The Brilliant Fighting Master
121 The Holy Stele of Subduing Demons
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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121 The Holy Stele of Subduing Demons

Ning Haotian and everyone else around were dumbstruck.

Those who had holy pulses were blessed, so there should have been many people appreciating Ning Haotian's holy pulse.

However, the holy pulse was a taboo topic for him since he had received his in such an inglorious way…

As a result, it was very surprising that Jiang Chen had asked him such a question with so many people present.

The crowd tumbled to the realization that Jiang Chen must have been the guy whose holy pulse had been robbed. Their expressions suddenly became unreadable.

At the same time, they were curious to know what Jiang Chen's words meant. How could one's holy pulse disappear?

Ning Haotian's face had turned purple with rage, which proved Jiang Chen wasn't lying.

"You deprived me of my holy pulse. Even God felt pity for me. While your holy pulses are disappearing, my holy pulses are recovering, and they're even more powerful than before!" Jiang Chen said loudly.

He dropped a bombshell that created an uproar among the crowd.

The Medicine Elder looked at Jiang Chen with excitement and said, "Is this true?"


"That's great."

If it was true, the Medicine Elder was confident that he would be able to get Jiang Chen out of his current situation.

Ning Haotian's expression suddenly softened. He said coldly, "Don't intend to cover your guilt by changing subjects. You killed the school's elders. It's unforgivable. You deserve to die!"

However, Jiang Chen wore a disdainful smile.

"Wait! Jiang Chen fixed the Great Formation of the Mountain Protection and gave his panaceas to the school. He has made amends for his faults. Killing them was not a capital crime." The Medicine Elder was standing in front of Jiang Chen to protect him for fear that Ning Haotian would make an unexpected attack.

Ning Haotian thought for a while and said, "If you say so, he won't have to die, but his practicing achievements will be abolished and he'll be expelled from the school!"

"Ha!" Jiang Chen laughed at such a severe punishment. He said, "Ning Haotian, you're such a hypocrite. You want my holy pulse, don't you? If you abolish my practicing achievements and expel me from the school, it'll be easier for you to kidnap me and take me to the Black Dragon City, won't it?"

"How dare you! As vice leader of the Natural Law School, I'm handling this matter impartially. Villains should receive a severe punishment. You killed elders of the school. It's not something that I just made up!" Ning Haotian's snarl was like thunder.

"Kill me then! Now!" Jiang Chen said slowly for emphasis.

The crowd was in uproar again. They hadn't expected Jiang Chen, who looked gentle, to be so tough.

"Do you think I won't dare to?!"

Ning Haotian was on the verge of losing his temper, like a volcano that would erupt any minute. No one had the nerve to stand close to him.

"Do you?!" Jiang Chen provoked.

"If the Natural Law School doesn't want you, why don't you join us, the Taiyi School?"

While they were in a stalemate, various powerful energies suddenly appeared in the air. They showed up in the same way that Ning Haotian did, descending from the sky.

Xiao Xiao recognized immediately that they were the powerful men from different sects and schools that she had seen in the Welcome Hall.

"Gosh! That's the vice leader of the Taiyi School, Feng Shaoyu. He's in the Reaching Heaven State. Why is he here?"

"The grand supreme elder of the Isle of Sky, Yan Qingling, is also here! The rumors are true. She's a hundred years old but looks like a twenty-year-old girl."

"Those are all famous people in the Fire Field!"

The others recognized them as well. They were excited, since they adored these people and desired to obtain the same achievements that they had acconplished.

More surprisingly, they had all come here for Jiang Chen.

"The Taiyi School already has lots of talented people. You don't have to compete with us. I've heard this Jiang Chen is a genius in swordsmanship. He would be perfect for us, the Sword Sect of Returning to Oneness."

"No. This young man is awe-inspiring and upright. He is best suited for the Tengen Sect."

These powerful men were sizing up Jiang Chen in a frenetic manner, as if he were a priceless treasure.

It was what Jiang Chen had just said that lured them out.

"Seniors, are you interfering in the internal affairs of the Natural Law School?"

Ning Haotian was very unhappy with what was happening. After his reproach, they showed some restrain.

"Ning Haotian, you don't have a say in any of this. You're expelling Jiang Chen from the school, and I'm offering Jiang Chen a place at the Taiyi School. It's a natural order of events." Feng Shaoyu was gray-haired but good-looking, with an attractive smile.

"Not only am I expelling him, I'm also abolishing his practicing achievements!" Ning Haotian said.

"That's not a problem for me."

Feng Shaoyu didn't oppose this. He looked over to Jiang Chen and said, "Don't worry. I'll award you an Elixir of Nature to recover your state. It'll help you achieve the Mental Wander State directly."

Elixir of Nature!

Everyone's eyes widened as they looked over to Jiang Chen with jealousy.

That was an elixir owned uniquely by the Taiyi School. It was a priceless treasure in the Fire Field.

"In addition, Ning Haotian, Jiang Chen helped disciples of the Isle of Sky to safely escape from the underground imperial mausoleum. I've come here to pay gratitude to him. I'm not trying to stop you from punishing your disciple."

Yan Qingling from the Isle of Sky grinned. No one would expect such a young and beautiful woman to be a top tier powerful practitioner in the Fire Field.

"What's more, as I recall, the previous leader of the Natural Law School had a stone slab called the Holy Stele of Subduing Demons, which he also took from a tomb. You and other disciples of your school called Jiang Chen a grave robber, yet you've done the same," Yan Qingling said again.

The previous leader had lived hundreds of years ago. It was normal that the surrounding disciples didn't know about him, but those who had sworn at Jiang Chen were dumbfounded. They were kicking themselves for their earlier actions.

"No, I didn't call Jiang Chen any bad names," some people tried to quibble when they found their companions were gloating.

"By the way, I don't think what happened is normal. If disciples commit a crime, they'll usually be caught and interrogated, but why were your Natural Law School's elders trying to kill him?"

One old man was puzzled. He waved his hand and an elder who had fought with Jiang Chen was brought to him.

"Look at me in the eyes." There was an unusual glint in his eyes when he spoke.

The elder looked him in the eyes. Soon, he became confused. He was standing there in a daze.

"Let me ask you. Did you try to kill Jiang Chen because he had violated the school's rules or just because you wanted him dead?"

"Because we wanted him dead," the elder answered with no hesitation. His reply made all of the school's disciples pale.

"Why?" the old man asked again.

"That's enough!!" Ning Haotian's snarl awoke the elder. He looked around confusedly and said, "What did I say?"

"Nothing," the old man smiled and looked over to Ning Haotian meaningfully.

Although the elder didn't say why, everyone around already knew the reason. They all looked at Ning Haotian.

Ning Haotian was extremely angry. He knew these guys were offering the olive branch to Jiang Chen.

"Are you going against the Natural Law School? Have you forgotten why you're here?"

He clearly knew why he was there; Jiang Chen's holy pulses were growing, while his were disappearing! Sooner or later, Jiang Chen would catch up with him.

"Who?! Who leaked this information?!" Ning Haotian asked himself. At the same time, he put his hope on the panaceas. He hoped they would restrain themselves for the sake of the panaceas.

However, the Medicine Elder looked at him as if he were an idiot.

People from the different sects and schools had come here and wanted to get their share of the benefits. It was true that they were relying on the Natural Law School, but the important thing was, Jiang Chen was the one who had refined the panaceas!

If Jiang Chen went to one of their sects or schools, why would they need the Natural Law School anymore?!


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