said.

"Haotian has just been promoted to vice leader. He doesn't have enough experience yet. When it comes to a disciple as excellent as Jiang Chen, the Natural Law School would never give them up," Su Xiuyi said.

He looked even younger than Ning Haotian, but was speaking like he had seniority. However, no one thought it was strange.

"Really? But I think Jiang Chen has a say in it." Feng Shaoyu didn't give up. He looked over to Jiang Chen.

So did Su Xiuyi and everyone else.

Under the gazes of so many people, Jiang Chen stood tall and opened his mouth.

"On my first day here, I was framed by a villain and sent to the Lost Soul to serve solitary confinement.

"No disciples or elders in the school offered me any help. Later, Elder Mo Xu helped me because I fixed the Great Formation of the Mountain Protection. That was how that wrong was righted.

"Since I became a senior disciple, I have been put in difficult situations time and again. I didn't say anything about it. Instead, I contributed three elixir recipes to the school.

"However, Li Song from the Peak of the Heavenly King came to challenge me. He died in the sky fight, but his sister, Li Qin, didn't buy it. She attacked my Redcloud Peak, and again, no one tried to stop her. Elder An even helped her."

Elder An turned pale and furtively glanced at Su Xiuyi.

Su Xiuyi was listening carefully to Jiang Chen with a blank expression.

"If I hadn't deployed a formidable formation at the Redcloud Peak, I would have died.

"Then, Li Qin lurked around my peak frequently. She made up her mind to kill me. Again, no one helped.

"In the end, Li Qin intruded into my hometown, the Hundred Thousand Mountains, and tried to kill my mother. She almost killed my mother. Again, no one helped."

"While Li Qin is resting comfortably at the Peak of Drifting Clouds, my mother is lying in bed painfully. The elders passed the buck. Elder An even claimed that if my mother hadn't been so weak, she would have revenged her apprentice.

"Ha, as if it were my mother who had intruded into another's home to kill them." Jiang Chen was so angry that he laughed out loud. His anger and sorrow was palpable.

Elder An was panicking with a guilty conscience.

"Today, I've come to the Peak of Drifting Clouds to seek justice. Fu Yan and his subordinates attacked me. These elders were watching the scene from the sidelines and tried to kill me because I fought back!

"As vice leader, Ning Haotian couldn't tell right from wrong. He destroyed my spiritual weapons. Although the third spiritual weapon wasn't from the imperial mausoleum, he didn't care!

"As a disciple of the Natural Law School, I haven't received any support or friendly treatment from the school. I've been isolated. Even my family was put in danger.

"I don't want to stay in such a school anymore. Abolish my practicing achievements! Expel me from the school! Whatever!"

Jiang Chen had made up his mind.

No one at the Peak of Drifting Clouds spoke.

Those from other sects and schools were also surprised to learn he had suffered so much.

Some of the more conscientious disciples lowered their heads, feeling ashamed.

In the end, everyone looked at Su Xiuyi, expecting his response.

Su Xiuyi didn't speak. Instead, he took out a weird looking treasure. It had the image of the eight trigrams in the middle and looked like an abacus. It had crystal beads that looked like they were made of jade.

"The Abacus of Good Fortune?!"

All of the Natural Law School turned pale when they saw the treasure, especially Ning Haotian and Elder An.

The Abacus of Good Fortune could be used to see the past and the future in order to figure out the truth.

The leader had taken it out to investigate the affairs thoroughly.

With his eyes slightly closed, Su Xiuyi moved the abacus beads. Some mysterious runes that no one else understood appeared.

After a good while, Su Xiuyi put the abacus aside and opened his eyes. He glanced at each elder and disciple watching, including Ning Haotian.

"I'm disappointed." Su Xiuyi let out a sigh.

"Leader the Venerable!" All the elders panicked, lowering their heads.

"As elders, you should protect each disciple and treat them all in the same manner, but you didn't offer any help when one of our disciples was in danger; you even tried to kill him. How great you must feel!"

Su Xiuyi glanced at the elders who had fought with Jiang Chen, including the five who had protected Li Qin.

"Please forgive us, leader!" they shouted.

Su Xiuyi shook his head and flicked his fingers slightly. The bodies of the elders who hadn't died by Jiang Chen's hand inflated rapidly. The inflation was caused by an expanding light in their bodies.

When they finally exploded, the light dazzled as they were smashed into pieces.

The corpses of these elders weren't even intact. As the Chinese saying goes, they died without a burial place.


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