The Brilliant Fighting Master
112 Getting My Inheritance
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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112 Getting My Inheritance

Jiang Chen sensed the energy of a tactical formation in the tree. The energy felt weak, so sometimes he could sense it, while at other times he couldn't.

After observing carefully, he found there was something wrong with the ground where the tree was planted.

He noticed there was a barren stone mountain not far away. There wasn't any vegetation, which was quite unusual for a mountain this green.

He walked up there and looked around. Then he realized why.

There was a tactical formation deployed, a great one, but it was neither an attacking type nor a defense type. It was used for hiding.

Such a tactical formation could isolate a place completely. People ignorant of its existence couldn't discover the world hidden inside. This stone mountain was one example.

In the tactical formation of the stone mountain, a completely different world was hiding.

This tactical formation dates from long time ago. If I can enter it, I'll be able to run away from the killer and crack the second level of the restraining order of the statue. Jiang Chen made up his mind.

If Jiang Chen wanted to crack the great formation of the stone mountain, he had to use a formation disk, which he didn't have yet.

But fortunately, he only wanted to hide in the formation, although it seemed pretty much the same as cracking it, since this type of formation was used to prevent people from entering.

Jiang Chen had already found the entrance of the formation. It was the giant tree he had seen.

He circled around the tree three times. The landscape was changing slowly. The stone mountain became scenic and green. Rows of noticeable palaces appeared on the mountainside.

The sixth hunting lodge?

Jiang Chen recalled what Wen Xin had told him. There were six hunting lodges in the mountain, but the sixth was never found.

No way! Although the tactical formation isn't easy to notice, I'm not the only one who knows formations well. How could it never have been found?

Jiang Chen became serious. He had intended to leave from the entrance, but then he gave a bitter smile.

"There's another formation inside of this formation. People can enter, but can't leave. No wonder no one's ever said they found it," Jiang Chen said to himself helplessly.

Although the hiding formation wasn't very complicated, there was another seal formation deployed in a reverse direction. Whoever entered couldn't leave again.

Damn. I should have bought a formation disk.

Jiang Chen had a lot of regrets. If he had a formation disk, he wouldn't have to worry about what this situation.

That being said, a formation disk was only a tool. Jiang Chen could still crack the formation without it. He would have to write down his calculations on the ground or a piece of paper in the traditional way. Sooner or later he would be able to find the center of the formation.

However, this process would take him… It would be incredibly fast if he could finish it in ten years.

That was why formation disk was a necessary tool to deploy and crack a formation.

The world in the formation was quiet and peaceful. There were no signs of living creatures in the hunting lodge, either.

Jiang Chen knew it was an ancient formation, so he didn't expect to see anyone here.

Is this a place that someone inherited?

Jiang Chen guessed so. If it really was, it meant he had run into a relic.

People would die, no matter how powerful they were, and some powerful people died and left numerous resources and properties to their descendents.

Others weren't interested in dealing with people. They had lived a long life, and they didn't have any family or friends to leave their belongings to.

Reluctant to waste their great power, they would find a person to inherit it.

The place they were buried was endowed with a great inheritance. Such places were called relics.

It was different from an imperial mausoleum, which was simply a tomb and not for treasure seeking. Otherwise, Jiang Chen wouldn't have been the only one who had found treasure underground.

Jiang Chen walked up the mountain towards the hunting lodge. He saw many birds and beasts along the way.

They had all run into this place by accident and reproduced here, generation after generation.

"If I can find the inheritance, I'll be able to get out. If I can't, I'll be trapped here until I die."

Jiang Chen held the Redcloud Sword tightly and told it what was happening there. "Watch out. This place does look like a relic, but those powerful people won't give out their inheritances to others easily. The tests are normally very cruel."

"I know. Have you gotten your memory back?" Jiang Chen asked curiously.

"Yes. I can recall many things now, but too many and they're too chaotic. Most of them are only fragments, so I can't get the whole picture."

"Did you recall the original name of the Redcloud Sword?"

Jiang Chen was curious to know whether it had had a pretty name. He wouldn't mind changing its name back if it sounded good enough.

"No. It seems that part of my memory is completely lost. I won't be able to find it back until the Redcloud Sword is fully recovered."

By then, Jiang Chen had arrived at the hunting lodge.

He didn't rush to enter. He took his time to walk around it. There must have been instructions for a relic like this.

As expected, he found a stone column. He didn't know how many years it had been standing there. The characters carved on it were the same color as the surface. Jiang Chen had to pour water on it to read what was written there.

Soon, he was disappointed.

This column was about the hunting lodges of the Vermillion Bird State. It had nothing to do with the relic.

Maybe it was a powerful dying man who didn't have enough time to build his own palace, so he took the sixth hunting lodge of the Vermillion Bird State and deployed a tactical formation there. The rumor about the treasure buried in the sixth lodge started there due to its mystery, but here's the truth. Now the rumor can be killed.

Jiang Chen had read a lot. He knew how a message could be misinterpreted until it was completely different from the original meaning.

He looked over to the gate of the lodge. He knew he had to enter it to find out the secrets of the lodge.

He tried to release his holy awareness, but it couldn't penetrate the lodge. This was normal. When he was in the Supreme Underground Palace, his holy awareness hadn't been able to penetrate the stone coffins either.

Jiang Chen went inside after confirming there was no restraining order or tactical formation that would be triggered in the lodge.

He walked to the main hall and opened the door with a slight push. It was completely dark inside and clearly hadn't been ventilated for a long time. The air smelled stale.

It doesn't look like a relic. Jiang Chen frowned.

The stories he read about fortunate people who had received an inheritance were all splendid.

What impressed him most was the story of a man who went into the mountains to look for snow lotus to treat his sick wife. He found a giant boat on the top of the snow mountain. There were pavilions and palaces built on the boat, as if it was a mobile imperial palace.

The guy went into the palace and found numerous treasures there and became an important person in the Sacred Zone. The force he had established still existed in this era.

By comparison, the palace before him was dark and average-looking. It was dusty and full of spider webs, different from what Jiang Chen had imagined.

As soon as he entered, a plaque fell onto the ground with a clang, but then the plaque flew back into the air, surrounded by a gentle light.

Jiang Chen heard a voice.

"Melt this plaque to receive my inheritance."

It doesn't look like a gorgeous inheritance. Jiang Chen was from the Sacred Zone. As a youngster with extensive knowledge and experience, what he felt was disappointment, not excitement.

And he found something unusual about the plaque, so he took out a jade bottle and clasped it in his hand before exerting his genuine yuan to melt the plaque.

The plaque started to melt when it came into contact with the genuine yuan. When it had fully melted away, it changed into a ghost's face. The face jumped onto Jiang Chen's face.

"Ha, I've finally got it! I've got it! This is the body I want!" An evil voice reverberated throughout the whole palace.

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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》