The Brilliant Fighting Master
119 Vice Leader of the School
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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119 Vice Leader of the School

Meng Hao and Wen Xin went to the Elixir Tower to see the Medicine Elder.

However, these two were not senior disciples. Meng Hao wasn't even a disciple at all. Naturally, it wouldn't be easy to see a grand supreme elder.

Fortunately, Meng Hao saw a familiar figure in the Elixir Tower. It was the Medicine Elder's beloved apprentice, Xiao Xiao. He immediately walked over to her with Wen Xin in tow to explain what had happened.

"You want to see my master? Jiang Chen is in trouble?"

Xiao Xiao apparently wasn't prepared for this news. She sneered and asked, "Does that have anything to do with me?"

Her response made the two nervous. Wen Xin rolled her eyes and said, "Jiang Chen was proficient in panaceas. Besides, he made a deal with the Medicine Elder. If he dies, it'll be a loss for the whole school!"

Xiao Xiao didn't take the first part of Wen Xin's words seriously, but the last point gained her attention.

Although she wasn't willing to admit it, Jiang Chen had contributed a lot to the school.

At that time, the Medicine Elder was in a meeting with envoys from the other top ten sects and schools in the Welcome Hall of the Elixir Tower. Among them were grand supreme elders and vice leaders of those sects and schools, all influential and powerful people in the Fire Field. They had all come for Jiang Chen's panaceas.

The Revival Elixir was one of the most popular products in the whole Fire Field. The other sects and schools also wanted a piece of the action. They didn't expect to get its recipe, but they wanted to become the authorized distributors in their respective zones.

Xiao Xiao was proud to be a member of the Natural Law School. Of course she wanted the school to thrive.

"Wait here," Xiao Xiao said, then went to the Welcome Hall.

There was a tactical formation deployed in the Welcome Hall and no holy awareness could penetrate it, since the men inside were discussing important matters.

"Master!" Xiao Xiao shouted loudly at the door.

"Xiao Xiao, what is it?" the Medicine Elder's voice came from inside.

"I have an emergency to report to you."

The door of the Welcome Hall opened slowly. Xiao Xiao's body suddenly became stiff. Various powerful energies interlaced and dashed through the door, as intimidating as prehistoric monsters. Xiao Xiao, who was standing at the door, took the brunt of the power.

"My apprentice is only in the Gathering Yuan State. She'll be demolished."

Not until the Medicine Elder spoke did the oppressive feeling disappear.

Xiao Xiao walked into the hall. She saw many people sitting in chairs. Men or women, their breaths were all long and deep. They were sitting there, perfectly still, like majestic mountains.

She went over to her master and whispered into his ear, "Master, Jiang Chen is in trouble. He could be killed." Xiao Xiao didn't dare keep looking at them.

Her voice was low, but it wasn't a problem for those in the hall. They had all heard what she said.

The Medicine Elder couldn't sit still anymore when he learned Jiang Chen was in danger. He looked over to his guests apologetically and left with Xiao Xiao.

"The Medicine Elder is always steady and prudent. How could even he forget his manners because of that Jiang Chen?"

"Who's Jiang Chen? His apprentice or his descendant?"

"I've heard about him. He's the youngster whose holy pulse was robbed by the Black Dragon City. He's a senior disciple now."

"I purchased information about the three kinds of panaceas from the Intelligence Pavilion. They told me these panaceas had been refined by a senior disciple."

"So it was probably him!"

"Let's follow the Medicine Elder!"

The powerful men in the hall started a heated discussion. It was weird that they weren't talking, but communicating solely by holy awareness.

The Medicine Elder saw Meng Hao and Wen Xin and recognized them from the description of the situation. He frowned.

He immediately hurried to the Peak of Drifting Clouds and saw Jiang Chen had been besieged by some elders.

It was more severe than he had thought. He asked the onlookers and learned of the death of Fu Yan and his subordinates. He had a solemn expression when he heard the news.

Meng Hao and Wen Xin detected the killing intent of the elders. They said anxiously, "Medicine Elder, please!"

"No, I can't." The Medicine Elder shook his head.

"Why is that, master?" Even Xiao Xiao was surprised. Those who had besieged Jiang Chen were only average elders. They weren't even close to a match for grand supreme elders, but the Medicine Elder had tumbled to the realization that Ning Haotian was behind these elders!

