The Brilliant Fighting Master
110 Monsters in Prehistoric Times
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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110 Monsters in Prehistoric Times

At that time, people appreciated Jiang Chen for his performance in the imperial mausoleum, since he had understood the language and characters of the Era of Hero and had saved all of those people.

It was more than possible that he had found treasure there if he himself claimed it.

Only Dorchid and Chu Luo and her apprentice sisters had witnessed how Jiang Chen received the Universal Darkfire Lamp.

Chu Luo wouldn't tell anyone about it, nor would Dorchid.

When he had taken the general's statue, Fang Ping and the others had left the Guardian Palace, so they didn't know about it either.

Otherwise, he would have been chased by people.

"What treasure did you find? Show me," the killer said.

Jiang Chen took the Universal Darkfire Lamp out and raised it up.

The killer seemed to hold his breath for a moment while he felt the energy of the treasure. His eyes were staring eagerly behind the mask.

"What treasure is this?" he asked.

"The Serenity Lamp. If you ignite the lamp and sit down to practice, you'll get twice the results with half the effort. Besides that, your soul will be strengthened as well. That's how I achieved my holy awareness."

Jiang Chen had intentionally told him about the effect of strengthening his soul, since that was something irresistible for people in the Mental Wander State.

"Have a try." Jiang Chen threw the lamp over.

"Wait. You do it first, as an example."

The killer clamped the flying sword between his pointer finger and thumb. His eyes were cold. He knew that some spiritual weapons could kill enemies once they were hit. He was prepared. If Jiang Chen had the nerve to throw the lamp at him, he would throw his flying sword back immediately.


Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders helplessly and put the lamp in front of himself. He said, "First, let's ignite it."

He injected his genuine yuan and the lotus bloomed. A flame that looked bright even during the daytime rose into the air.

Jiang Chen blew on it at lightning speed and the flame became much stronger immediately, about to devour the killer.

The flame was more terrifying outside the imperial mausoleum. Rocks were melted into liquid. Grass and trees all started to burn. The place instantly became a sea of fire.


The killer had expected Jiang Chen might be playing a trick, but the aggressive fire still gave him a good scare. Without hesitation, he tried to flee.

Jiang Chen was holding his lamp. He kept approaching the killer, as if he weren't afraid of the fire.

Soon, the killer's clothes started to burn. He knew he should never have come into contact with the fire, but unfortunately, two fireballs suddenly fell from overhead. He dodged one of them, but was hit on the face by the other.

He was howling in pain.

Jiang Chen was going to kill him, but he suddenly stopped. His hair was standing on end and he started to retreat immediately.

Numerous flying swords flew from under the killer's clothes in all directions. With a silver radiance, each one was no longer than four inches. A large number of trees fell down at the same time. Three of the flying swords were flying towards Jiang Chen.

This was the killing attack of the assassin. In the face of life and death, he had given up on the idea of capturing Jiang Chen alive.

Each flying sword carried the strength of the Mental Wander State, which was impossible for Jiang Chen to resist, and the flame of the Universal Darkfire Lamp was becoming weaker and weaker. Even the wick was on the verge of extinguishing.

Jiang Chen stopped the flame so that the wick could keep burning.

The Universal Darkfire Lamp couldn't keep burning forever. It also needed time to recover its power.

"I'll kill you!" The disfigured killer looked at him with resentment. He slid over. He was moving so fast that Jiang Chen could only see his shadow.

There wasn't enough time for the lamp to fully recover. Jiang Chen blew on it again.

This time he didn't aim at the killer. Instead, he built a fire wall in front of himself and turned around to escape.

The killer knew how powerful the flame was, so he didn't dare act recklessly. He bypassed the fire wall carefully and found Jiang Chen had disappeared.

"Are you playing a cat and mouse game with me? Good. Great!"

The killer was about to chase him, but he suddenly stopped. He raised his hand to touch his cheek. It was only a gentle touch, but he winced in pain.

He had been wearing a mask. It had been melted by the fire and integrated with his flesh. By then, his face was made up of black and white rotting flesh, uglier than a demon.

If he didn't deal with it in time, the consequences could be severe.

He had to forget about Jiang Chen for the moment so that he could do something for his wounds. He took out some pills to treat himself.

Jiang Chen didn't stop running until he was completely exhausted. He was almost in the remote mountains. After confirming the killer wasn't still after him, he stopped for a rest.

"I wish Wen Xin had followed me," Jiang Chen murmured to himself, because he would be able to leave by airship if Wen Xin were there.

"I'll find a place to hide in," Jiang Chen thought to himself. At the same time, he took a Revival Elixir, but soon, he felt the ground shaking. A booming noise sounded from not too far away.

Before he could go have a look, the noise sounded closer and closer. Then, he saw two giant monsters fighting against each other.

One of them was a giant wolf. When it swung its tail, the tail could reach higher than a tree. Its silver fur was dotted with blood. Between its eyebrows, there was a wisp of golden hair, like a crown on its head.

The other was a ferocious ape. It was tall and big, with strong arms and long and sharp tusks. It was using a tree trunk as its weapon.

When the ape hit the wolf with the trunk, the wolf's giant body immediately sank to the ground. The trunk was smashed into pieces. The ape had to throw it away and beat the wolf's head with its fists instead.

The wolf wasn't weak, either, though. It couldn't raise its head under the fists of the ape, so it bit the ape's thigh and tore a piece of meat off.

The ape screamed in pain. Its snarl was as loud as thunder, shaking the giant trees. Even Jiang Chen was on the verge of falling.

Then, the ferocious ape pulled a tree out of the ground with one hand and pounded the wolf with it.

In the end, both of them had to step back. They knocked down numerous giant trees as they were staggering.

This is bad luck! I'm all the way in the remote mountains!

Jiang Chen tumbled to the realization that he had intruded into an even more dangerous place. Since he had never run into a monster, he had thought there was nothing to fear about beasts.

But after seeing the fight between the two monsters, he realized how small human beings really were.

One snarl of the ape could weaken his limbs. Its fist could smash him into muddy flesh.

And the wolf. Each of its sharp teeth was as wide as a sword. It could bite through any armor. Even spiritual armor of class-three or class-four wouldn't be able to resist its bite.

Are they holy-level monsters?

Jiang Chen felt lucky that as small as he was, he didn't catch the attention of those two kings of the forest. He wanted to run as far away as he could.

However, the giant wolf and the ferocious ape reminded Jiang Chen of the danger he was facing. If he had run to a place far away from the battlefield of these two, he could have run into other powerful monsters.

But at the time, the monsters nearby had been scared off by this fight, which was why he was safe there.

Jiang Chen decided to take the risk and stay there for as long as he could without being attacked.

Just then, Jiang Chen saw massive trees flying to and fro across the sky, as if two kids were throwing pebbles for fun. However hard a stone was, as long as it was touched by the two monsters, it would be smashed into pieces.

The ground was still shaking. For a second, Jiang Chen thought he had gone back to prehistoric times.

After a long while, the chaos finally subsided. Jiang Chen popped his head out and found there was a winner of the battle.


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