The Brilliant Fighting Master
116 Bristling with Anger
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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116 Bristling with Anger

In the next two weeks, the giant wolf kept bringing them fresh monster corpses, mostly king-level, but occasionally spirit-level.

With such a restorative diet, Jiang Chen became stronger and stronger. He was way more powerful than others in the same state.

His fourth holy pulse also came in.

Each newly grown holy pulse would bring him double the help. He achieved the peak of the late stage of the Gathering Yuan State smoothly.

At the same time, the giant wolf stopped bringing him monsters' corpses and never showed itself again.

Jiang Chen knew it had paid off the debt of gratitude and no longer owed him anything.

"I'll go back to the school to work for the Mental Wander State!"

Meng Hao and Wen Xin agreed, especially the latter, who felt eager to go back and achieve the Mental Wander State as soon as possible.

On their way back, Jiang Chen considered whether he should return to the Hundred Thousand Mountains to refine Pure Yang Pills to help him achieve the Mental Wander State, or go back to the school to exchange for Deity Elixirs.

Either of these situations would work, so he decided to make his decision later.

A few days later, the airship arrived at the Natural Law School. They went back to the Redcloud Peak at full speed in consideration of Li Qin.

The three of them felt completely relaxed when they landed. They knew this was the safest place for them.

They had experienced a lot on this trip, the imperial mausoleum, the adventures in the mountains… At this moment, they just wanted to take a good rest and recover from the tiresome journey.

As soon as Jiang Chen jumped off the airship, Fan Tu rapidly walked up to him along with some others.

"Uncle Fan, has anything special happened recently?" Jiang Chen asked.

It didn't take him long to notice the tension in Fan Tu's face. He suddenly had a bad feeling.

He had never seen Fan Tu like this, as if the sky had collapsed.

"Could Li Qin have killed some of the innocent disciples of the Jiangs?" Jiang Chen guessed silently.

"Young lord, lady…"

Fan Tu was unable to continue. He didn't have the heart to tell Jiang Chen about what had happened. Jiang Chen had been unlucky enough to have his father imprisoned. At the same time, such a terrible thing happened to his mother. He wasn't sure whether his young lord could bear the brunt of it.

"Mother? What happened to her?! Uncle Fan, tell me!"

Jiang Chen was always calm, but at that moment, he panicked. He grasped Fan Tu's arms emotionally and questioned him.

A few minutes later, Jiang Chen went back to his room and saw his gray-haired mother. He felt as if his heart were broken. Each breath he took ripped his heart even further.

Since Gao Yue's accident, the Jiangs had been a mess. They didn't know what to do. They thought the Natural Law School, where Jiang Chen was, must have had exceptional methods to help her, so they sent Gao Yue there.

Back then, Jiang Chen was on his way to the Vermillion Bird City, so he had missed his mother's arrival.

Meng Hao and Wen Xin followed him in. They were also surprised to see Gao Yue.

By then, she looked more like Jiang Chen's grandmother.

"Son, you're back!" Gao Yue was lying in the bed, eating porridge. Her wrinkled face beamed when she saw Jiang Chen.

Before Jiang Chen could answer, she started to cough severely. She looked to be in pain.



Jiang Chen and the maid, Cher, rushed to the bed.

"I'm fine!"

Gao Yue waved her hand, gesturing that they didn't have to worry. Then she added, "I'm all right."

"Lady, calm down." Cher looked worried. Tears coursed down her cheeks.

Jiang Chen grasped Gao Yue's wrist to check her physical condition. Soon, he frowned.

"Son, don't worry." Gao Yue knew perfectly well how poor her health condition was, so she pulled her wrist back.

"Of course I'm worried! Mother, you…" Jiang Chen couldn't continue. He felt sorrowful.

"Did Li Qin do this? How is she now?" Jiang Chen asked.

"According to the Natural Law School, Li Qin was also severely hurt. She's resting in her Peak of Drifting Clouds and waiting for her punishment," Fan Tu said.

