The Brilliant Fighting Master
111 The Vast Universe
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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111 The Vast Universe

In the Ning Mansion of the Black Dragon City…

The first lady was walking alone, deep in the Ning Mansion. Numerous powerful holy awarenesses reached out to her as she walked through a yard gate. They retracted as soon as they realized who she was.

The Ning Mansion was filled with masters and those with undiscovered talents.

Besides the Black Dragon Guard, there were also many powerful men guarding every corner of the mansion and deploying tactical formations.

If any ignorant people intruded, they would die before they could even realize it.

The first lady stopped in front of a gate embedded in a mountain wall and said, "Haotian, are you practicing?"

She waited, but there was no answer. When she was about to ask again, a tender and attractive voice came from inside.

"Anything wrong, mother?"

Inside was Ning Haotian, a key disciple of the Natural Law School. He claimed he had gone out on an adventure, but in fact, he had come back home to practice in secret.

"We've got news of Jiang Chen. He left the Natural Law School and will be brought here soon. You don't have to worry about your holy pulse," the first lady said.

After another long silence, the first lady said, "Haotian, don't feel pressured. It'll be Jiang Chen's honor to help you achieve the top and look down on the whole world!"

"I don't feel guilty, but since the method we used to deprive him of his holy pulse failed, this time we'll have to kill him. If we do it this way, the holy pulse will become mine alone."

"Good thinking, son. Don't worry. He won't be able to run away from us."

"Okay, mother. I'm going to practice."

"Haotian, are you sure you're going to practice the Vast Universe? It could harm your meridians."

"The holy pulse will disappear sooner or later. By practicing the Vast Universe I can maximize the holy pulse's value. When I achieve the Reaching Heaven State, I'll be second to none in the Fire Field, and all the other fields will offer me the olive branch."

"All right."

Back to the mountain…

The ferocious ape was born with extraordinary power. It had a body as strong as iron and was more than 100 feet tall.

Its snarl struck people with terror. Even dead, its corpse had magic power.

Although wounded, the giant wolf was still standing. Its silver fur was dyed red with blood. It was staring at the dead ape with a look as majestic as a king's.

Suddenly, the wolf raised its chin and gave a long and loud howl, then its body started to shake. In an instant, it fell.

The giant wolf had paid the ultimate price to win this desperate battle. It was severely injured by the ferocious ape's bash and losing energy rapidly.

Jiang Chen knew the wolf had howled to inform its companions of its location. Soon, there would be more giant wolves gathered there.

He was about to leave, but stopped as he saw what happened next.

Three wolf pups walked up to the giant wolf with small strides. They were wailing and nuzzling its face.

The giant wolf raised its head with a heaving effort and nuzzled them back. The killing intent in its eyes disappeared; instead, they were full of love and tenderness at that moment.

The wolf pups whined. They kept moving around, worrying about the giant wolf.

Jiang Chen shook his head and walked over.

The giant wolf had always known he was there, but didn't see him as a threat. At this moment, it heard his footsteps and thought he might harm the pups, so it dragged itself to its feet.

"If I were you, I would lie down and stop moving," Jiang Chen said. Then, he cut the ferocious ape's chest open with the Redcloud Sword and took its heart out.

In spite of the wolf's wary look, he took some herbs out of the mustardseed ring and cooked them with the heart.

The wolf couldn't hold its position anymore and fell onto the ground weakly.

Knowing that it didn't have much time left, it ignored Jiang Chen and kept licking its children.

After a short while, it smelled the aroma from Jiang Chen's pot.

The aroma had a magic power so that if a practitioner breathed it in, his face would glow.

Jiang Chen took the pot to the giant wolf and stopped 65 feet in front of it. He said, "Drink all of it if you want to survive."

He knew the giant wolf was intelligent and able to understand him.

The wolf stared at Jiang Chen, not letting its guard down.

"For god's sake." Jiang Chen had to take the first sip himself.

Then, the giant wolf struggled to stand up and walk to the pot. It drank the whole pot of soup without hesitation.

Soon, the wolf stood up again. A rumbling thunder sounded from the inside of its body. Sweat exuded from its pores.

The wolf's injuries were caused by the ape's hits. It didn't look so bad on the outside, but inside was a disaster.

Jiang Chen's liquid medicine had saved its life. Besides, its internal injuries were also recovering.

The white fog emitted from its body washed the blood off its hair. It looked much better by then.

The giant wolf was less hostile towards Jiang Chen after sensing his good intentions.

"Don't be aggressive. I won't be able to survive if you attack me. Let me see your body." Jiang Chen approached the wolf.

When he was only fifteen feet away, the wolf stepped back unconsciously. Its hair stood on end, but it didn't react further, as if something had occurred to it.

Jiang Chen approached the wolf slowly, then put his hand on one side of its belly.

The liquid medicine could stop the injuries from worsening and provide necessary nutrients, but it couldn't fix the bone fractures.

Jiang Chen found its conditions worse than he had originally thought. He had to cut its belly open to treat it, but surely the wolf wouldn't allow him to do that.

Fortunately, Jiang Chen found the wolf's self-healing ability was great.

Its fractured bones inside squeezed themselves out of its skin and were excreted out of its body, then its skin returned to normal.

The three wolf pups realized what Jiang Chen had done. They were jumping around him delightfully and biting his trouser legs, but the wolf soon called them back. This monster was still cautious of human beings.

It was too smart, so it couldn't figure out why Jiang Chen had saved it. Surely it wouldn't pay him back, either. It stood up, picked its kids up with its teeth and put them onto its back one by one, then left.

Jiang Chen wasn't surprised. That was just how monsters behaved.

Then, he laid his eyes on the dead body of the ape. That was what he had wanted.

The ape's heart had saved the wolf. If he had eaten it himself, the effect would be no worse than a bath in the Transdragon Pool or taking the Seven Transformation Elixir that Chu Luo had offered him.

Because this was a holy-level monster, it was not prey that could be hunted by a Gathering Yuan State.

Jiang Chen gave the heart, which had the most value, to the giant wolf, but the leftover flesh could still do him a lot of good.

The corpse will attract many other monsters here. The wolf only left so soon because it hadn't fully recovered.

So Jiang Chen only had a short period of time to fill his jar with the monster's blood before he left rapidly.

Soon after he left, all kinds of monsters showed up there. They jumped on the dead ape's body crazily. There were even bloody fights among them.

"Monsters cannot take in the spirits of the universe. They rely on their prey to supply them. This ape is like a feast for them," Jiang Chen thought.

Then he thought of his own situation, trying to figure out what to do next.

I haven't cracked the second level of the general statue's restraining order. If I awaken it in this vast place, it's hard to say whether it will attack the killer . If I awaken it in a more closed off place, I could die, too.

He thought as he walked, then passed by a giant tree and stopped.

He put his hands on the tree and started to beam.


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