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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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117 Kill!

Li Qin didn't like to socialize with others. She hadn't joined groups within the school. She devoted herself to practice with her heart and soul, so it was always very quiet at the Peak of Drifting Clouds.

But at this moment, there was a youngster and his attendants at the peak.

Li Qin had been beaten to half death by Gao Yue. Although the school had given her proper treatment, she would need a long time to rest and recover.

Besides, she had intended to intrude into the Hundred Thousand Mountains to murder someone. For the foreseeable future, she was stuck at her peak, not allowed to leave. The school would punish her after she recovered.

However, judging from the school's attitude, everyone knew she wouldn't be punished severely.

Jiang Chen wasn't important in the Natural Law School. No important people would support him. Even if he wasn't satisfied with the result, he wouldn't be able to do anything about it.

As for the youngster who had come to the Peak of Drifting Clouds, he was called Fu Yan. He wasn't a disciple of the Natural Law School, only an admirer of Li Qin's. He was here visit her, since he had heard about the fight.

"It'll be fine. Your master is Elder An. She's influential in the school."

Fu Yan was standing behind Li Qin. Her wounds had been bandaged and she was sitting on the edge of a cliff. The vast view there allowed her to see the entire Natural Law School.

There was a twisting and knotted ginkgo tree beside them. It was already thousands of years old, its roots quite twisted. The green leaves on it were proof of its vitality.

This ginkgo tree was a symbol of the Peak of Drifting Clouds. It had witnessed Li Qin's best years.

Back then, Ning Haotian hadn't yet come to the Natural Law School. Li Qin had achieved the Mental Wander State at the age of 20.

The school leader had awarded her this tree, which had been in the Natural Law School since it was founded. The tree had been on the Peak of Drifting Clouds ever since then.

Li Qin was very famous and gained many honors back then.

Until Ning Haotian's arrival eclipsed her glory.

"I'm not worried about that. My revenge still hasn't been carried out. That's my only concern!" Li Qin said in a cold voice.

"Isn't his mother already half dead?" Fu Yan said.

Gao Yue's story had been spread widely. For a woman, such old looks were no better than being half dead.

"But she isn't dead!"

Li Qin didn't show any remorse or guilt. The only thing she felt was reluctance to accept her defeat. Especially since she had been so badly hurt by Gao Yue, her hatred of the latter wasn't just because of Jiang Chen anymore.

"Take it easy. You'll get the chance." Fu Yan smiled, trying to subtly hint at something.

"What do you mean?" Li Qin looked over at him, confused.

"Take a good rest and recover as soon as possible."

Fu Yan didn't explain. He was happy. Li Qin had always been very cold to him. Not until the death of her brother had they become closer, since Li Qin needed comfort.

He was actually paying gratitude to Jiang Chen secretly.

Although he was only in the Gathering Yuan State, while Li Qin was in the Mental Wander State, he came from a rich and powerful family. This talented orphan girl was the best choice for him.

"Li Qin, today's the day you die!"

Suddenly, Jiang Chen's snarl rang out like thunder across the Peak of Drifting Clouds.

Li Qin looked up and felt disbelief and anger at the same time.

Fu Yan didn't realize that it was Jiang Chen. He frowned and said, "What's going on?!"

Behind these two, Fu Yan's attendants and bodyguards had gathered.

The leader of his bodyguards released his holy awareness into the air and said, "Young master, there is a senior disciple of the Natural Law School up there. He's in the peak of the late stage of Gathering Yuan State."

"It's Jiang Chen," Li Qin said.

"Oh? Has he come back?!"

Fu Yan was surprised. But then he gave a secretive smile, "Looks like he wants revenge for his mother. Who does he think he is? Li Qin, stay here. I'll teach him a lesson."

Instantly, Fu Yan called his airship over.

"Young master, we're in the territory of the Natural Law School. Isn't it a little inappropriate if we fight with a senior disciple?" the bodyguard leader said in a low voice.

Fu Yan wished he could slap him across the face. He glanced at Li Qin with care, and said angrily, "Shut up! Jiang Chen has no support at all in the Natural Law School. No elder will help him. What are you so afraid of? Go ahead!"

The bodyguard leader didn't dare say anything more. He followed Fu Yan up into the air and saw Jiang Chen on the other side of the Peak of Drifting Clouds.

Jiang Chen flew over to them when he noticed them.

When he noticed Jiang Chen's s aggressiveness, Fu Yan said sarcastically, "I'm so scared."

"Who are you?"

"Fu Yan. Number 321 on the Eternal Flame List. I suggest you evaluate your ability first if you want to take revenge," Fu Yan said.

"You're not a disciple of the Natural Law School?" Jiang Chen noticed his clothes.

"So what?"

"I'll kill you if you get in my way."

Fu Yan was irritated by his rudeness. He shouted, "I'm here. What are you going to do with me?"

He didn't think his response sounded tough enough, so he added, "Your mother deserved it. She hurt Li Qin so badly. She's lucky that she's still alive!"

As if Gao Yue had intruded into Li Qin's house to kill her.

"You're dead meat."

"How dare you! I'll teach you a lesson!"

Fu Yan was proud of his rank on the Eternal Flame List. He hadn't taken Jiang Chen, who came from a poor region, seriously for even one second.

Many airships suddenly appeared, all driving towards Jiang Chen. Fu Yan drove his ship towards him, a willow-leaf-shaped knife in his hand.

"Big Picture of the Universe!"

He raised the knife above his head and threw it over aggressively.

"Young master has progressed a lot in his knife skills."

The leader of the bodyguards nodded when he saw this attack and stopped worrying about his young master.

However, both he and Fu Yan had underestimated Jiang Chen's current strength. He had just achieved the peak of the late stage. Put together with his four holy pulses, once his spiral genuine yuan was exerted, no one in the Gathering Yuan State would be able to defeat him!

"You use a knife? Great!"

"The Lost Soul!"

Jiang Chen didn't use his sword. He was holding a class-two spiritual knife in his right hand and hacked his way over.

This knife attack almost had the power of a Mental Wander State. Fu Yan wasn't a match for Jiang Chen at all. Even before he was hit by the knife, the surprise of the attack had put him at a disadvantage. Then the knife hit him with overwhelming power.

Fu Yan's clothes were ripped apart. He was bleeding. If the bodyguard leader hadn't saved him in time, he would have been split by this slice.

"This guy is a formidable opponent!" Fu Chen stopped insulting him. He was angry with himself, for he had been embarrassed in front of Li Qin. He said, "Guard Mo, kill him!"

"Young master, we shouldn't do that."

The bodyguard leader shook his head. If he killed a senior disciple of the Natural Law School, even if nothing happened to Fu Yan, he would definitely die.

"Hum." Fu Yan also knew that, so he didn't argue.

"I've already said I want him dead." However, Jiang Chen didn't want to stop there. He reclaimed his killing intent.

"That's not gonna happen, disciple," the bodyguard leader resolutely replied to Jiang Chen. He was standing in front of Fu Yan to protect him.


Jiang Chen waved his mustardseed ring. The giant general statue showed up in the air. It was awakened by the spell while in the process of falling.

Jiang Chen looked at Fu Yan and the others, and ordered, "Kill!"

The general dashed towards them at a fast speed, his spear highly raised. The horse under him was making an all-out effort, as though its life depended on it.


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