"Bullsh*t!" Jiang Chen snarled. He knew what the Natural Law School was going to do. Li Qin probably wouldn't receive any punishment.

"What else? Did the Natural Law School say anything regarding what happened?" Jiang Chen asked again.

Fan Tu gnashed his teeth and said angrily, "Due to Li Qin, the lady suffered a lot. Young lord, you weren't here. We expected the Natural Law School to compensate us for what Li Qin had done so that we could give the lady the best treatment, so we told them about the lady's condition."

The poison hadn't worked right away when Gao Yue beat Li Qin. It happened much later. If they hadn't told the school about it, the Natural Law School would have been ignorant of the situation.


"Some elders came to check the lady's condition. However, they were arguing whether Li Qin should be held responsible for the lady's current situation. Li Qin's master, that Elder An, even said if the lady hadn't become so weak, she would definitely get revenge for Li Qin, so we didn't dare mention this to the Natural Law School again," Fan Tu said.

Jiang Chen glanced at Gao Yue and walked out of the room. He gestured for Fan Tu to follow him out.

When they were outside, Jiang Chen asked, "What exactly did Elder An say?"

"Young lord…" Fan Tu didn't have the nerve to repeat it.

"Tell me!" Jiang Chen almost roared.

"She said, 'Who knows why you ended up like this? Maybe you did some unforgivable things before, and now you're asking for the compensation of the Natural Law School? Let me tell you. You're lucky to have become such an old woman. Otherwise you would die by my hand.'"


Jiang Chen had never felt such strong hatred before. A killing intent was rising in him.

Wen Xin and Meng Hao walked out. "Jiang Chen!" They were worried about him, but had no idea how to comfort him.

Jiang Chen extended his hand to Wen Xin.

"Give it to me."

Wen Xin blinked. She knew Jiang Chen was asking for the controlling flag for the airship. She had been holding onto it.

"Are you going to see Li Qin? Calm down…" Wen Xin wanted to talk him out of it, but she stopped when she saw Jiang Chen's distressed expression.

"Give it to me!" Jiang Chen repeated.

He only had one idea in his mind. He wanted Li Qin to die!

"Li Qin is in the Mental Wander State. It'll be dangerous enough for you simply to leave the Redcloud Peak. If you go to her peak, aren't you courting death?" Most people would have given him the controlling flag, but Wen Xin was different.

"If you die, your clansmen and everyone at the Redcloud Peak will also die!"

Jiang Chen was evidently touched by what she had said. Wen Xin continued, "There must be a reason for your mother's situation. There must be a way to fix it."

"No, there is no way. There is no way."

Jiang Chen shook his head painfully and said in a hoarse voice, "Even if I'm able to detoxify the poison of the Death Warrant Flower, my mother will stay like this, like a sixty-year-old woman at the end of her life, troubled by diseases, until her death!"

That was what he hated the most!

If Li Qin hadn't stepped in, he would have had enough time, but she had destroyed all of it ruthlessly.

Wen Xin didn't know what the Death Warrant Flower was, but she could see how desperate Jiang Chen was. She couldn't believe the Jiang Chen before her was the same guy who was usually so confident.

"Give me the controlling flag. If you don't, I'll go there on foot!" Jiang Chen said.

Wen Xin knew she couldn't stop him, so she finally gave it to him.

"Young lord, I'll go with you!" Fan Tu said.

"No. You stay here. If anything happens to me, take my mother back to the Hundred Thousand Mountains immediately," Jiang Chen said.

Then, he went to the Peak of Drifting Clouds by airship.

Suddenly, an idea occurred to Meng Hao. He said, "Let's go ask for the Medicine Elder's help. He won't allow anything bad to happen to Jiang Chen."

He still remembered how they had discussed the panaceas. He knew the the Medicine Elder was still expecting Jiang Chen's recovering panaceas for the Mental Wander State.

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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》