The Brilliant Fighting Master
118 I“ll Kill Whoever Gets in My Way!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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118 I“ll Kill Whoever Gets in My Way!

The general kept dashing forward. No one could stop him.

Both Fu Yan and his bodyguard were frightened by the general's aggressiveness. They retreated to the Peak of Drifting Clouds right away.

When the general had almost caught up with them, the grand tactical formation of the peak was turned on.

It was as though a tenacious giant net shrouded the whole peak. The general didn't manage to dash through it. He became stuck in it, moving slower and slower.

"Let's go!"

With the help of the formation, the leader bodyguard started a fierce attack against the general with his subordinates. Spiritual weapons were brandished here and there. Rainbows of all colors flew across the sky and struck the general.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The general was excellent at defending. He was sitting still on the horse's back, but he was stuck and couldn't move.

"Jiang Chen, did you think only your Redcloud Peak had deployed a tactical formation?!" Li Qin said coldly, sitting in a chair.

The noise here attracted many onlookers. The hatred between Jiang Chen and Li Qin was widely known throughout the Natural Law School.

This time, Jiang Chen had come to attack the Peak of Drifting Clouds and was stopped by a tactical formation. It reminded them of the formidable formation Jiang Chen had deployed that had stopped Li Qin and Elder An's attack at the Redcloud Peak.

As the saying goes, every dog has its day.

This was also a good example to show people how geographical advantages were more important than favorable timing.

The grand tactical formation of the Peak of Drifting Clouds was a well-known defensive formation of the Natural Law School, called the Adverse Formation of Five Elements.

It was well-known because most senior disciples would deploy this formation at their peaks.

Not everyone was able to deploy their own formation like Jiang Chen. Most of them exchanged their contributions for a formation, then the school would help them deploy it.

The Adverse Formation of Five Elements was the most recommended one.

It had great defensive power. No matter where an attack came from, it would be able to resist.

Like that moment, the general was stuck in it and wasn't able to find a way out. He was moving as slowly as a ninety-year-old man.

"Jiang Chen hasn't even achieved the Mental Wander State. Why has he come for revenge so prematurely?"

"He's counting on his spiritual weapon. What a dreamer he is!"

"Exactly. What's he gonna do when that spiritual weapon stops working?"

No one there believed Jiang Chen could succeed. After all, he was only in the Gathering Yuan State. It was stupid for him to come to the Peak of Drifting Cloud at this time.

"Look, what's he doing?"

Suddenly, people saw Jiang Chen dashing toward the formation with a lamp in his hand.

When he approached the formation, flame gushed out from the lamp and flew towards the formation.

The formation stopped the flame in the same way, then Jiang Chen started to send fire to different zones rapidly.

When the last fire was set, the formation's net became lighter. The general finally made his way out of it and dashed into the territory of the peak when the net was about to disappear.

"Has the formation been cracked?!"

"He knows how to crack the formation!"

"Did he deploy the grand formation of the Redcloud Peak by himself?"

The onlooking disciples were surprised. They hadn't expected Jiang Chen to be so capable.

"This is bad!"

The leader bodyguard wasn't prepared for this. He could in no way stop the general, so without much thinking, he dashed towards Jiang Chen.

Once Jiang Chen died, his spiritual weapon would also stop working.

Jiang Chen was fearless in the face of an attack of a Mental Wander State. The Universal Darkfire Lamp started to work again. The flamed turned into a fiery dragon to face the enemy.

"You're courting death!"

The bodyguard leader didn't want any trouble, but this disciple of the Natural Law School was so aggressive that he intended to kill them, so he wouldn't show any mercy, either.

He glanced at the fiery dragon and didn't take it too seriously. His body emitted a golden light which later formed into armor. He picked up speed and intended to dash through the fiery dragon to kill Jiang Chen, who was behind the fire.

Soon, he regretted this stupid decision of his.

He thought he could dash through the fire, but he found it impossible when he approached. The terrible temperature melted his armor quickly.

It was impossible for him to retreat at this moment, either. His body had been fractured by the fiery dragon. He was completely devoured by the fire and screaming in pain, suspended in the air.

The airship below him that tried to catch him also caught on fire when it came in contact with him. It burned into ashes in a short time.

"Captain Mo!" Fu Yan became panicked. This guard captain was one of the best in his family. He was skilled in both attacking and defending. No one had expected him to end up like this so tragically.

However, he didn't have any time for grieving. The other guards around him had all been killed by that horrifying general.

Fu Yan raised his head and looked over. Under the helmet, the general hardly had a face. It was a gray fog with vague facial features, his eyes two flickering blue flames.

It was as if he had come back from a fight in the hell!

Fu Yan didn't care about his face or Li Qin's opinions anymore. He shouted into the air, "Natural Law School, won't you step in?!"

At this moment, the elders of the Natural Law School were his last hope.

To his disappointment, there was no response at all. Around them, there were only onlooking disciples. There were no elders.

An idea occurred to him. His heart sank deeply.

As he had said, Jiang Chen wasn't influential in the school. The school was always cracking down on him.

In fact, many people even wanted Jiang Chen to die, but the Natural Law School couldn't kill a disciple for no reason. They could only act when they had an excuse.

Fu Yan was exactly that excuse the school could use!

His life or death wasn't important to the Natural Law School.

"Li Qin, help! Help!" Fu Yan asked for Li Qin, who was below, at the peak, to help.

He had been taking care of Li Qin recently. The two of them had become very close. They even flirted sometimes, so he thought Li Qin would help him.

But soon he felt desperate. Li Qin kept sitting there, looking at him blankly.

"This woman thinks the same as the Natural Law School!"

Fu Yan was both surprised and angry. He looked over to Jiang Chen and shouted, "Don't kill me. If you kill me, you'll be punished by the Natural Law School. Calm down!"

Jiang Chen stayed there, still. His eyes were cold.

"I've already said I want you dead!"

Jiang Chen started an attack himself. He kicked Fu Yan away first, then a flame flew out of the Universal Darkfire Lamp towards him.

Soon, Fu Yan was devoured by the fire as well.

At the same time, he hit the thousand-year-old ginkgo tree. The leaves caught on fire and started to burn.

It became a majestic scene when the thousand-year-old tree was burning.

Li Qin's face was illuminated by the firelight. Her expression looked even more blank.

This tree was her pride. It was her comfort after the death of her brother.

But then, Jiang Chen had once again deprived her of her comfort!

As expected, as soon as Fu Yan died, elders came from all directions of the Peak of Drifting Clouds.

"Jiang Chen, how dare you randomly kill innocent people in the Natural Law School?!"

"Evil. What a great evil! The Natural Law School won't put up with such behavior!"

"We'll get rid of you today!"

These elders were all in the Mental Wander State, which meant there were no grand supreme elders. Even Li Qin's master, Elder An, wasn't there.

This showed how resolute they were to kill Jiang Chen, since if there were grand supreme elders present, Mo Xu could come and step in again…

Jiang Chen was still fearless. He didn't explain or beg for mercy. Instead, he challenged the elders. "You wanna kill me? Great! Today, let's have a good fight!"

"How dare you threaten the elders?!"

"No one will be able to save you today!"

"Ha, you're elders, so what? Today I'll kill whoever gets in my way!" Jiang Chen laughed. He was holding the Universal Darkfire Lamp in his left hand and a golden pamphlet in his right hand.

"Kill!" He gave the order first. The general dashed towards Li Qin.

"How dare you try to murder us?!"

The elders became irritated. Some of them went to rescue Li Qin. The others went to attack Jiang Chen.


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