"Jiang Chen's too impulsive. He picked the worst timing. Ning Haotian broke through his state. Now, he's the youngest Reaching Heaven State in the Fire Field and has been appointed vice leader of the school. These elders are trying to impress him," the Medicine Elder said.

"What? Ning Haotian achieved the Reaching Heaven State?"

"The vice leader?!"

Wen Xin and the others were petrified. This news was a nightmare for them.

"Right now, only elders know about it. The appointment hasn't been officially publicized. Jiang Chen killed Fu Yan and violated the rules of the school. I can guarantee you he won't die. However, he'll probably be punished severely or even expelled from the school," the Medicine Elder said.

By then, the fight had started.

Eleven elders in the Mental Wander State joined the fight. They were making an all-out effort for fear that others would steal their thunder.

The sky was full of brilliant radiance and rainbows.

Swords, knives, golden seals, amber beads…

Each spiritual weapon carried the force of the Mental Wander State.

Jiang Chen was only in the Gathering Yuan State. He would definitely die.

The Medicine Elder was about to step in to save him.

However, Jiang Chen suddenly took a favorable turn. The pamphlet in his hand started to emit strong light of Buddha. A Protector of the Law appeared out of nowhere.

The Protector of the Law threw his palm at the spiritual weapons that were attacking Jiang Chen.

Pah! Pah! Pah! Pah!

All of the weapons were broken. After a blazing flash, they turned into dim star lights and vanished.

"Ah! My Glaze Sword!"

"My Diamond Seal! My Diamond Seal! I spent years refining it! It was my spiritual weapon from birth!"

"Bring it on! The Nimble Bead was all I had. How could you destroy it like this?"

All of the elders were screaming. Their beloved spiritual weapons had been destroyed. They felt as if their hearts had been broken.

The onlooking disciples also thought it was a pity.

The spiritual weapons owned by the Mental Wander State were all at least class-four.

However, although the elders were sad and angry, they didn't dare act recklessly. The Protector of the Law was too powerful. They could be smashed to pieces as well if they approached him.


Suddenly, they heard a scream from the Peak of the Drifting Clouds.

It turned out the general had started his attack and had killed two elders in a short time!

"Really? Did he really kill the elders?!" The disciples were dumbfounded.

They had thought Jiang Chen was only bluffing when he said he would kill whoever got in his way. By then, they finally realized he had meant it.


Jiang Chen knew that matters had gotten out of hand, but he didn't intend to stop there. He had made up his mind to kill Li Qin.

The general heard the order and started an even fiercer attack. The five elders at the Peak of Drifting Clouds scattered. They had to take Li Qin and find a place to hide.

However, the general was too powerful.

When they jumped onto a roof, he rushed over and destroyed the whole house directly.

When they jumped onto a stone wall, he rode his horse up the surface of the wall to pursue them.

Explosions kept happening on the Peak of Drifting Clouds. It was a devastating scene, as if the peak were about to collapse.

The thousand-year-old tree was still burning.

"What are you doing up there?! Come down and kill this guy!" the elders at the peak were complaining.

Those in the air didn't know how to explain.

"You, who dare come over?" Jiang Chen provoked.

"Jiang Chen, you've killed innocent people and elders. This is an unforgivable crime. You'll die here today!" an elder said coldly.

"Everyone, deploy the Killing Sword Formation!"

The eleven elders deployed the formation, a unique creation of the Natural Law School.

The eleven people's powers turned into one. The energy transformed into a giant sword and flew towards Jiang Chen like a shooting star.

"It's terrible. Jiang Chen will be cut into two!"

The disciples in the Gathering Yuan State tingled with fear simply at the thought of the power of eleven Mental Wander States attacking together.

Jiang Chen shouted. The Universal Darkfire Lamp released a great fireball that joined the Protector of the Law.

With the help of the fire, the Protector of the Law was more overpowering. He was fearless when facing the killing sword. He threw his palm out.

This attack was as though a cloud of fire had punched the killing sword.


Another blast that sounded powerful enough to wreck the whole universe sounded. The killing sword was smashed into pieces. The eleven elders flew away in all different directions. Four of them died, and five were severely injured.

"If you come closer, you won't make it out alive."

Jiang Chen was like a holy destroyer.

At that moment, the whole world quieted down.

At the Peak of Drifting Clouds, Li Qin was regretful.


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